Will A Second-Hand Smartwatch Last?

If you’ve always wanted a smartwatch but don’t have the cash for a new one, second-hand smartwatches offer an affordable, sustainable, environmentally friendly option. Like other electronic devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets, smartwatches are widely available as used items. Also, like these other devices, quality is a mixed bag. Some sellers are better than others, and one of the main concerns for anyone on the hunt is do refurbished smartphones last long.

You may have heard of refurbished devices: electronic devices that a manufacturer or reseller has repaired and revamped to make sure they’re fully functional and in good condition. Refurbished smartphones are a popular and effective way to score massive savings on flagship devices, and buying wearables refurbished has many of the same benefits. Refurbished smartwatches come with all of the features of new ones so that you can track your workout, keep on top of your notifications, pay with a flick of your wrist, make it to your appointments on time and do it all with a watch that looks super-stylish. So do refurbished smartphones last as long as newer models?


Refurbishing Process and Refurbished Phone Grades


The market for refurbished devices is booming, with iPhones at the forefront. The expensive costs of buying new flagship phones, coupled with concerns for the environment, are driving people online, where they’re finding lower prices and generous amounts of variety. Refurbished devices will always be more affordable than new ones and present a long-lasting, trustworthy alternative to regular used devices.

The refurbishing process for electronic devices involves testing and repairing the device to make sure it functions properly, restoring the factory settings, erasing the previous owner’s data, and running background checks to make sure the device isn’t stolen or lost. Refurbished phones are usually sold in grades according to their condition. While “ex-demo phones” that have only been taken out of their boxes to be put on display in retail stores tend to look and feel brand new, some other smartphones may have a couple of scuffs or marks.

The same is true for refurbished smartwatches. These devices are put through the same strict refurbishing process to make sure they meet the high standards you’d come to expect in Australia. Wiped clean of the previous owner’s information, they’re free to make your own. So do refurbished smartwatches last as long as you want?


Durability and Longevity: The Lifespan of a Refurbished Smartwatch


Do refurbished smartwatches last long? While refurbished smartwatches can last for a very long time, the answer depends on a range of factors, including:

The quality of the make and model

Refurbishing a smartwatch involves restoring it so that it functions as well as it did new. A refurbished watch that was shoddily made by the manufacturer will always have a shorter lifespan than one with a superior build.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but choosing a quality brand will always play a part in whether refurbished smartwatches last as long as new ones.

How you use it

Constantly exposing your smartwatch to harsh conditions or pushing it to its limits will wear it out a lot faster than moderate use does.

The refurbishing process

This one is extremely important. How skilled was the refurbisher? How much work did they do to make sure the device met high standards? The more trustworthy the seller, the longer your new refurbished smartwatch is likely to last.

The battery

The battery is the most important part of your smartwatch, and one of the issues with any older device is the way it degrades over time. How much battery life is left in your device determines how much life is left in it.

The updates

How long is your smartwatch supported by updates?  A device effectively reaches the end of its lifespan when it’s no longer protected from security risks.

Pay attention to all of the above, and there’s no reason your refurbished smartwatch shouldn’t last as long as a new one.   


Maintaining Your Refurbished Smartwatch for Optimal Performance

A woman sitting at a coffee shop pressing the button on her smartwatch.

Protecting a refurbished smartwatch is not that different from protecting a brand-new one. Whether you’re shopping for store-bought watches or second-hand smartwatches with a warranty, here’s how to make your smartwatch last:

Put a screen guard on it

A screen guard or protector will not only keep your watch face free of scratches, but protect it when it falls as well.

Clean it regularly

Cleaning your smartwatch is an important part of maintenance, but you have to make sure you use a cleaner designed for smartwatches.

Don’t place it in precarious areas

Most smartwatch damage is caused by falls. So to stay on the safe side, put your smartwatch somewhere stable while you charge it.

Take it off before you do chores

A smartwatch is so convenient it’s tempting to keep it on all day. But to spare it from accidents and potential damage, take it off before using tools or undertaking activities that might cause it damage.

Keep up with updates

Sometimes the worst potential damage to your smartwatch doesn’t come from physical threats but from risks like hackers, malware and viruses. Making sure your smartwatch supports and has the most current updates installed helps keep it safe for you to use.  


Refurbished smartwatches can and do last as long as new ones. It’s just a matter of choosing the right kind of refurbished watch and taking good care of it.


Choosing the Right Refurbished Smartwatch: Tips and Considerations


There are so many different kinds of refurbished smartwatches you can buy now from top tech brands like Apple and Samsung. Even some big-name fashion brands have gotten in on the action and made smartwatches. Some considerations when choosing the right kind of smartwatch include:


Does your smartwatch match your smartphone? While some smartwatches are made for Android phones, others are for iOS only.

Operating system

Major players in the smartwatch operating system space include Apple’s Watch OS, Samsung’s Tizen OS and Google’s Wear OS. Which one is best for you can depend on your preferences, the smartphone you currently have and the apps you want to access, among other factors.


Many smartwatches have similar features, but consider which ones are most important to you. Are you keen to track your workout, or is it more important that you never miss a meeting again? Knowing which features are non-negotiable will make smartwatch shopping easier.

Style and design

Deciding on a smartwatch to buy isn’t all serious business. You also get to pick the look and the design that suits your style the best.


Warranty and Support: Your Safety Net for Refurbished Smartwatches

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To protect your purchase and guard against losing your money, it’s important to shop for second-hand smartwatches with a warranty.


A warranty is your safety net in a worst-case scenario in which you don’t get the smartwatch you paid for. When you buy an OzMobiles smartwatch, we provide a 12-month warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Get your refurbished smartwatch at OzMobiles

Here at OzMobiles, we sell second-hand smartwatches with a warranty from top brands like Apple (iWatch), Samsung (GEAR Fit) and more.


Whether you’re shopping for smartwatches, laptops or any other kind of refurbished devices, OzMobiles are committed to making sure you get a good deal without having to buy brand new.


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