Warning Signs You Need to Upgrade Your iPhone

There are many reasons that iPhone lovers are devoted to the Apple brand. The generous lifespan of the average iPhone is among them. As one of the longest-lasting smartphone models you can purchase today,  iPhones can last for up to five or six years. Of course, Apple still releases new flagship iPhones every year to impressive sales figures, while the average iPhone user upgrades every three years.

If you’re the kind of smartphone owner who refuses to replace your phone until it dies on you, there are signs to upgrade your iPhone to watch out for as your phone ages. You might experience fading audio quality, lack of storage, rapidly draining battery life and, perhaps scariest of all, increased vulnerability to viruses. Of course, there are also signs it’s time to upgrade your iPhone that are impossible to miss or ignore, like massive screen cracks or broken components.

How do you spot the signs that it’s time to upgrade your iPhone when the signs are a lot more subtle than screen damage? Whether it’s iPhone battery issues, hardware or software dramas, or slowly spreading wear and tear damage, here are some of the signs that it’s time to upgrade your iPhone.  

iPhone Software Warning Signs

Apple’s iOS ecosystem powers the iPhone and enables you to use it for useful features like cloud syncing and multitasking. It also allows you to connect different Apple devices easily and intuitively. iOS, which simply stands for iPhone Operating System, is Apple’s own in-house operating system designed for the brand’s software. So what are the biggest software warning signs that it’s time to upgrade your iPhone?

You can’t download the most recent iOS update

There’s more to keeping your iOS up to date than just being able to access the latest features (although that’s important, too). Without the most recent iOS security updates, you’ll find yourself exposed to new viruses, malware and other issues that an update can protect you from.

You can’t use the latest features

Apple is always looking to innovate and enhance the selection of features they offer.  While new iPhone models still hold onto many of the best features from their older counterparts, they also tend to introduce new functions that won’t work on the older models. If factors like camera quality and wireless connectivity are important to you, there are good reasons to stay ahead of the curve.

You can’t find the right accessories

Apple likes to upgrade the design of not only its phones but its accessories too. Two prime examples are the transition from 30-pin to Lightning connectors and the removal of the headphone jack. Although these changes don’t mean you have to buy a new iPhone straight away, you may find that if a part wears out or breaks, it’s hard to find a quality replacement.

You’re having performance issues

iPhones are known for their high-performance quality. But if the performance of your iPhone slows down or stops working well, that can be a sure sign that it’s on its way out and you need a replacement. You're likely to run into the same problems again and again or come across some very odd ones, like getting stuck on a restart loop.

iPhone Hardware Warning Signs

An iPhone screen down on a wooden table

Sometimes something goes wrong, not with the iOS system but with the phone itself. All of the following issues are signs that upgrading your iPhone is necessary:

Your battery drains too fast

Ageing and other factors like colder weather will naturally cause the battery on your phone to run out of juice faster. But if your iPhone battery’s issues include rapidly losing charge and continually needing to be plugged in, those are sure signs the battery is slowly dying. An iPhone’s battery issues get worse over time, and while replacing the battery is an option, it’s often easier just to upgrade.

Your storage fills up quickly

The longer you have your iPhone, the more the storage will fill up. Deleting files that you no longer use is an excellent way to free up some space. But if you find you need more storage capacity than your iPhone currently packs, it’s probably one of the signs to upgrade your iPhone.

Your audio quality is declining

If you’re struggling to hear the other person or to be heard when making phone calls, that’s a signal that the internal components, such as the microphone, are wearing out. You may also hear crackling or static on the line, hear the other person dropping in and out or notice a reduction in sound quality when listening to music.

Your iPhone has physical damage

Depending on its severity, physical damage can be an instant “game over” for an iPhone. iPhone screen damage, such as cracks or scratches, can make your screen impossible to see properly or even cause shards of glass to break off and cut you. iPhone screen damage and other physical damage can compromise the water and dust resistance of your phone and make the internal components more vulnerable. If your iPhone has physical damage beyond the usual harmless wear and tear, upgrading is your best option to ensure you still have a working phone to use. 

Upgrade with a Refurbished iPhone 

New iPhones are expensive, but second-hand iPhones can be a gamble in terms of quality. Fortunately, there’s a solution that balances affordability with the assurance of security: buying a refurbished iPhone.

Refurbished smartphones are fully functioning phones that a professional has tested and repaired to good working order. When you buy a refurb, the retailer that sold it to you will have erased all the previous data and checked all of the components, from the touchscreen to the mic to the battery, to make sure they’re in good working order. Although refurbished iPhones are usually sold in grades ranging from good-as-new to a little more worn-out, they all generally have the same benefits. They work just as well as new ones minus the wear and tear, they come with warranties, they’re better for the environment and buying one can save you hundreds of dollars.

If you prefer newer models, there are already iPhone 15 series phones that are available refurbished and include features like the ultra-fast A16 chip, USB-C charging and the Dynamic Island function. If you’re eager for more storage, the iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a satisfying 1TB of it.

So when the signs that it’s time to upgrade your iPhone become too numerous to ignore, where can you buy the best-refurbished iPhones on the market?

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You won’t find any iPhone battery issues with our devices. We test every component of our iPhones to make sure they work as they should. This includes the battery life, which we guarantee is at least 80%.

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