Are Refurbished Smartwatches Good Enough To Come With All The Features Of New Ones?

You finish your morning run and instantly track your distance, heart rate and burned calories. With your phone at home, you effortlessly take a call by pressing a button on your wrist. You pay for a coffee without having to pull out your card, and you catch up on all your notifications – except for the ones that can wait. A smartwatch makes your daily routine easier, and that’s only the beginning of what it can do. Smartwatches can detect when you’ve had a medical emergency and make it easy to call for help. They can be your travel companions during outdoor adventures or extreme sports escapades.

A smartwatch has many of the same benefits as a smartphone, like apps, touchscreens and media players. So, it probably comes as no surprise that leading smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung have released smartwatches. High-end luxury brands have also gotten in on the action. But what most people probably want to know is, “How can I find a smartwatch with good features at an affordable price?”

Both Apple and Android have highly impressive smartwatch features. And if you’ve spent any time looking into buying electronic devices, you’ve probably heard the word “refurbished”. In a time when everyone is a little more conscious of both the environment and their budgets, refurbished devices are sustainable options that offer excellent quality for less.

Without getting into a comprehensive smartwatch feature comparison (which would take a while!), we’ll answer what’s probably the most pressing question on your mind: are refurbished smartwatches good enough to match the standard of new ones?


Refurbished Quality in Smartwatches

A black Samsung smartwatch resting on a desk.

Smartphones are the devices most commonly advertised as “refurbished”. But there’s a healthy market for refurbished goods that includes electronics of all kinds, including laptops, tablets and - of course - smartwatches. While the quality of regular used devices is often a matter of chance, the quality of refurbished devices is variable but trustworthy. You just have to buy from a retailer who is honest about the condition of their device.

Refurbished devices have been tested, checked and repaired if necessary to ensure they’re fully functional and live up to certain quality standards. While the refurbishing process can differ from device to device, the process is generally the same. The device is factory reset, the previous owner’s data is removed, and the device is checked to ensure it’s fully functional and not stolen or lost.

Like other refurbished devices, refurbished smartwatches are sold in grades. While all decent refurbished smartwatches are fully functioning, some are a little more worn out than others. Ex-demo smartwatches are new-like devices that have only been taken out of their boxes to be displayed in shops, while grades like ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’ speak for themselves. But probably the most important question is, “Are refurbished smartwatches good enough to have all the same features as new ones?”

The following section lists some of the most common Apple and Android smartwatch features so that when choosing a smartwatch of your own, you can make a smartwatch feature comparison.

Are refurbished smartwatches good enough to match the levels of new ones? First, let’s look at some of the most common – and most popular – features of smartwatches.


Features of Popular Smartwatches

What do you need to know before buying a smartwatch, apart from how good refurbished smartwatches are? There are some quick tips that are worth following. Will it work with your smartphone? (For example, an Apple Watch will only work with an iPhone). Check out the battery life and the availability of your favourite apps. And, of course, if you want to track your exercise stats, make sure you choose one with fitness features. If you need more information, there are many smartwatch feature comparisons online.

Some of the most popular Apple and Android smartwatch features include:

Notifications and alerts

One of the big benefits of smartwatches is that you don’t have to miss any urgent messages or reminders. Notifications and alerts come in an ever-increasing number of forms: SMS messages, e-mails, social media interactions, and app interactions. We all live busy and connected lives these days. With a smartwatch, you don’t have to miss a thing. Send and receive texts, e-mails and other messages and stay on top of communications.

Health and fitness features

From helping you keep fit to potentially even saving your life in some circumstances, smartwatches support your fitness goals and general health. Common features include calorie counters, heart rate monitors, ECG apps, fall detectors and apps that measure advanced workout metrics like length, stride and vertical oscillation.


You can access your favourite apps from your smartwatch, although most smartwatches are exclusively tied to either Apple or Google’s app ecosystems. Find where you are using Google Maps, stream podcasts on the go and put a cool face on your smartwatch. It’s easy to find apps to accomplish all of those tasks and more.  

Take and receive calls

Don’t miss an important call just because you can’t get to your phone in time. As long as your phone is connected via Bluetooth, you can conveniently take and receive calls from your smartwatch.

Keep time

Watches, by definition, tell the time – but smartwatches monitor time in other ways, too. Time-related features like alarm clocks and stopwatches make it easy to keep track of time and stay on top of commitments.

Refurbished smartwatches are good for many purposes, and a simple smartwatch feature comparison can help you decide which watch is best for you.


Does The Refurbishing Process Affect The Features?

A woman wearing a smartwatch pressing the side button.

The process of refurbishing a smartwatch doesn’t compromise its features in any way. A refurbished smartwatch should have all the same features as a new one.

There are some factors to keep in mind to make sure the quality of your smartwatch is high, however. Is your smartwatch still eligible to receive safety updates? Does it come with all of its original parts? Who carried out the refurbishment, and what kind of process did they put the smartwatch through?

Refurbished smartwatches are good enough to stand up next to new models. You just have to buy from a refurbished retailer that’s honest about its process and dedicated to meeting high standards.


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