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Light, night, neon, blue, water, beauty: these are just some of the words you’ll encounter in descriptions of Oppo’s R17 smartphone. But there’s more to this phone than its cool, calm colours and sleek and chic design. It also has all the fast performance, large RAM, quick charging time and tech innovation that has earnt Oppo a reputation as one of the world’s top five smartphone brands.

With so many smartphones on the market, you may wonder what Oppo has going for it that makes it stand out. Maybe you’re already a fan of the brand and have used their smartphones before, but you’d like to find out some details about specific models, like the Oppo R17 Pro price? Maybe you want to know if an R17 is worth your while for the camera quality, the battery life or the features?

This article aims to answer questions about whether buying an Oppo used phone is right for you. What are the benefits of an Oppo R17 and an Oppo R17 Pro? What makes Oppo stand out in a competitive marketplace? And why pay full price for an Oppo phone from a retail store when you can save a lot of money by buying a refurbished phone? Read on to find out more and check out our range of used Oppo phones for sale


Benefits of Oppo R17 Phone

The Oppo R17 was inspired by that space between light and shade, motion and stillness, and the shape of a droplet of water about to fall. 

Available in Ambient Blue and Metropolitan Neon Purple, it’s every bit as stylish and sophisticated as you would expect. But what about the features, and are the Oppo R17 and Oppo R17 Pro prices worth it?

The Oppo R17’s benefits and features include

  • 25MP AI Beauty Camera. This camera allows you to enhance your beauty and take selfies in the best possible light. You can showcase your best features and add effects such as face slimming and make-up.
  • AI-enhanced dual rear camera. This camera not only lets you capture life’s most magical and exciting moments, but it also gives you ultimate clarity and detail. It recognises more than 800 scenario combinations so that every photo gets the attention to detail it needs.
  • Fast performance. 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM make for a lot of space, apps that are quick to open and easy integration with a variety of games.
  • Fast charging time. With an average charge of only five minutes for two hours of talking time, the Oppo R17 gives you more time to enjoy your life and get things done. As an Oppo used phone, it’s a handy model for several reasons, as you can see!  

 Benefits of Oppo R17 Pro

Benefits of Oppo R17 Pro

With a fog-lit mint casing that flows between purple and blue shades, the Oppo R17 Pro takes Oppo’s style, tech innovation and camera quality to hard-to-match heights. Its camera captures every available trace of light and makes for superior night photography. And with its finely crafted texture, it has a comfortable feel. But what about the Oppo R17 Pro’s price?

While Oppo has a well-deserved reputation for offering value for money, you can save even more by purchasing refurbished or ex-demo Oppo used phones. 

Special features of the Oppo R17 Pro include

  • Pro Smart Aperture Camera. This camera automatically detects changes in lighting conditions and opens and closes accordingly.
  • AI’s Ultra-Clear Engine. Sometimes it’s hard to take night photos that capture the vivid beauty and nuance of what you’re seeing. Not so with the Oppo R17 Pro. When the sun starts going down, the AI Ultra-clear engine comes to life to apply optimisations that refine the image, so it doesn’t miss a detail. When the sun sets properly, Night Mode uses the same technology to keep your shots bright and detailed, no matter how dark it is.
  • Fast battery charging and fast speed. This phone can reach 40% battery charge in just 10 minutes of charging, and its functions are always fast.  
  • ColorOS 5.2. An updated interface with a new Smart Bar lets you move between your favourite features and apps much easier.
  • At an average cost of $899 new, the Oppo R17 Pro price is a little more than previous Oppo phones have generally cost. But it’s still one of the best smartphones currently available on the market for less than $1000 and offers major value for money. Of course, if you want to save even more, you can always buy a refurbished Oppo phone.


Oppo Features and Performance

Benefits of Oppo that have helped make the smartphone company so popular include

  • Long battery life. Combined with the fast charging time, Oppo phones are built to allow you to spend more time enjoying your life and less waiting around for your phone to finish charging.
  • High-quality cameras. Oppo consistently offers fantastic cameras for selfies, night photography and when you just need to get the perfect shot for Facebook or Instagram. They consistently work to be at the very forefront of digital camera technology.
  • Innovations. Oppo always aims to do what hasn’t been done before, aiming for new smartphone styles and tools. Even their more affordable models have cool features and functions running on ColorOS, their own Android-based operating system.

 Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Oppo R17 Phone

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Oppo R17 Phone

Buying a refurbished phone isn’t just buying a second-hand phone. It’s buying a phone that’s been extensively checked and – if necessary – repaired and restored before being resold. There are three main benefits to choosing a refurbished smartphone.

Good for your pocket

It’s no surprise that you can save big by buying refurbished instead of heading to the mall. Refurbished phones are cheaper – sometimes a LOT cheaper – than buying new. If you’re on a tight budget, you can pay in instalments through a service like ZipPay or AfterPay, making buying a refurbished Oppo phone even easier.


Good for the planet

E-waste (electronic waste) is a major factor adding to environmental pollution and climate change. Buying a refurbished phone means one less phone that needs to be made and one less phone that gets thrown away at the tip. Just like phones you buy new at the store, refurbished phones can last for years.


Good for you

Buying refurbished Oppo phones are much safer and more secure than buying used Oppo phones for sale from any online marketplace. With a refurbished phone, you know you’re getting something in excellent working order and covered by a warranty.


Where to Buy Used Oppo Phones

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