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If you’ve been looking for an Android phone that offers high performance for a reasonable price, you’ve probably come across Oppo. 

Widely regarded as one of the world’s top five phone manufacturers, Oppo has features and functions like high-quality cameras and long-lasting battery life. 

But why pay full price when you can get an Oppo used phone with the same level of quality for a lot less? OzMobiles ships refurbished Oppo phones Australia-wide. 

Want a top-quality Oppo smartphone in excellent working order? Through OzMobiles, you can purchase one that lives up to the standards of our motto, “good for your pocket, good for the planet, good for you.”

Maybe you’re looking for a new phone but still haven’t decided which make and model you want? Read on to learn more about Oppo phones, the benefits of used Oppo phones for sale, and where to buy refurbished ones in Australia.


What Are Oppo Phones?

Oppo was founded in China in 2004. They started with audio and home theatre devices like Blu-Ray players and headphones before launching their first mobile phone in 2008

Since then, they’ve gone from strength to strength, becoming China’s most popular smartphone company in 2016 and expanding into more than 50 countries throughout regions like Asia, Africa and Europe. Oppo is affiliated with the Chinese multinational company BBK Electronics.

Oppo makes quality phones that deliver value for money across all price points. Oppo Find is its flagship line, with unique features and a level of quality that can easily keep pace with the biggest brands in the world: clear and dynamic photos, heaps of RAM and storage etc. 

For a little less, the Reno range still offers high-quality photography and stacks of mobile entertainment options, among other benefits. If you’re on a tight budget, Oppo’s ‘A’ range still has just about everything a smartphone user could want or need, including long-lasting battery power and a camera that captures life’s magic moments in stunning resolution.

The benefits of used Oppo phones for sale are twofold: the advantages you get from Oppo’s regular level of quality and features and the added perks you get with buying refurbished (more on both of those below!). Put them together, and an Oppo used phone from OzMobiles should start to seem like a very appealing choice.  


Benefits of Used Oppo Phones for Sale

You probably already have a pretty solid idea of what kind of tech takes your fancy: whether you prefer Apple or Samsung, Sony or Huawei. If you haven’t had an Oppo phone before, there are plenty of reasons to purchase your first one. The benefits of used Oppo phones for sale include

Benefits of Used Oppo Phones for Sale

Outstanding photography

Oppo has pioneered several innovations in phone camera technology, including smartphone stealth cameras and AI-enhanced cameras that recognise precise facial features. Not to mention lighting and filters that let you get creative and personalise shots in your unique way. 

As they continue to work with elements like AI and photosensors, Oppo will no doubt continue to create phones with exceptional-quality cameras, allowing you to capture the world around you in impressive detail.

Long-lasting battery power

Oppo phones are generally quick to charge and boast long battery lives. Of course, the length of each varies from model to model. Some batteries take a little longer to charge but typically last for more than a day

Longer battery life means more time to get things done without waiting around for your phone to finish charging, and Oppo’s long battery life is one of the company’s selling points.

Innovation in design

Oppo love to push boundaries in the design space, with smartphone styles, from ultra-thin to rollable, that are as elegant as they are adventurous. 

Oppo’s phones run on ColorOS, a highly customisable Android-based operating system that lets you have your phone your way. Oppo’s many tools range from health and wellbeing apps to security measures that cater to multiple users, and they always have exciting new developments in the pipeline.

With over 65,000 patents under the company name, Oppo is clearly passionate about staying at the front of the design race.

Something for all budgets

Oppo makes phones for a range of different price points. Whether you have money to spend and feel like splashing out on something a little fancier or on a tight budget, they have a quality model for you.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, why pay full price? The benefits of used Oppo phones for sale in Australia include

Cheaper price

It almost goes without saying, but you’ll be able to pick up a second-hand Oppo phone for cheaper than a new one from a shopping centre, sometimes a LOT cheaper. And OzMobiles’ Oppo phones aren’t just second-hand; they’re refurbished or ex-demo. 

Refurbished means tested to ensure everything still works, repaired and restored if necessary, and re-sold with a warranty. Ex-demo means not previously owned, but taken out of the box at some stage, usually put on display in a shop.

With a refurbished or ex-demo phone, you can save big and pay in instalments if you can’t make the whole payment at once.

Benefits of Used Oppo Phones for Sale

You’re still covered under the warranty

Buying a refurbished phone is a lot different to buying a used phone online or at a garage sale from a stranger and hoping for the best. 

Rigorous testing of all the phone’s functions, including the battery life, as well as repairs and retouches, ensures you’ll get a device in top condition and working order. 

Our 12 months warranty covers you in case anything goes wrong and includes manufacturing faults, and we have a 30-day refund policy if your item isn’t what you expected it to be.

It’s better for the environment

E-waste (electronic waste) is a widespread problem contributing heavily to environmental destruction and climate change. The continuous manufacturing of new smartphones and the tendency for old ones to end up in landfill is driving this. 

Buying refurbished means fewer resources are used on both ends. Even the packaging that comes with your OzMobiles order is made from 100% recyclable material.


Where to Buy Refurbished Oppo Phones in Australia

The best place in Australia to purchase refurbished and ex-demo Oppo phones is through OzMobiles!

OzMobiles have all kinds of refurbished and ex-demo smartphones, including stylish, good-as-new Oppo phones. With models in both the Find and Reno ranges and new arrivals regularly, our Oppo used phones have everything you need at a far lower price than you’d expect in a phone shop.

We’re Australian-owned and operated and test all our devices at our Melbourne headquarters to ensure they’re up to Australian standards. We have a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing faults and battery life. As part of our 72-point check process, we check that the device still has at least 80% of its battery health remaining. And if you can’t pay the whole price upfront, you can pay in instalments through AfterPay, PayPal etc.

If you need more information about the benefits of used Oppo phones for sale or our range, get in touch. We’ll help you find a high-quality Oppo used phone that’s perfect for you!