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Love to buy a new iPhone, but are put off by the price? If you’ve been looking for second-hand iPhones for sale, there’s a high chance you’ve heard about refurbished phones. 

You might be wondering: what are refurbished phones? Are refurbished phones worth buying? And can you purchase popular, state-of-the-art models like the iPhone 13 refurbished in Australia? 

In this article, we aim to answer all those questions and point you in the direction of Refurbished iPhones for sale.

iPhones, devices manufactured by Apple using the company’s iOS software, are extremely popular. Approximately one billion people worldwide use iPhones, and they continue to dominate the smartphone market along with Samsung. 

iPhones are popular for various reasons: they’re fast, secure, easy to use, give you access to unlimited content and apps and integrate smoothly with other Apple devices, including Mac computers. Apple is dedicated to regularly improving its smartphones and outdo itself whenever a new model is released.

The iPhone 13 boasts a super-speedy chip that makes your phone faster, Apple’s most advanced dual-camera system yet, a drop and scratch-resistant screen with Ceramic Shield glass and a battery life that allows you to get more out of your phone during the day. The iPhone 13 Mini offers the same functions and features with a smaller screen: 5.4 inches compared to the iPhone 13’s 6.1 inches.

OzMobiles has a vast selection of refurbished iPhones for sale, including the refurbished iPhone 13 Mini. We ship iPhone 13s refurbished Australia and New Zealand wide! Get your hands on the best iPhone while keeping more money in your bank account with our refurbished iPhones!


What Are Refurbished Phones & Their Benefits?

OzMobiles believe in the benefits of buying refurbished phones and have written about the topic before. We believe refurbished phones are better for your pocket, the planet and YOU. More on that in just a moment. First, what are refurbished phones?

A refurbished phone isn’t just a second-hand device that you generally take your chances with in terms of quality. Professional refurbished phone sellers put their pre-loved devices through multiple screenings to ensure they’re fully functional. 

When you buy a refurbished phone from a legitimate vendor, you can be sure that everything from the camera to the microphone to the battery still works. You don’t have to worry that the phone is stolen or still has data from a previous owner, as both are checked during the refurbishing process. 

A company like OzMobiles’ restores the phone to factory settings and gets to work removing scratches, fixing any faults and repairing anything that might stop the phone from functioning as close to a store-bought model as possible.

refurbished iPhone 13

Good for your pocket

One of the biggest benefits of a refurbished phone is undeniably the price. You can find refurbished iPhones for sale in models new and old for far cheaper than you’d find new at a retail outlet, even when you’re specifically looking out for discounts. 

Of course, while the price is always an important factor, nobody wants to compromise on quality. And you won’t have to with a model such as iPhone 13 refurbished in Australia by OzMobiles. 

Shoppers who want the latest iPhone the second it hits the stores will trade in their older models, but that doesn’t mean the models themselves are old. You can find a heavily discounted deal on a very recent model of iPhone by checking out our website.

Good for the planet

It may go without saying that constantly throwing away old phones and manufacturing new ones doesn’t have the greatest effect on the environment. But the problem is larger than many of us know. 10% of the entire world’s e-waste (electronic waste) comes from smartphones.  

Countless phones are thrown away each year, clogging up the world’s landfills and leading to toxic chemicals leaking into the air and water. Smartphone manufacturing also generates its share of greenhouse gases and environmental pollution and requires the digging up finite and irreplaceable materials from the earth.

Refurbished phones are a cleaner, greener, more sustainable option that takes recycling to the next level. The smartphone may be second-hand, but the quality is first-rate.

Good for YOU

When you buy from OzMobiles, your device comes with a 12-month warranty that includes the battery, free and fast shipping and free 30-day returns if anything goes wrong. 

Buying an iPhone 13 refurbished in Australia or one of our other refurbished iPhones for sale is a safer option than taking your chances on a random online marketplace.

 refurbished iPhone 13

How we Refurbish iPhones

Got a smartphone you no longer want? Sell it to us, and some extra cash can be yours within 24 hours of us receiving your order!

It’s used smartphones like yours that could be the next to become one of our refurbished iPhone 13 Minis or other iPhones for sale.

OzMobiles check the available databases to ensure the phone isn’t someone’s lost or stolen property. We wipe all the previous owner’s data, contacts etc. and restore the phone to factory settings. 

Our repair process takes care of scratches and dints to the best of our ability and issues with the hardware and software. We want to ensure that anything that goes up on our website is as close as we can get to as good as new.

All of our devices undergo a 72-point check at our Melbourne HQ using Blancco testing software to ensure they meet the high standard that shoppers reasonably expect.


Why You Should Buy Refurbished iPhones

There are three main reasons you should buy an iPhone 13 refurbished in Australia, a refurbished iPhone 13 Mini or one of our other refurbished iPhone models. 

The main one is the massive amount of money you can save, making a new phone less of a hit to the hip pocket and leaving more cash in your bank account for other things in your budget. 

The second one is that it’s a whole lot better for the environment, contributing to a sustainable economy based on recycling and slowing down the ever-increasing rate of electronic waste. 

The third is that you get the same amount of protection and quality as when buying a new phone when you shop through a company like OzMobiles.

Another upside is getting the phone you’ve been dreaming about without getting locked into a contract. 

All in all, buying a second-hand phone like an iPhone 13 refurbished in Australia gives you all the perks of a brand new phone with none of the drawbacks of other second-hand options.


Where to Buy Refurbished iPhones

The easiest place to buy a reliable, high-quality refurbished iPhone - like an iPhone 13 refurbished in Australia – that’s covered under warranty is to shop with OzMobiles!

Check out our range of high-quality yet cheap iPhones to find your dream phone, put it in your cart, and contact us if you need help!