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When the Huawei P30 Pro came out in 2019, it won WhistleOut awards for best high-performance phone and best phone camera! WhistleOut wrote a glowing review of the phone that praised its stunning appearance, quick-as-a-flash speed, and battery life that can last up to two days. 

The P30 was at the very forefront of smartphone camera technology, capturing crystal-clear night shots and letting you photograph more of the world in stunning detail. It also pushed the boundaries regarding augmented reality (AR) and audio quality and still stands as a shining example of how far you can take new tech advancements.

Sounds expensive, right? Not necessarily. At OzMobiles, we’re offering used Huawei P30 Pro smartphones at prices that will save you over a thousand dollars. Buy a Huawei P30 Pro refurbished from OzMobiles in a pretty, shimmering colour and pattern, and reap all of the benefits of this award-winning phone without the high costs of buying new.

Looking to buy a Huawei phone online? Maybe you’ve heard about the great things a P30 Pro can do, but you’re not sure if buying a used model will deliver the standard of quality you expect. And what about a warranty if something goes wrong?

That’s where refurbished smartphones come into the picture. A refurbished smartphone is a second-hand phone that’s been thoroughly checked, tested and repaired if necessary before being put back up for resale. Apart from maybe the odd dent or chip here, a refurbished smartphone will deliver you the same quality you expect in a store.

For a high-quality used Huawei P30 Pro at the most affordable price, you’re likely to find anywhere, contact OzMobiles! And for more information about what these amazing phones can do, read on!


What Are Huawei Phones Known For?

Huawei phones are Android phones developed and manufactured in China. The company is one of the world’s largest telecommunications and tech providers and has smartphones in 170+ countries. Huawei smartphones don’t have Google due to trade restrictions with the U.S., so Huawei uses its own alternative: HarmonyOS. Also Android-based, HarmonyOS has hundreds of thousands of apps of its own available.

That’s not the only thing that’s unique about Huawei. There are many reasons consumers turn to them, including the fact they’re often far cheaper than Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhones.

Huawei is famous for multi-camera setups with striking picture quality, long battery life, fast charging, and tech innovation. They were one of the first phone companies to embrace folding smartphone technology, and they’re dedicated to being on the cutting edge of other new ideas.

Try to buy a Huawei phone online, and you’ll probably find that while there are many options, prices vary hugely and not every deal seems 100% trustworthy. You can make the process easier by buying a Huawei phone, such as a Huawei P30 Pro refurbished.  

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Huawei P30 Pro

When the Huawei P30 Pro landed in 2019, it earned positive reviews and acclaim. Huawei claimed the phone rewrote the rules of photography, and many agreed! The game-changing Leica Quad Camera System combined a SuperZoom lens and a 20 MP Ultra-Wide Camera Lens, a 40 MP super-sensing camera, and a one-of-a-kind time-of-flight camera. Combining these cameras and lenses means eye-popping detail, clarity and depth.

Besides the photographic quality, there are many other benefits to buying a used Huawei P30 Pro. We also list some reasons why it may not be the phone for you and why you may want to consider another brand of refurbished smartphone.


  • Has the Leica Quad Camera set-up and fantastic picture quality.
  • Up to 50X zoom so you can really capture the details.
  • A beautiful design in a double 3D curved glass body.
  • Acoustic display technology uses display vibrations to project sound. You don’t even need an earpiece speaker.
  • Extremely dust and water-resistant.
  • Has a super-fast charge with the Huawei Wireless Quick Charge. Simply put it down to charge without the need for cables or wires. 
  • Embraces augmented reality (AR) potential. The AR Measure app allows you to use the time of flight camera to measure lengths, widths and depths without reaching for a ruler. It’s a handy tool whether you’re working on home renos or just want to see how tall one of the kids has grown.


  • Google isn’t supported on Huawei phones, so there’s no access to services like Gmail, Google Play, Google Maps and the YouTube app.
  • No 2K resolution display.
  • No audio jack.

Benefits of Buying a Used Huawei P30 Pro

A used Huawei P30 Pro will still provide you with all the benefits of a brand new one, as long as you buy it from the right seller.

When you buy a Huawei phone online through OzMobiles, it’s better in a few different ways

Better for your pocket

As you’d expect, a refurbished phone is a lot cheaper than a store-bought one. With Huawei P30 Pro phones reduced to $549 and savings of over $1000, you’ll be able to keep a LOT more money in your purse, wallet or bank account while having a phone that works as good as new.

Better for the planet

Tossed-away mobile phones are among the items adding to the growing problem of e-waste. Already, Australians discard more than 140,000 tonnes of e-waste each year. A small smartphone may not seem like something that would make much difference. But every time an old one ends up in the trash, and a new one has to be made, it contributes in a small way. 

Refurbished phones are a sustainable solution that encourages consumers to recycle anything they can. With OzMobiles, even 100% of our packaging is made from recyclable material.

Better for YOU

There are many places you can buy a second-hand smartphone, but how do you know it’ll be any good? What can you do if it isn’t?  

 Back of a Blue Huawei P30 Pro Phone

Where to Buy Huawei Phones Online 

The best place to pick up a used Huawei P30 Pro is on the OzMobiles website. When you buy a Huawei P30 Pro refurbished or any other refurbished smartphone through us, you can be assured of the quality. An Australian-owned company, we test all our devices before they go out for sale with a 72-point functional check and clean.

We know that battery life is important to most smartphone users and a big factor when deciding which model of smartphone to buy. That’s why our checking process ensures the battery is at least 80% healthy for peak performance.

Every device we sell comes with a 12-month warranty that includes battery life and a 30-day risk-free return policy.  

We want your new phone to get to you quickly at an affordable price, so we offer free and fast shipping plus payment plans through providers like ZipPay and AfterPay. Our price-beat guarantee means that if you come across a better price for the same phone somewhere else, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

Purchase a used Huawei P30 Pro and get in touch if you have any questions. 

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