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Thinking about getting a smartwatch? Excellent decision.

These small, compact tools are amazing. The size of any other watch, they pack the power of small computers. You can use one to very precisely track and measure whether you’re meeting your daily fitness goals, make and receive calls when you’re away from your smartphone, and access media wherever you happen to be. They streamline many essential features you’d otherwise rely on several devices for – smartphone, wristwatch, media player, etc.

Choosing whether or not to buy a smartwatch is a pretty easy decision. A much more difficult one is deciding what kind of smartwatch to buy. Companies in all industries, from tech to fashion, have released smartwatches.

Not surprisingly, two of the biggest tech companies in the world – Apple and Samsung – have their own smartwatch lines on the market. If you’ve already checked them out and decided to pass based on the prices, the solution lies in refurbished smartwatches.

Refurbished smartwatches are second-hand smartwatches that have been tested to ensure they work properly and are in decent condition before being re-sold with warranties. Buy refurbished, and you can pick up a used Samsung smartwatch or Apple Watch for far less than you’d pay in stores – and you know the quality will be top-notch.

One of the challenges involved in smartwatch shopping is that the brand you can buy is, to an extent, already determined by the phone you plan to use it with. Both Samsung and iPhone devices are designed to work with devices of the same kind. If you buy a Samsung smartwatch second-hand, you can pair it up with an iPhone 5 or newer, but it involves extra steps and certain limits. Likewise, an Apple Watch can be used with a Samsung phone, but not without a few workarounds. As like works best with like, the most effective strategy is to ensure your smartphone and smartwatch match.

Many people already have an idea of whether they prefer Android or iOS. But if you’re keen to find out more about each, this article lists the pros and cons of both. It should help you decide whether you want to buy a Samsung smartwatch online, an Apple Watch or even a different brand entirely.

And if you want a refurbished smartwatch, OzMobiles is the place to find one.


Apple Smartwatches

Chances are, you’ve used Apple products before. If so, you already know what the Apple Watch is like. Utilising the latest and greatest in technology and an intuitive interface, it’s designed to make your day easier. You can also take your pick from various colours and “looks”, from athletic to businesslike.


The Apple Watch focuses on fitness and tracking your health goals with easy-to-read metrics. Whether you’re swimming, running, strength training or even Pilates, it lets you keep an eye on how you’re going with your goals and gives you detailed feedback. It has a fall detector that asks you if you’re okay and places a call to emergency services if you haven’t responded in 60 seconds. It’s a smart device in every sense of the word, allowing you to text, call and listen to music without your phone nearby.


The Apple Watch is a costly device to buy new, is only compatible with iPhones, and has a shorter battery life than Samsung.

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Samsung Smartwatches

Samsung’s smartwatch is a bold, stylish, efficient and useful device that serves various functions. Like all smartwatches, it pays close attention to fitness tracking and metrics so you can achieve your aims. Buy a Samsung smartwatch online through OzMobiles, and you’ll not only save yourself a heap of money, but you’ll also score a used Samsung smartwatch that’s guaranteed to be high-quality.


There are many benefits to buying a Samsung smartwatch. The design is stylish. The device is easy to navigate with its unique rotating bezel. The fitness features are extensive and geared towards helping you measure your progress in various activities: swimming, cycling, running, and walking. The battery life is a winner. The powerful processor and fast memory make the smartwatch a pleasure to use. Plus, the device is convenient all around, providing a vast range of functions in a straightforward unit that fits right on your wrist.


These watches are expensive to buy new, but you can get around that by purchasing a used Samsung smartwatch. The screen is pretty small, which makes watching media like TV and movies challenging.


Which is Better for You?

So when you put a used Samsung smart watch and a second-hand Apple Watch head to head, which one emerges the winner? It’s hard to say. Both are high-quality products in their own right and do certain things well.


Both smartwatches offer value for money in terms of durability and features. Long-lasting with many apps available, each will allow you to get the most out of your money. On a tight budget? Buy a Samsung smartwatch second-hand or a refurbished Apple Watch through OzMobiles, and you can also pay in instalments, making budgeting even easier.


Samsung smartphones have an advantage in battery life, which tends to last longer than Apple watches. 

Both Samsung and Apple smartphones have top-quality health and fitness tracking features. Apple’s unique medical safety feature, Medical ID, can provide personally life-saving information to first responders in an emergency, while Samsung Health can keep track of your sleep cycle.

Both smartwatches are dust-proof and water-proof for up to 50 metres, so you can monitor your progress while swimming laps at the pool. Both are tough, with smooth performances and smart software. 

In terms of music and media, both have high-quality features that allow you to stream Spotify or play tracks on the watch’s own music player.


Generally, Apple’s smartwatch tends to be much more expensive than Samsung’s, although when you buy refurbished, it makes that a non-issue completely.

In terms of value for money, the two are very close. However, one of Apple's obvious benefits is how easily the device will sync with everything else on the iOS. Perfect if you already have a lot of Apple devices.

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Where to Buy Smartwatches

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Like our refurbished smartphones, OzMobiles refurbished smartwatches are thoroughly tested using our 72-point checking process to ensure they comply with Australian standards. When you purchase a used Samsung smartwatch or Apple Watch from our site, you know you’ll get something fully functional and covered under a 12-month warranty.

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Take a look at our smartwatch collection, keep on top of the latest news and get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

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