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Imagine scoring a new Samsung smartphone at a price you’re thrilled with, only to have one little accident completely ruin the screen. It’s a common experience that many smartphone owners are at risk for. Luckily, it’s also an easily preventable one. Samsung screen protectors are small but handy devices that protect your phone so that if it slips from your hand, the screen guard, not the phone, bears the brunt of the impact. As far as Samsung phone accessories go, screen protectors are one of the types that you should never skip. When you buy Samsung smartphones, Samsung Galaxy screen protectors should be among the next items you get your card out for.

If you’re still in the first part of the process – shopping for your phone – Samsung is a strong choice. The world's leading Android mobile brand is popular for many reasons, including great cameras, terrific multi-tasking potential, fast charging, top-notch Samsung Knox security, strong security and the endless variety of the Google Play store, among others.

Buying refurbished has its perks, too: it’s better for your pocket, better for the environment, a wide range of options, and you’re still covered under warranty. OzMobiles has refurbished phones available from major brands, including Samsung, and Samsung screen protectors to go with them.

A cracked phone screen doesn’t just look unsightly, it poses risks many people may not consider. There’s the danger of glass shards breaking off, cutting you and ending up in dangerous places. Cracks can quickly spread, making the damage worse and exposing more of the phone's sensitive inner workings. Using a phone with a scratched-up or cracked screen is a recipe for bad eyestrain. That damage can also affect the inside of the phone, meaning your GPS may not provide the correct information when you’re on the road.

Rather than chasing repairs down the line, it’s best to prevent problems from occurring in the first place by buying some Samsung screen protectors to go with your Samsung refurbished mobiles.  


How Are Screen Protectors Made?

Screen protectors are commonly made from a few different types of materials. Some are built out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a type of plastic often used for food and liquid containers. These screen protectors are between a polyester film with scratch-resistant matte and a silicon adhesive. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) protectors are designed similarly, but they’re also chemically treated to make them more scratch-resistant. Tempered glass screen protectors are heavy and often more expensive, but there’s no doubt they’re known for being very tough.

Tempered glass is created in high-temperature ovens in which the glass is quickly heated, cooled, and then tested to make sure it’s hard enough. The glass is subjected to a knife, sand and bending to ensure it’s strong and tough enough to handle them all. Before the glass goes on sale, manufacturers must guarantee it can handle almost anything you throw at it.


Benefits of Having a Samsung Screen Protector

The main benefit of a Samsung screen protector is obvious. If you drop your phone hard enough to crack the screen, the screen protector takes the damage rather than the screen itself. But there are other advantages, some lesser-known, to investing in Samsung screen protectors. Some of the major ones include:

Reducing UV damage

Samsung Galaxy screen protectors reduce the likelihood of eyestrain and protect your eyes from the glare of UV rays by reducing the reflected glare.

More privacy

With a Samsung screen protector, you can only see the info displayed on your phone when you’re directly in front of it. That means busybodies spying over your shoulder can’t see your personal details when you’re using your phone in public.

Anti-bacterial properties

Samsung screen protectors reduce the likelihood of mould or mildew forming on your smartphone and leaving unpleasant odours or stains on the screen.

Preventing fingerprints

Constantly tapping on your phone screen can stain it with smudges and fingerprints. Using Samsung Galaxy screen protectors keeps your screen clean and free from dust.

Scratch-free scrolling

It’s possible to damage your phone without accidentally dropping it or even having any kind of major accident. Just keeping your exposed Samsung phone in the same pocket as your keys can lead to the screen being ravaged by irreparable scratches. When you have a screen protector, that’s what takes the brunt of the damage, not your phone’s screen.

They’re tough

Samsung screen protectors aren’t shatter-proof – they can still be damaged. But they’re definitely a lot stronger than regular glass and tough to crack. It takes more than a few taps to break a tempered glass screen protector. And even if you manage to drop one hard enough to cause serious damage, it’s still better if the screen protector shatters than the screen itself.


Buy Samsung Screen Protectors at OzMobiles

Hand holding an unlocked Samsung phone with the apps showing

You can take your pick from a wide range of Samsung screen protectors and other Samsung phone accessories through OzMobiles!

We have great Samsung screen protectors in stock at hugely discounted prices. For instance, our Nuglas Tempered Glass Protectors (for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus) are on sale for just $17. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S20, you can keep it safe with a $12 Nuglas Tempered Glass Protector designed to fit that phone model. We also have the right kind of protection for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus for only $14.

But of course, OzMobiles doesn’t just sell screen protectors. We sell a vast selection of refurbished smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you’ve been looking for the right refurbished phone – or laptop, tablet or any other refurbished device – we provide a safer and more reliable online shopping experience than you’re likely to get from an online marketplace.

OzMobiles is an Australian-owned and operated business providing affordable, high-quality, refurbished devices. All our devices are tested at our Melbourne headquarters using Blancco testing software to ensure they comply with Australian standards. Before we put them up for resale, we put them through a 72-point checking process that ensures a high-quality standard, including at least 80% battery life.

Each device is guaranteed to be fully functional, sold with 12 months of warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee (with the latest models covered by the manufacturer’s warranty).

We offer free and fast shipping and are happy to accommodate you if you need your device or Samsung phone accessories really quickly. If you order before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we’ll ship it out on the same day. On top of that, you get free express postage.

We’re committed to value, so we offer our price-beat guarantee. If you’ve found a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). And if you’re on a tight budget but have had your eyes on a particular Samsung phone for a while, we offer payment plans through ZipPay, AfterPay and PayPal Pay in 4

For help finding the right Samsung Galaxy screen protectors or other Samsung phone accessories, get in touch with OzMobiles

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