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There’s one mobile phone accessory you can’t go without under any circumstances: a charger. Yet it’s becoming more common for new and second-hand phones to be sold without phone chargers. Apple’s magnetic MagSafe charging has meant that new iPhones can be sold with just a USB-C-to-Lightning cable, and that’s it. Android leader Samsung has been selling flagship and entry-level smartphones without chargers lately. While sustainability is one of the major reasons, it can complicate things when you need a phone charger.

Of course, those loyal to their smartphone brand are likely to still have the charger from the last model they purchased or the model before that. But what if you’re switching from one style to another, have a damaged charging cable, or just want a spare? You can buy refurbished phones of all kinds from OzMobiles, but what about phone chargers?

Truth be told, both wireless and wired phone chargers have their benefits. While wireless charging is on the rise for many reasons, a charger is a fast, efficient and highly portable method for powering up your phone. Just plug it in, and soon you’ll be ready to go.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place if a charger is what you’re looking for. OzMobiles has iPhone chargers and Samsung phone chargers at discounted prices suitable for many different styles of smartphones. If you’ve just scored a deal you’re happy with on a refurbished phone, and all you need is the right charger to power it, we’ve got you covered. While we still have these chargers in stock at these reduced prices, now is the ideal time to get your hands on some phone chargers and adaptors for Apple and Samsung.


iPhone Chargers

Black & white photo of iPhone on charge

There are reasons the iPhone has remained consistently popular over the years. Its fantastic features include a secure and stable operating system that integrates smoothly and easily with the rest of the iOS ecosystem. There’s the intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the security, the touchscreen technology and the generous selection of apps. 

Apple fans are known for being enthusiastic about the company’s range of iPhones, tablets and laptops and often race to get the latest models the moment they hit the stores. New iPhones can be pricey, but refurbished iPhones get around that problem while maintaining the high quality you’ve come to expect. OzMobiles has iPhone chargers to go with your new refurbished iPhone, including the following items:

Apple Compatible 20W USB-C Power Adapter - $19 (save $10)

Everybody wants their phone charged sooner rather than later, and luckily the 20W USB‑C Power Adapter is nothing less than extremely fast and efficient. While this device’s best charging performance comes from pairing it with the iPad Pro, iPad Air or the iPhone 8 or later, it works pretty well with any USB-C-enabled device.

Apple USB Power Adapter 5W Charger - $14 (save $15)

Conveniently compact in design, this power adaptor works with any iPhone, iPod or iPad Mini model. Pack it in your bag, and fast, efficient charging is a breeze wherever you go.

OzMobiles has new stock arriving all the time. So even if you don’t find what you’re looking for right now, rest assured we’ll have more iPhone chargers arriving in the future. But if these ones are right for your iPhone, grab them at these prices while they’re available.


Samsung Phone Chargers

Samsung phone on charge showing lock screen

Samsung smartphones have a large number of perks that have won them a place at the top of the Android world. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are ideal for multi-tasking due to App Pair and Multi Window Mode features. Google Play, Samsung’s primary source of apps, is the world’s largest app store and has just about any kind of app you’re looking for. 

Samsung DeX is an easy way to turn your smartphone into a full desktop computer experience or watch video on the big screen. Samsung’s security is tight, its batteries are long-lasting, and governments and big corporations trust its Knox Security. Samsung smartphones are made to suit your lifestyle and are easy to customise to your needs. OzMobiles has Samsung phone chargers to go with your new Samsung smartphone, including these models:  

Samsung USB-A 1A 5W AC Wall Power Charger Black - $12 (save $17)

With a consistently high rating on Trustpilot, this black USB-A charging port is compatible with all Samsung handsets plus accessories with Micro USB connectors. Complying with international safety standards, it ticks all the right boxes to be a premium device that powers up your Samsung smartphone.

USB-C 25W AC Wall Power Fast Charger Black - $22 (save $17)

This portable AC phone charger takes fast charging to new heights. Reaching up to 25W, it can restore your Samsung phone’s flat battery to 50% in 30 minutes. Compatible with Samsung s20, s20+, Ultra Note 10 and onwards, it’s small enough in size to take on holiday and powerful enough to revive your phone battery even if you only have a short amount of time to grab your turn on a charging port.  

One thing you can count on regarding OzMobiles is that we always have new stock incoming. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Chances are, we’ll have new Samsung phone chargers in the future. But if these ones are right for your smartphone, don’t let the opportunity slip by. Grab them for these prices while we still have them in stock.  


Buy Chargers at OzMobiles

Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung smartphone or a different sort of refurbished phone entirely, check out OzMobiles' range of phone chargers and adaptors.

Buying second-hand mobile phones online can seem like a risky business, so OzMobiles provides a trustworthy place to buy phone chargers and refurbished mobile phones from brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo and Huawei.  

An Australian-owned and operated company, we carefully test all our devices at our Melbourne headquarters using the Blancco testing software to ensure they meet high Australian standards. All our devices have passed our 72-point checking process and are 100% fully functional, sold with 12 months of warranty and include 30-day money-back guarantees.

Getting your phones and phone chargers to you quickly and in good condition is incredibly important to us. That’s why we offer free and fast shipping, and if you order your device before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we send it out on the same day. On top of that, you get free express posts!

Have you found a better deal on the same phone somewhere else? Send us a link, and we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). And if you’ve had your eye on a particular smartphone for a while but can’t afford to pay for it all at once, we offer buy now, pay later plans with third-party providers like ZipPay, AfterPay and PayPal Pay in 4.

OzMobiles are always happy to assist you in finding what you need. For help choosing the right items from our range of smartphones, phone chargers, whether it be iPhone chargers or Samsung phone chargers, contact OzMobiles

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