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Picture this: you’ve just bought the iPhone you’ve been dreaming about. You’ve saved a lot of money buying refurbished, and you can’t wait to take incredible photos to share on social media, listen to music while you’re out, or download some of the millions of apps available from Apple’s online store. Suddenly you drop your phone, cracking the glass or smashing it completely. You can no longer see the quality of the photos you take, just a great big crack (or several cracks) splitting the screen.

Apple is a company dedicated to user experience, but a split or cracked screen can impact that experience drastically. Even if you decide you can live with how it looks, having a cracked iPhone screen causes other problems long-term. Cracks tend to spread, eventually turning a screen with a couple of small blemishes into a spider’s web. The touchscreen's functionality is impaired, and sometimes you can lose it entirely. You can develop eyestrain from having to deal with the compromised visibility of your screen. If the damage is great, it can even hurt your fingers and ears with glass shards or expose the sensitive inner workings of your phone.

What happens, then? You can live with it, see if insurance covers fixing it, send it away for repairs or buy a new device. But the easiest way to make sure the situation never comes up in the first place is to invest in iPhone screen protectors.

No doubt you’ve heard the expression about prevention being worth more than the cure. In this case, prevention is also a lot more affordable than cure! For less than $20 (see our current deals), a screen protector can protect your phone in the case of drops, falls or other accidents and leave your actual screen intact.

And right now OzMobiles is having a big sale on iPhone screen protectors. So if you’re buying a refurbished iPhone, why not invest in a screen protector, one of the most vital iPhone accessories?


What Are iPhone Screen Protectors Made From?

Smartphone screen protectors are usually made from glass or plastic, with a few different composite materials. Tempered glass screens are generally supported by a sheet of shock-absorbent silicone at the bottom. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a common plastic material used in several industries. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is very similar to PET but treated with chemicals to make it tougher and more scratch-resistant.

OzMobiles’ iPhone screen guards, one of the most integral iPhone accessories, are built from the toughest and best-quality materials and provide the highest levels of protection for your refurbished iPhone.

For example, there’s our Nuglas Tempered Glass Protection for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro and Nuglas Tempered Glass Protection for iPhone 12 Mini. These tough iPhone screen protectors will bear the brunt of any impact on your smartphone’s screen. While a bad fall may indeed break the protector itself, it’s obviously cheaper and easier to replace iPhone screen guards than to replace iPhones.

We also have options besides tempered glass. Our BodyGuardz Apple iPhone 11 Pro Pure 2 Edge Screen Protector is covered edge-to-edge with aluminosilicate, a rare glass with impact-absorbing adhesive. This kind of glass has enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility and improved strength even after scratches.

iPhone screen protectors are powerful and necessary accessories that are easy to attach, use, and replace. As you’ll see from the next section, they are one of the most important iPhone accessories to keep your phone safe.


Benefits of Having a Screen Protector

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Screen protectors have even more benefits than you might expect. Aside from protecting your iPhone from scratches and smashes, some of the main ones are:

Protection from fingerprints and dust

There’s no doubt that touchscreens are very useful. But constantly running your finger across your iPhone can leave stains and smudges. The coating on screen protectors prevents your fingers from leaving marks and stops dust from coating your screen. Like any damage, your screen protector’s better to take the brunt of the stains than the screen itself.

Reduced glare

Many screen protectors have anti-glare properties, which can reduce the effect of the sun on your screen. This means both less chance of eyestrain when using your iPhone and also less exposure to UV rays.

Antibacterial protection

iPhone screen protectors help shield your device from mould or mildew that may cause staining when you come into contact with it.

Better privacy

When you use a screen protector, the information on your phone is only visible to you and anyone else directly in front of it. Looking at it from an angle obscures the information on the phone, which means those who sneak a look from the side or from over your shoulder can’t see your personal information.

Prevents scratches

No matter how careful you are, it’s easy to scratch your iPhone’s screen. Sometimes all it takes is putting your phone and your keys in the same pocket once. iPhone screen guards will keep your screen free from scratches and other wear and tear.

It doubles as a mirror

As a bonus, a screen protector makes the surface of your smartphone more reflective. When you turn your phone off, you can use the screen as a mirror to adjust your hair or make-up.


Buy iPhone Screen Protectors at OzMobiles

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One of the easiest places to get your hands on iPhone screen protectors – as well as refurbished iPhones – is on the OzMobiles website.

OzMobiles has a range of iPhone screen guards from high-quality brands like Nuglas, Remax and Bodyguardz. And right now, the entire range is under $20, with the average price between $15 and $20. We’re offering savings of more than $60 – beyond half price – on protectors that will guarantee the safety of your screen for the long haul. Make sure you order yours while stocks last. As far as iPhone accessories go, they’re among the most important. Don’t risk damage to your phone without them.

If you’re still looking for the right refurbished iPhone, or a refurbished phone of any sort, OzMobiles is happy to help. When you buy from us, we ensure you get a great deal without purchasing brand new.

An Australian-owned and operated company, we test all our devices at our Melbourne headquarters using our 72-point testing process. This process covers at least 80% of battery life, which is always one of the most important factors when buying any phone.

Every device we sell is 100% fully functional, comes with 12 months of warranty and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. We offer free and fast shipping to get it out to you quickly! In fact, if you order before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we’ll ship it out on the same day.

Had your eye on an iPhone for a while but can’t afford to pay the full price right away? You can buy now and pay in instalments through a third-party provider like ZipPay or AfterPay. And if you’ve found the same item for cheaper on another site, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

For more info and for help finding the right Apple product, get in touch with OzMobiles

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