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If you think buying a second-hand smartphone means you only have older models to choose from, we’ve got some exciting news for you.

One of the beautiful things about buying refurbished phones is that you truly have freedom of choice, including some smartphone models that have just hit the stores within the last 12 months.

First, what are refurbished phones, and how is one different from any other second-hand phone? A refurbished phone is a used phone that a reputable seller has thoroughly checked, tested, repaired if necessary, and ensured has met certain sales standards. The seller has usually checked that every element – battery, camera, screen etc. – still works as it should. If you’re buying a phone from a proper, legitimate, refurbished retailer with their own reputation to protect, you’re likely to score something that still works pretty much as good as new – apart from the odd dent or chip here or there, perhaps.

So how is it possible to already buy a refurbished iPhone 14 or any other new or quality phone? Why would anyone give that away? There are a couple of common reasons. The most likely one is that the phone is an “ex-demo” model, meaning it was only taken out of its box to be displayed in retail stores. Another possibility is that a previous customer returned the phone because of a fault. The refurbisher then fixed the fault, ensured every other part of the phone was up to scratch and re-sold it. Whatever the case, you reap the benefits in the end.

Are you wondering if you can already buy a refurbished iPhone 14 and if it’s the right phone for you? Let’s take a closer look at this type of iPhone and its pros and cons!


When Was the iPhone 14 Released?

Locked iPhone 14 with pink screensaver

There’s more than one style of refurbished iPhone 14 available to choose from. Apple’s 2022 iPhone line-up actually included four different phones: 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max and 14 Plus. The devices were announced on 7 September at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, in a special event that was streamed live worldwide. All were released in Australia on 16 September, apart from the 14 Plus, which hit the stores on 7 October.

As you’d expect from brand new iPhones, these four commanded high prices when they arrived in-store, especially the 14 Pro Max with its massive 1TB of data. As time passed, though, iPhone 14 models that sat on display in Apple stores for customers to try out found their way into the hands of OzMobiles. We tested them extensively to ensure they were up to re-sale standards, and now they’re available at a lower price than you’d find in any retail outlet.

So why should you pick a second-hand iPhone 14 from OzMobiles instead of our countless other refurbished iPhones? What are the main features of the phone that make it worth your while? The following sections cover some of the differences between the models, their features and pros and cons.


iPhone 14 Features

Apple has always offered its loyal customers plenty of options. While the four models have unique identities, it’s possible to sum up the main differences straightforwardly as Business Insider has: the 14 Pro and Pro Max are “premium” options with additional features. Of course, the 14 and 14 Plus are still amazing phones, just without the extra flourishes. The biggest differences lie in the cameras of each model and the “Dynamic Island” found in the Pros.

A pill-shaped cutout at the top of the screen, Dynamic Island is a way to interact with several apps at once and keep relevant information and notifications on your radar. So many apps work with Dynamic Island, and you can switch back and forth between them just by tapping on the animations shown by the tool for each.  

When you buy a new phone, the camera is always an important priority. While all models will give you a first-class camera set-up with great shots, the Pros have some benefits for avid photographers or those who really like to catch a lot of detail. The 14 and 14 Plus have two cameras – a 12-megapixel main and ultra-wide – while the Pro and Pro Max have three, including a 48MP main camera. This allows you to zoom in and out much further with them without your shots being blurry.  

All phones come with lots of storage, but the Pros and Pro Max pack up to 1TB. This is about twice as much as the max storage on 14 and Plus models.

Battery life is always important, and it doesn’t disappoint on the iPhone 14. These phones last at least 20 hours without needing a charger, and the Pro Max makes it to almost 30 hours.

All four models have other useful features like “Action” filming modes and car crash detection.


Pros & Cons of Refurbished iPhone 14s

Unlocked iPhone 14 showing the dynamic island

Reviewers loved the new iPhone’s useful tools like autofocus and crash detection and its fast performance powered by the A15 Bionic chip. There’s not much that people didn’t like about it, although some reviewers mentioned the lack of optical zoom or the fact that the display is still 60Hz.

There are also basically no downsides to buying a refurbished iPhone 14 and a lot of advantages! A refurbished phone offers much more security than a regular used iPhone 14, including a warranty if anything goes wrong.

Like all second-hand iPhone 14s, refurbished iPhone 14s are absolutely a lot cheaper and allow you to save more money while still receiving the same high quality.

Not surprisingly, buying a used iPhone 14 or any other refurbished phone is also better for the environment, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of electronic waste in the country.


Where to Buy Second-Hand iPhone 14s

You can pick up a refurbished iPhone 14 at OzMobiles! Our second-hand iPhone 14 models include a used iPhone 14 Pro Max and a reduced 14 Plus. Get your hands on one of these highly sought-after ex-demo iPhone models while we still have the stock.

When you purchase a refurbished iPhone 14 or any other phone from OzMobiles, you can be assured of its quality. There’s no simply buying a used iPhone 14 from a stranger on the Internet and hoping for the best. Every OzMobiles device has been put through a 72-point testing process that ensures everything is in good working order, including a battery life of at least 80%. All devices are fully functional and sold with 12 months of warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We offer free and fast shipping. Need your new phone really quick? Order it before 12:30 pm on a weekday, and we’ll ship it out on the same day.

If you’re on a tight budget, don’t let that stop you from getting the refurbished iPhone 14 you’ve been waiting to get. We let you pay in instalments through third-party providers like AfterPay and ZipPay. And if you find a better deal on the same phone elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

Get in touch with OzMobiles if you want more info or need help finding a second-hand iPhone 14 for you!

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