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People love Samsung Galaxy smartphones for many reasons: their innovative hardware and tech, wide-angle cameras with superb photo clarity, and large screens with stunning resolution. 

Samsung is one of the world’s oldest phone manufacturers, and over the years, they’ve built a well-deserved reputation for superior quality. They’re the top of the line when it comes to Android phones. 

But smartphones of their high calibre, particularly the newer models, often come with high price tags too. And while the quality is worth the money, it can be a big chunk of your budget.

If you’ve read about refurbished phones, you’ll know they can potentially save you hundreds of dollars. You may have already wondered whether you should buy a Samsung phone online? Maybe you’d love to get a second-hand phone, but there are just too many doubts in your mind, like how do I know if I’m buying from someone trustworthy? What about a warranty? What if something goes wrong or the product doesn’t match what I ordered, and I need to return the phone? And how do I find out where to buy Samsung phones online anyway?

The answer is to buy your Samsung phone online with OzMobiles. 

Our motto is good for your pocket, good for the planet, good for you! We’ll send you a top-quality, fully functioning, sustainably packaged, stunning mobile phone with a 12-month warranty at a more affordable price than you’ll find when you buy brand new at any department store.  

We have old and new models available for customers who want to buy Samsung Galaxy phones online, from S9s to S22 Plus. Some of our refurbished phones are recycled from previous owners, and some are ex-demo phones, formerly used only on the showroom floor or in display cabinets.

To find out more about refurbished phones, the benefits of buying a refurbished phone and what makes OzMobiles a trustworthy choice, read on. When you’re ready to buy a Samsung phone online, we have a vast range of refurbished Samsung phones to take your pick from. You’re sure to find one that’s right for you.  

Benefits of Refurbished Phones 

Buying a refurbished phone is ultimately a better deal for you and the environment. When you buy Samsung Galaxy phones online through OzMobiles, you get the same exceptional standard of quality as you do when buying through a department store, but with many other great benefits, including

A more affordable price

There’s no doubt that Samsung phones are worth their price tag. They’re long-lasting, with state-of-the-art technology and advanced features. Yet why fork out full price for a brand new model when you can buy a Samsung phone online for sometimes only a fraction of the cost?

You don’t even have to stick with shopping for older models to score a good deal. Whenever a new model phone hits the stores, whether it’s Samsung or iPhone, fans of the brand rush out to buy it and trade in their current model. You can find an amazing deal on the SECOND most recent model on the market more often than many think.

OzMobiles don’t just sell second-hand smartphones either. We have three categories of phones to choose from: new, second-hand and ex-demo. Ex-demo phones are smartphones that have been on display in stores or out of their boxes for other reasons. No matter which phone category you go with, we’re certain to have it at a far less expensive price than you’ll find at your local shopping centre or brand new through another website.

refurbished Samsung phones

Better for the planet

Electronic waste (otherwise known as e-waste) is a growing environmental problem; discarded smartphones account for up to 10% of it. Around the world, about 9,000 phones are thrown away every second. Hazardous materials from those discarded phones soon leak into the water and soil, causing pollution.

E-waste is a major issue even right here in Australia. This country has more smartphones than people, and many aren’t even being used. E-waste is growing three times the rate of other kinds of waste, with mobile phones leading the charge. It doesn’t have to be this way.

When you sell your used mobile phone or buy a refurbished one, that means one less phone thrown away and one other less phone produced in a factory. It’s an ethical choice that goes some small way to reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable economy and cleaner world.

They have warranties

When you buy Samsung Galaxy phones online through OzMobiles, the experience is nothing like when you buy a Samsung phone online from a stranger on an Internet marketplace. 

With us, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you paid for, and a warranty covers you if anything goes wrong. Our warranties are for 12 months, and we also offer free 30-day returns (terms and conditions here). 

We’ll make sure you’re completely happy with what you get. As you can see, there are no downsides to choosing the refurbished route.


How we Refurbish Phones

Some people find us not because they’re looking for where to buy Samsung phones online but because they’re looking for where to sell them.

It only takes a few minutes to sell your device to us, and you’ll receive a refund within 24 hours of us receiving it. From then on, your former phone will become a refurbished phone waiting to find another home through our website.

We check and clean the phone, so it’s in perfect working order and as close to new as possible. We also erase all information from previous owners, so there’s no chance of coming across a stranger’s old photos or texts. Steps we take include wiping the info from the phone and restoring factory settings, repairing damage like cracked screens and replacing batteries.

All our devices are carefully tested at our Melbourne headquarters to ensure they meet high Australian standards. Our OzMobiles 72-point checking process ensures that all phones are still operating with at least 80% battery health before they hit our site.

When a customer comes to our site to buy a Samsung phone online, the model phone they’re getting is pretty much as good as new. There’s certainly no sign that it was ever someone else’s.

 refurbished Samsung phones

Buy Refurbished Samsungs at OzMobiles

If you’ve been trying to find out where to buy Samsung phones online, the search is over with OzMobiles.

A refurbished phone offers you the opportunity to buy a Samsung phone online second-hand and free from the risks you’d face in an online marketplace.  

From your purchase date, your device comes with a 12-month warranty covering you for all faults, including the battery. We have free 30-day returns in case of faults and free express delivery to Australia and New Zealand.

We’re so dedicated to bringing you the best possible deal that we offer a price-beat guarantee. If you’ve found a better offer elsewhere, we’ll beat the price by ten dollars (terms and conditions apply). If you’ve found your dream Samsung phone on our website but can’t afford to pay for it all in one go, you can pay it off in instalments using ZipPay, AfterPay or PayPal.

A Samsung smartphone is an exceptionally high-quality phone, no matter which model to go with. There’s no need to put off owning the model you really want just because buying it new from the store is more than you can afford.

Check out our massive range of Samsung phones and if you need more information, get in contact with us.  Find out how we can set you up with the Samsung phone you’ve been dreaming about.