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So you want to buy a new phone? Maybe the one you have is broken. Maybe there’s a flash-looking model you’ve had your eyes on for a while. Or perhaps you just feel it’s just time for a change. Whatever the case, you may be tempted to head straight to your local shopping centre and splash out on something new.

Not so fast.

Why not choose a pre-loved option instead?

For one thing, it’s cheaper. But a lower price tag isn’t the only reason to buy a secondhand iPhone or Android.  The benefits are numerous for you, your bank balance, the environment and the (circular) economy. All the advantages of a brand new phone and none of the drawbacks.

You may have concerns like “what about a warranty?”, “how do I know if I’m buying from somebody trustworthy?” and “what if it still contains data from the previous owner?”

When you buy from OzMobiles, you have nothing to worry about. We sell quality refurbished phones at a far more affordable rate than brand new. And if you’re on a tight budget, you can pay in instalments with services like ZipPay and AfterPay. Our devices come with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase, including all software issues and battery performance. And the previous owner’s data is wiped clean, so there’s no chance of awkwardly stumbling across a stranger’s photos.

We have a super-wide range of makes and models, including former showroom demo mobile phones. Whether you’re looking for a used iPhone 13 Pro or a Galaxy Z Flip3, we have a refurbished model that works as good as new and will work for you. To find out just how much we have to offer, look at our vast range of iPhones and Samsung phones.

If you still need convincing on the benefits of buying secondhand phones, read on. This article aims to explore the subject in greater depth.


They’re More Affordable 

When a new phone hits the market, consumers rush to get their hands on it, and older models drop in price. But if you’re still buying store-bought models, often the difference isn’t that significant. 

The best way to maximise your savings is to buy refurbished versions of slightly older models. The iPhone 14 is coming, so many Apple users will be trading their iPhone 13 models with us. Through our website, you’ll be able to buy a used iPhone 13 Pro for a much more affordable price.

Times are tough, and many consumers are trying to save money any way they can. OzMobiles realise this, which is why we’re always trying to bring you the best possible deals. Suppose you find a better deal somewhere else. In that case, we’ll beat it by $10 as long as the offer is 100% Australian stock, includes shipping and handling costs, is in a similar cosmetic condition and includes same-day shipping and 12 months warranty.

Another way we save on cost is by selling demo mobile phones formerly used for display purposes in stores and showrooms. These phones are in just as good a condition as store-bought ones of the same model. They’ve just been on display for a while. And by purchasing these models from us, you’re saving them from being just more trash in a landfill.  

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They Are in Good Condition

You never have to compromise on quality when you buy a secondhand iPhone or Android from OzMobiles. Purchase one of our used iPhone 13 Pro or Galaxy models, and you’ll find it works just as well as anything you can buy in retail stores.

OzMobiles are 100% Australian-owned and operated. Based in Melbourne, we use Blancco testing software to ensure that all devices comply with current Australian Standards and are compatible with all Australian networks. All our devices are tested to be fully functional before we sell them to the public, so you never have to worry about your device not working properly.

We know how important battery life is to most people, so we put every device through the OzMobiles 72 Point Check to ensure it still carries at least 80% battery life.   


They Are Quality Assured

You won’t have to compromise on quality when you buy a refurbished phone for a lower price, that’s for sure!

With over 20 years of experience, we ensure you get the best possible deal when buying a refurbished smartphone. Our devices are rigorously tested for every functionality before being sold, including battery life. 

Our vast and up-to-date range of models means you can have a sleek modern smartphone for a lower price, with no need to go “vintage” unless you really want to. And if you need to buy more than one phone, our lower prices let you have both quality and quantity.


They Have a Warranty  

One of the main concerns for most secondhand smartphone customers is, “will I be covered by a warranty? If something goes wrong, who can I chase that up with?”

These are valid concerns. That’s why OzMobiles have you covered - literally.

We cover all faults with the device up to 12 months from the date of purchase. We also offer the OzMobiles Extra Care for iPhones so that when you buy a secondhand iPhone, you receive an extra 12 months of warranty coverage on your used iPhone 13 Pro. It’s the same high standard of coverage, but for an additional year. You’ll definitely be sorted for a warranty should anything go wrong!

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They Reduce Energy Consumption 

Buying one of our secondhand pre-loved or demo mobile phones is better for the environment and your wallet. Buying a secondhand phone means one less phone the industry has to manufacture. Every time 500 phones are recycled, it saves enough energy to power an entire home for a year. Less energy produced means fewer greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere, which helps contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

According to Greenpeace, more than seven million smartphones were manufactured between 2007 and 2017, using as much electricity as India uses in an entire year.

With climate change, one of the main problems facing the world today, cutting down on waste matters. Why burn up excess energy on a brand spanking new mobile phone when you can have the same quality for a much lower price tag?


They Reduce Electronic Waste 

Mobile phones are one of the largest contributors to the problem of electronic waste, also called e-waste. Up to 10% of that waste is from smartphones. 

Across the world, around 9,000 mobile phones are thrown away every second, and the toxic materials from these phones eventually leak into the soil and water. Together, the world produces around 50 million metric tonnes of e-waste annually. Without drastic action, that figure is likely to continue growing.

In a small way, buying a secondhand phone helps us move a little closer to the idea of a “circular economy”, in which valuable goods are re-used, and waste is eliminated.  


Buy a Secondhand Refurbished Phone at OzMobiles 

As new phone models continue to hit the stores regularly; it pays to turn to secondhand options instead. Rather than buying the latest iPhone, you can have a used iPhone 13 Pro at a far cheaper price and still have it meet your needs and work exactly the way you want it to.

But it’s important to buy your refurbished phone from a retailer who deserves its good reputation. OzMobiles have been in business long enough, pleasing customers the whole time, and we have the glowing five-star reviews to show for it.

You can’t go wrong with a secondhand phone from OzMobiles. 

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