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You’ve got things to do, calls to make, texts to send, photos to post to Instagram and Facebook, music and videos to enjoy, and life to live. 

When you buy a new phone, the last thing you want to do is spend hours figuring out how to navigate the features. 

You want a phone that you can get the hang of with minimum effort so you can get straight to enjoying all its handy features. 

You might have heard that Samsung are top of the line as far as Android phones go and found yourself asking, “are Samsung phones easy to use?”

The answer is yes. In this article, we’re going to explore why.

But before you head to your local shopping centre to buy a brand new phone, we’d like to mention the benefits of buying second-hand Samsung phones. When you choose refurbished Samsung phones, i.e. used Samsung phones that have been repaired and restored for resale, there are several positives. You get a product that works just as well as new with more savings in your pocket, less waste and environmental pollution and a 12-month warranty.

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Reasons Why Samsung Phones Are Easy to Use

So, why are Samsung phones easy to use? A few factors make them a reliable choice for seniors, the non-tech savvy, older teenagers, hard workers, busy parents and anyone else who just wants to start using their new phone without studying an instruction manual. 

The advantages of second-hand Samsung phones include

Easy operating system

Samsung’s layout and functions are made with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Being easy to get the hang of is a major selling point for smartphones. Nobody wants a phone that takes too long to get used to. Consumers will ask, “are Samsung phones easy to use? How about iPhones? Oppos?”. 

Smart manufacturers hear these concerns and set out to make products that relieve customers’ doubts by delivering the goods.

While Samsung has developed its own flexible and user-friendly custom operating system, Tizen, many Samsung smartphones run on Google’s Android platform. Android is designed to be easy to use, with simple navigation between apps, fonts in easy-to-read sizing and the process of running multiple apps at once.

Easy Mode

If Android’s existing interface isn’t simple enough, Samsung phones have a function with the self-explanatory name of Easy Mode.

Easy Mode strips away any clutter to provide the least complicated possible version of the interface. It makes everything bigger, from the text to the keyboard to the navigation, and applies the changes consistently throughout the phone. It also simplifies the layout, so the home screen page is dedicated only to icons for contacting friends and family, with an Apps button for the complete list.

Are Samsung Phones Easy to Use?

Larger screens

Samsung smartphones are an excellent choice for photographers, with high-quality cameras and sharp screen resolution. Part of that is the focus on having larger screens than many smartphones, with easy-to-see icons and high resolution. 

If your eyesight is starting to fail or you simply like to hone in on the details, Samsung’s generously-sized screens are one of the reasons Samsung phones are easy to use.

Longer battery life

With a Samsung smartphone, you don’t have to worry about your battery suddenly dying when you’re right in the middle of a busy work day or family get-together. 

Samsung Galaxy phones can last 11-13 hours, with models like the Galaxy s21 Ultra renowned for their exceptional battery life. Not having to scramble for a charger when you’re out is definitely one of the things that makes a Samsung phone an easier option.


Like the batteries they come with, Samsung smartphones are sturdy and built to last a long time. 

Not only will your Samsung smartphone most likely survive a fall to the floor (although we don’t recommend testing that scenario), but it’s also a device that will last seven years or longer if you care for it properly.  

Great for multi-tasking

With their large screens, crisp resolution, and split screen options, Samsung Galaxy phones are excellent for operating two apps simultaneously and switching between them. 

Samsung’s App Pair function allows you to combine two apps you would usually use in tandems like Office and E-Mail. You can then open them in a split-screen view with one app at the top and one at the bottom.

Awesome for apps

With a Samsung, you’ll have full access to the Google Play app store, the largest online app store on the market. Browse more than three million apps in just about every category you could think of, from the most popular social media networks to the latest business and finance apps to dating, movie and TV streaming, photo editing and food delivery.

Google Play makes it easy to enjoy various services across the Internet and on your Samsung devices. Whatever you need, chances are there’s an app for it these days!

Superb security

Samsung takes your security seriously and protects it with various software and hardware. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, Samsung Pass will protect your personal information with features such as Ultrasonic Fingerprint and Face Recognition. 

With your personal biometric features used to access your information, Samsung allows you to log into important apps like e-mail and banking without remembering a gazillion passwords.

Compatible with accessories

Appreciate being able to enjoy your Samsung smartphone working in conjunction with Samsung’s range of headphones and watches. 

Invest in a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ to attach to important items so that if they go missing, you can use your smartphone to find them.  

Are Samsung Phones Easy to Use?

Ready for 5G

Samsung was one of the first smartphone manufacturers to get on board with 5G smartphones. The company’s most recent models – including Galaxy S20 and Galaxy A51 – are 5G compatible. 

Being able to embrace faster Internet and cutting-edge technology is one of the reasons Samsung phones are easy to use.

The Easiest Samsung Phones to Use

Which refurbished Samsung phone is easiest to use? That depends on your own wants and needs. 

All Galaxy S22 models feature bright screens and top-quality cameras for improved photos, as well as excellent functionality in general. Even a mid-range model like the A50 has an ultra-wide triple camera, a long-lasting battery and very strong security features.

For those who need a tablet and a smartphone, the Samsung Z Fold 3 presents an elegant solution. It’s a phone that folds out to a tablet when you need a larger screen while still maintaining that superb Samsung battery life and functionality.

All Samsung Galaxy phones come with Easy Mode. So which one should you choose? While there are lots of opinions on which model is best, ultimately, it’s your choice. Explore our range of used Samsung phones, and you’re certain to find one that’s just what you’re looking for.


Where to Buy Refurbished Samsung Phones

Now, we’ve answered the question “are Samsung phones easy to use?” with an enthusiastic YES, which of the available second-hand Samsung phones on the market should you pick?

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