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The world of smartphones is dominated by two heavyweights: Apple’s iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. These two tech giants have been steadily on the rise for years, and between them, they now hold a combined 55.79% of the market share of the entire smartphone industry

You may already have your favourite, whether you’re a diehard Apple fan who would never consider anything else or a lover of the Android platform who thinks it doesn’t get any better than Samsung. But if you’re undecided, have never owned either of them or are simply thinking about making the switch, this article focuses on the all-important question: iPhone or Samsung – which is better for you? We’ll help you make your mind up for the next time you go phone shopping.  

But before you do, have you thought about buying a refurbished phone? 

Refurbished phones are secondhand, but not how most people think of them! A refurbished phone has been repaired, restored and tested extensively by professionals before being re-sold on the market. It has a full warranty that covers you in case anything goes wrong. Fully functional and with all features intact, it’s the safer way to shop secondhand.

Whether you’re looking to buy iPhones online or buy Samsung phones online, OzMobiles is sure to have a refurbished phone that works for you.

But which should it be – iPhone or Samsung? We’ll compare, contrast and elaborate on the two so you can decide which one best suits your needs before browsing our massive range of secondhand phones.


Refurbished iPhones & Samsung Phones

It’s important to remember that both iPhone and Samsung are top-of-the-line smartphone brands. Neither of them is better except that one may be better for you, and even that can be a hard argument to settle!

But one thing that is better is buying a refurbished phone! It’s better for your pocket, the planet, and YOU.

When you buy from a company like OzMobiles, refurbished phones offer all the benefits of buying phones brand new and none of the risks of buying secondhand phones from strangers on the Internet and hoping for the best. 

Our smartphones come with a 12-month warranty, free 30-day returns, free express shipping to Australia and New Zealand and the opportunity to pay in instalments through PayPal, ZipPay or AfterPay. Plus, we have refurbished Samsung Galaxies and Androids ranging from old models to more recent ones at all prices to meet everyone’s needs.

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Benefits of iPhones

The iPhone has many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  1. It’s user-friendly. The iOS system hasn’t changed much over the years and remains consistent across Apple devices. The iOS system and the phone are both easy to master and navigate.
  2. It’s secure. The iPhone is designed to safeguard your data and privacy with measures like passcodes, face or touch ID and built-in privacy features.
  3. Excellent performance. The iPhone is known for being fast and functional, and every new model enhances these strong points a little more.
  4.  It’s great for apps and media. iPhones App store has all the apps you can need, and it also serves as an iPod and a reliable streaming device for movies and TV.
  5. The iPhone has Siri, the world’s most popular virtual assistant and an oracle that is full of answers to life’s questions, from the trivial to the deep and meaningful.

Best iPhones for you

If you’re seeking a more recent model when you buy iPhones online, we have models like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. With cutting-edge technology like the fastest chip, the longest battery life and the most impressive triple camera set-up you’ll find on an iPhone, the quality of the 13 Pro Max is hard to top.

We also have iPhone 12s and iPhone 11s, which have more than stood the test of time and still contain the many great features you’d expect from Apple. 

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to spend too much when you buy an iPhone online, we go back to 5s, 6s and XRs for ridiculously affordable prices, often for much less than $500! Due to the consistency of the iOS system, you should still be able to use your older iPhone in conjunction with many of your other Apple products. So it comes heavily down to your budget and how much you’re willing to spend.

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Benefits of Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are generally regarded as the top Android. Here are just a few great things about the Samsung Galaxy.

  1. Its battery life. There’s no need to scramble to find a socket for your phone charger in the middle of a busy day when your Samsung Galaxy can provide you with 11-13 hours of power.
  2. Large screens. Samsung phones are known for having generously proportioned screens with exceptional resolution, ideal for snapping the right photograph at just the right time and having it worthy of sharing.  
  3. Secure. Like the iPhone, Samsung takes your security seriously and protects it using various innovative methods, like Ultrasonic Fingerprint and Face Recognition, to stop scammers and hackers from compromising your data and device.
  4. The Google Play app store. Google Play is currently the largest online app marketplace, with more than three million apps covering just about every topic you could ask for, from dating to finance to food delivery.
  5. Like the iPhone’s Siri, the Samsung Galaxy has an online assistant. Well, technically two. Google Assistant is a standard feature on Android devices that benefits from its close relationship with Google search and its ability to recognise context more than you’d expect from a machine. Samsung has also developed its very own voice assistant, Bixby, who you can talk to, text or tap for an answer.

Best Samsung phones for you

Just like when you decide to buy iPhones online, the Samsung smartphone you should go with depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what you want to get out of it! 

We have mint condition Galaxy S22 Ultra 5Gs if speed is a non-negotiable for you, with ultra-fast chips and 5G compatibility. 

After something even less expensive? The Galaxy S22 Plus will give you the same features on a smaller screen – not too much of a compromise!

The Samsung standard continues across our range of older (but not old!) models like S21s, S20s to S5s! We even have Samsung Z Flip phones for those who find a flip phone handy and some versatile but discontinued Galaxy Note Ultras for those who like smartphones with computer capabilities (and handy pens!).


Which is Better for You?

This is a tough one. Like so many things in life, it comes down to what you prefer. Through OzMobiles, you can buy iPhones online or buy Samsung phones online and save big on what you’d get in retail stores.

Both brands are similar in terms of high quality, excellent cameras, fast features and access to all the apps you could possibly want. Both are accessible, too – you can buy iPhones online or snap up a refurbished Samsung Galaxy with just the click of a button on the OzMobiles website.

However, if you have other Apple products like a Mac computer, iPod, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch etc., or intend to buy them, Apple’s your best bet. Its iOS system is designed so you can integrate your iPhone seamlessly with the rest of the Apple ecosystem.

If, on the other hand, having a customisable phone is a high priority, it’s hard to beat the Samsung Galaxy. You can customise many elements of your Samsung smartphone, including wallpaper, screen colours, lighting resolution and icons. It really is a phone you can make your own.

Whether you prefer the company of Siri, Bixby or Google Assistant is entirely up to you.


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