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Most people turn to Google when they need to find something: the answer to a question, a tradie in their area, a restaurant’s opening hours, who’s winning the big game. You may have used Google to take you to this very website. 

Google became the world’s most popular search engine, processing around 63,000 queries PER SECOND, by providing the best search results most relevant to your search. So, what if Google made your smartphone?


Introducing the Google Pixel 6!

Google launched the first of its Pixel phones in 2016. Several Pixel models have hit the market since then; the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the latest. These phones bring the same standard of security, responsiveness, convenience and fun to the world of smartphones that has seen Google rise to the top of the search engine industry (and made rising to the top of Google such a highly sought-after prize). Maybe you already know about the benefits and are ready to buy a Google Pixel phone online already?

Before you go racing out to the store, there’s another choice to consider: buying a refurbished Pixel phone.

Refurbished doesn’t just mean second-hand. Refurbished phones have been checked to ensure they’re in good condition, with repairs done if necessary. OzMobiles sell refurbished phones of all brands and models with 12-month warranties.

Are you tempted to buy a Google Pixel 6 online but still unsure if it’s the right model phone for you? This article aims to answer questions about Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones. What are they? What are the benefits of getting one? And where can you buy a Google Pixel phone online? The answers are right here.


What Are Google Pixel Phones?

Google Pixel phones are a line of Android-based smartphones initially released by Google in 2016. They were created to replace the Google Nexus phones, which other manufacturers made. 

The Pixel was the first all-Google smartphone created in-house by the search engine giant, and it runs on a “stock” version of Android that gets updates as soon as they’re released.  

Like their search engine, Google works hard to keep improving its Pixel phone, and over the years, it’s constantly gotten better and better.

 Benefits of Google Pixel 6 Phones

The Benefits of a Google Pixel 6 Phone

So why should you buy a Google Pixel phone online? Some of the most significant benefits include


Google Tensor: Google’s custom-built chip

Google has created the first ever mobile phone chip that can keep pace with machine learning: the Google Tensor. 

What is machine learning? Simply put, it’s the science of teaching artificial intelligence to learn the same way humans learn so that it can develop more accurate algorithms without having to be programmed to do so. 

Machine learning can improve your photography with features like Motion Mode and Face Unblur for photos and speech enhancement mode for videos. When new developments in machine learning become publicly available, you’ll be the first to get them.

Google Tensor’s other advantages include improved language processing capabilities for the speech-to-text function and chat apps that allow in-conversation translation.


Awesome camera power

The cameras on Google’s Pixel phones keep improving with each new model. You’ll be able to capture colour and detail in your shots like never before, thanks to bigger lenses and sensors and the power of Google Tensor. Shoot and edit your photos your way using all the tools available, and you’ll be stunned by how clear, colourful and detailed your pics turn out to be.

The Google Pixel 6 has an ultra-wide lens to help you get more scenery in the shot and sensors that let in 150% more light than the previous Pixel model. The Portraits on Pixel function lets you take glowing pictures of all skin tones, while the Magic Eraser function removes anything and anyone you don’t want in your photo.

The Pixel 6 Pro has the most advanced smartphone camera of any Pixel so far, with a 94-degree field of view front camera and 20 x super-resolution zoom. If you’re a photography buff who plans to share your shots on sites like Instagram, it’s a fantastic idea to buy a Google Pixel 6 online.

 Benefits of Google Pixel 6 Phones

Long battery life

Of course, if you’re taking tons of photos and enjoying life, you don’t want to spend half the day with your phone on charge. Luckily the Google Pixel 6 has a battery that lasts all day long and provides plenty of flexibility. 

It charges around 50% in 30 minutes and charges your headphones while it’s at it. It also prioritises giving power to your favourite apps and can stay on for up to 48 hours with Extreme Battery Saver.

OzMobiles ensure the batteries on all our refurbished devices are up to at least 80% health, so even when you buy a Google Pixel phone online with us, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of that sweet, long-lasting battery life.


Excellent security

Security is a high priority for anyone looking for a mobile phone, new or second-hand. Luckily security is built into every aspect of the Pixel 6, and you have complete control over it. 

All your security settings are in one spot, and Google advises how to strengthen them. You can turn your mics and cameras off when you’re not using them and even choose which apps can and can’t use them. Pixel can also call for help in an emergency and even detect when you’ve been in a car crash.


Water and dust-resistant 

If you’re worried about dropping your smartphone in a bit of dirt or dust or accidentally splashing it with water, the Pixel 6 will suit you. 

The Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro have an IP68 dust/water resistance rating, the industry standard for flagship phones. The Pixel 6’s high level of water resistance means it’ll survive if you get caught in a storm or fall in a lake (but still, be careful!). Likewise, a little bit of dust is nothing it can’t handle.


Elegant look and feel

The Pixel 6 comes in various subtle yet evocative colours with names like Sorta Seafoam, Kinda Coral and Stormy Black. Its slim body, high-quality materials and sophisticated appearance mean it never looks out of place, no matter where you are.


Buy Google Pixel 6 Online at OzMobiles

There are many benefits to buying a refurbished Google Pixel 6 - or any other Google model - instead of heading to your closest phone shop. For one thing, it’s guaranteed to be a lot lighter on your wallet. Buying a refurbished phone can save a lot of cash, sometimes picking up a model that works like a charm for a fraction of the cost you’d spend on a new version. 

For another, it’s better for the planet. As the problem of e-waste grows and contributes to environmental damage and climate change, buying a refurbished phone supports recycling, re-using and renewal—a more sustainable way of buying and using products.

Before our devices go on sale, we test them all at our Melbourne headquarters using Blancco testing software. We guarantee they meet the high standards you’d expect from mobile phones sold in Australia. A 72-point check process ensures that every part of the phone works well, including battery health of at least 80%.

We also offer a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing and battery life in case anything goes wrong or your purchase isn’t exactly what you expected.

Buy a Google Pixel phone online through our website and if you have any questions, contact OzMobiles for help!