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When you go shopping for a new smartphone, your options are limitless. There’s a whole world of quality high-tech phones out there. So which phone should you buy? 

If you’re an Android person, you’re undoubtedly aware of Samsung. Maybe you’ve even heard of refurbished Samsungs and wondered if they’re worth the money? This article aims to answer three important questions to help make your decision easier: Are Samsung phones good? Are refurbished phones good? And are refurbished Samsung phones good?

Samsung phones are among the highest quality smartphones on Android, an operating system Google developed that powers over two billion devices. Samsung phones are highly sought after for qualities such as their large screens, powerful cameras, long battery lives, access to millions of apps and unique Easy Mode feature when you need to take things back to basics.

Refurbished phones are different to second-hand phones, although both have been used before. Second-hand phones can be in various states of quality and upkeep, from excellent to terrible. Refurbished phones have been sold to a retailer who has restored them to factory settings, repaired any chips and cracks, ensured they’re functioning fully and re-sold them with a warranty.

OzMobiles offer many refurbished smartphones, including the best refurbished Samsung phones money can buy. You’ll never have to wonder, “are refurbished Samsung phones good?” regarding our selection. 

Our cheap refurbished Samsung phones cover makes and models both old and new, in different styles, varieties and eye-catching colours. We offer quality Samsung phones to cover the basics for those who only have a few hundred to spend. 

For those who desire a newer model with the power to do more, we have phones like Galaxy S22 Ultras at a far cheaper rate than you’ll find them brand new at any shopping centre.

Read on to find out the best refurbished Samsung phones for you and the benefits of choosing a refurbished smartphone.  


Benefits of Refurbished Samsung Phones

Purchasing one of our cheap refurbished Samsung phones is a very good idea for a few reasons. It’s smarter, greener and good for your purse, the planet and YOU!

Save money

When you buy a brand new Samsung phone straight from the mall, it’s likely to be a big chunk out of your budget even if the phone is a superb high-quality model that’s well worth the cost. What if you could have the same level of quality while spending significantly less, sometimes even a fraction of the price? Our cheap refurbished Samsung phones are the solution.

You may assume people only trade in Samsung phones that are several years old, but we have no shortage of newer models, including Galaxy S22 Ultra 5Gs in excellent condition. Some of our phones have never had previous owners but have been taken out of their boxes and displayed in retail stores.

are refurbished Samsung phones good

Save the planet

E-waste (electronic waste) is an ever-increasing problem in Australia and worldwide. 10% of all the world’s e-waste comes from the thousands of smartphones thrown away each second. These phones end up at garbage dumps where chemical components leak into the soil and water.

The constant manufacturing of new smartphones is hazardous to the environment too. 80% of each device’s carbon emission footprint is produced during its manufacturing. Every time a new phone is made, irreplaceable elements must be mined from the earth. Buying a refurbished phone means less environmental waste, as a perfectly working phone finds a new home instead of ending up at the tip.  

Save yourself headaches

There are lots of places you can find second-hand Samsung phones, but not all of them will offer you protection if anything goes wrong. 

OzMobiles are refurbished phone professionals who sell the best refurbished Samsung phones you can get. Our phones are rigorously tested to Australian standards and come with a 12-month warranty that covers essential elements like battery life. You get what you pay for and save a lot of potential time and hassle.


Best Samsung Phones for You

In addition to wondering, ‘are refurbished Samsung phones good?’, another question may have crossed your mind: ‘which Samsung phone should I buy?’

OzMobiles has plenty of new Samsung models, including the brand’s flagship range: the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, in a condition that’s good as new or close to it. 5G ready, with Australia’s fastest chips and strongest glass, these models are perfect if speed is non-negotiable for you. They come with the high standard of cameras that Samsung is renowned for, and they also have cinematic 8K video capabilities for family holiday videos that really preserve your memories. 

If the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a little out of your price range and you don’t mind a smaller screen, the S22 Plus will give you an excellent phone with comparable quality and features.

With S22s currently dominating the market, you can get a superb deal on Galaxy S21s, including models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G! These models feature all-day batteries, stunning photography and fast speeds. Because so many consumers have traded their s21s to get S22s, you can find these phones with prices heavily slashed, sometimes up to 50% off.

To put more money back in your pocket, we also have lots of Galaxy S10s through to S5s with efficiency and capabilities that the years haven’t reduced. These phones are as stylish, sleek and modern-looking as ever, still giving you cutting-edge performance, multi-lens cameras and 5G connectivity for less than you’ll find elsewhere. They’re perfect for those who just want a good smartphone to cover the basics and aren’t fussed with bells and whistles, as well as those who are on a budget.

are refurbished Samsung phones good

If a larger screen is important to you and you like a flip-style model, Samsung’s Z Flip range is the style to go with. A compact, efficient design with super-strong glass that fits snugly in a small pocket, the Z Flip has all the regular benefits of a Samsung smartphone, like a long-lasting battery life combined with a folding design for hands-free chat and those hard-to-reach selfies for Instagram.

The Galaxy Note Ultra combines a phone with a pen, but it does much more than that. It’s a computer in your pocket that comes with 8K video and an editing suite. Samsung discontinued this model years ago, but we still have these efficient and useful phones in the refurbished form at highly affordable prices.

If you’re on a tight budget but need a new phone, our A series of Samsung refurbished phones provide multi-lensed cameras, clear, bright photos and exceptional performance for less than $500 – sometimes a lot less.

With the sheer variety on offer, we believe there’s no doubt that refurbished Samsung phones are good. Very good. And you can have one in your own pocket in a few days through OzMobiles!


Where to Buy Refurbished Samsung Phones

Are refurbished Samsung phones good? They certainly are if you buy from the right place.

You can purchase second-hand phones in many different spots, but your best chance of finding a reliable refurbished phone that’s a guaranteed good deal is through OzMobiles.

OzMobiles is so dedicated to providing you with a high-quality device that everything we sell is quality-tested through our 72-point checking process. Including the battery, we ensure at least 80% of capacity. We offer a 12-month warranty that includes battery life and free 30-day returns for your peace of mind if anything goes wrong.

Get in touch with us and find the best refurbished Samsung phone for you!