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To 3 or not to 3? That is the question. If you’ve been wondering whether or not to buy a Google Pixel 3 secondhand, this article will help you decide.

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are two models Google released in 2018 as part of their popular Pixel line.  

While Google has stopped making them, you can still pick up a Google Pixel 3 secondhand or refurbished. But with so many different smartphones on the market, you may wonder if it’s worth buying a discontinued model or if you’d be better off spending your money on something else.

Like every other style of smartphone on the market, the Google Pixel 3 has its pros and cons.

Google started producing its Pixel range in 2016, bringing the same passion for meeting consumers’ needs that have seen them conquering the search engine space to smartphones. Google has always valued simplicity, and their phones are easy to use, with AI-powered features that provide convenient and personal experiences.  

So, where can you buy a Google Pixel secondhand apart from a used tech store or an online marketplace? How do you know what you’re getting is in good condition? The answer is to buy a refurbished Pixel.

A refurbished phone is a used phone that has been put through a rigorous testing process, restored and repaired if necessary, and re-sold with a warranty. When you buy refurbished, you can rest assured you’re getting a high-quality product, and you’re covered if anything goes wrong. It’s a secure and cost-effective way to buy a Google Pixel phone online.


Google Pixel 3 Phones

Google released the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in three colours: black, white and pink. The models were popular for their high-quality photography and unique front-facing cameras. Google released the Pixel 4 in 2019, and supplies of the Pixel 3 sold out with no new ones in the works.  


Pros of Google Pixel 3

google pixel 3 secondhandGoogle Assistant

Using the power of Google Assistant and OK Google, you can take control and get things done using only the sound of your voice. Play music, ask for the answer to a question or control compatible devices simply by speaking. You can answer a call, set reminders or switch your phone’s settings, freeing up your hands and time to get more out of your day.


Innovative features

The Pixel 3 was made by Google. So, of course, it makes use of cutting-edge technology and AI to bring you cool and useful tools. The Call Screening feature uses Google Assistant to shield you from scam calls. Split Screen lets you use more than one app simultaneously, while Digital Wellbeing helps you maintain a healthy and balanced relationship with your device and apps.


Excellent camera and photography 

High-quality cameras and the ability to take stunning photos have always been two of the main selling points of Google’s Pixel phones. If you love to take selfies, group shots, nature photos and other pics – and maybe post them on Instagram or Facebook – it’s a terrific idea to buy a Google Pixel phone online.

The Google Pixel 3 includes a number of useful photography features. Dual front cameras (including one wide-angle camera) take your selfies to the next level. Top Shot recommends the best moment to snap the pic, while Night Sight brings out the details in the dark.


Quick charge and good battery 

With its USB-C charger, the Google Pixel 3 has a battery that’s fairly quick to charge and lasts a decent amount of time. The adaptive battery adjusts to how you use your phone over time and limits your battery for apps you don’t use very often.  


Highly affordable

For a phone made by such a world-famous tech company, Google Pixel phones are surprisingly affordable. Sometimes you can find one for hundreds of dollars cheaper than an iPhone, or Samsung phone would cost, yet they definitely give these brands a run for their money. Buying a Google Pixel secondhand is even cheaper, and a refurbished Google Pixel is an even better deal.

 google pixel 3 secondhand1

Cons of Google Pixel 3


No updates

Google stopped its official support for the Pixel 3 in October 2021, and the model got its last update in February 2022. The lack of new software and security updates means your device will stay at the same security level forever and won’t receive any upgrades to the system. You’ll stop receiving updates to the apps you use, and new apps you want to download may not work on the system.


Limited availability 

Due to being discontinued, the Google Pixel 3 is hard to get. This lack of availability may make it a more accessible option to just go with a cheaper model. You’ll never find a Google Pixel 3 phone brand new. However, by buying a refurbished phone, you can pick up a version that’s pretty close to as good as new, complete with a warranty.


Only 4GB of RAM

The Google Pixel 3 only comes with 4GB of RAM, no storage options bigger than 128GB and absolutely no possibility of increasing the capacity. 4GB is the minimum ram for a mobile device these days, and it’s fine for many users. However, if you want to download games or other large files, you may lack sufficient space.


No headphone jack

How can you listen to music or podcasts through headphones using the Google Pixel 3? The answer is you can’t unless it’s with a Bluetooth headset or special adapter. The Google Pixel 3 lacks a built-in headphone jack, which may be a drawback if you also like to use your smartphone as an audio listening device. Fortunately, all Pixel phones are compatible with Bluetooth-enabled headphones.


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