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Apple users love the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Some have even described it as Apple’s best phone! It’s been praised for its long battery life, brightly lit screen display and triple camera action for stunning photographs. 

Yet when iPhone 12 hit the stores, Apple discontinued the iPhone 11 Pro Max. So you can’t get one anymore, right?

Actually, you can. Thanks to the magic of refurbished phones, you can now find an iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand for a lot less than you would have paid for a brand new one!

As newer model iPhones continue to emerge and Apple fans hang out for the release of the iPhone 14, iPhone 15 and beyond, more and more people will be trading in their older models – including the 11 Pro Max – to be resold as second-hand iPhones. 

But you don’t want to buy your refurbished phone from some random person on the internet or from a website or online marketplace whose reputation is dubious. You want to buy it from a trustworthy, reliable, professional retailer who will ensure that you get what you paid for and that it’s covered under warranty. 

OzMobiles have plenty of refurbished iPhones for sale, including the iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand. You’ll be able to take exceptional quality pictures thanks to the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s triple camera system. These three state-of-the-art cameras – main, telephoto and ultra-wide – each come with different focal lengths. With the Pro’s battery life running for up to 14 hours on one charge, you can be a busy person on the go without worrying about how you’ll get through the day if you forget your charger.

Pick up an iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand and see why it was the first iPhone that Apple thought was worthy of being called “pro”!  


Benefits of Refurbished iPhones

When you need a new phone, making your local shopping mall your first port of call is common. 

Like many people, you might not even have heard of refurbished phones or know what goes into the process behind them. Refurbished iPhones and Androids aren’t quite the same as second-hand iPhones and Androids, although they both share the common ground of having had previous owners. 

While you can buy second-hand iPhones anywhere from the Internet to garage sales, refurbished iPhones have been repaired and restored by professionals to a condition that’s as good as new or as close to it as possible. Their benefits include:

Good for your pocket

Buying second-hand phones and refurbished iPhones for sale means keeping more cash in your purse, wallet or bank account. You can snatch up a great deal on a refurbished phone at a far more affordable rate than you’d fork out for something new, and you don’t have to compromise on quality or style. Take the refurbished route, and you can choose from a broader range than just older models too. 

We have refurbished phones of all ages, makes, models and price points, from your classic iPhone 7s, still in excellent condition, to your iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand models and more.

OzMobiles don’t just sell second-hand iPhones either. We also offer huge savings on phones that have never had previous owners but have still been taken out of their boxes at some stage, i.e. ex-demo phones used in showrooms. These phones are as good as new but have been on display, allowing us to sell them for cheaper.

Benefits of Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max

Good for the planet

Around the world, more than 150 million phones are thrown away yearly. Discarded smartphones make up about 10% of all e-waste (electronic waste), the landfill created by all the electronic devices people have tossed aside. E-waste can cause huge environmental and health problems due to chemicals like arsenic and lead seeping into our soil and water. In Australia alone, millions of devices like smartphones and computers are thrown away yearly.

Purchasing refurbished phones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand means one less device at the tip and one less that needs to be made in a factory. It’s an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and fight the scourge of e-waste in your own small way.

Plus, 100% of our packaging is made from recyclable material. More benefits for the planet!

Good for you

Did we mention you can get a fantastic deal with none of the risks you might usually associate with buying a smartphone from a stranger online? 

We’re so keen on you getting a high-quality product at exceptionally low prices that if you’ve found a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat it by $10 (conditions apply). All of our devices come with a 12-month warranty that includes battery performance issues, plus free and fast shipping and a 30-day refund policy for your peace of mind.

Plus, if paying for your new phone all at once is too pricy, we offer the chance to pay in instalments with services like ZipPay and PayPal.

How we Refurbish Our iPhones

How we Refurbish Our iPhones

First, we offer cash for your second-hand devices. Got a phone you no longer want? Send it in and receive cash within 24 hours!

We make sure all the phones we sell are as close to “good as new” as possible. We remove any information or data from previous owners, restore factory settings, check the vital components like the batteries and repair any physical damage.

Our phones must meet high Australian standards before they go up on our site, including at least 80% battery health. Our 72-point functional check and clean performed at our Melbourne headquarters ensure our phones are clean, reliable and in reliable enough working order to go up for sale on our site. None of our phones are sold unless they’re 100% fully functional and in line with Australian requirements.

Get an iPhone 11 Pro Max at OzMobiles

There are many places to go hunting for an iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand, from used electronic goods stores to online marketplaces. But if you want a Pro Max in excellent condition that works like new and is covered by a warranty, OzMobiles is the place to go! 

We have not only iPhone 11 Pro Max for sale but a massive selection of other refurbished iPhones for sale too!

We offer a completely functional, checked and cleaned iPhone 11 Pro Max sent to your address within 2-3 business days. It has a regular warranty covering all possible issues for 12 months, and you can pay in instalments if you need to. The device comes with its own box (original packaging if available) and a USB charging and sync cable so you can have everything you need to use, charge, and troubleshoot its features if you need to.

Contact us to learn more about our phones and get your iPhone 11 Pro Max second-hand