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Are you looking for a streamlined phone that contains all the essentials, such as a great camera and long battery life, without a bunch of extra features you’ll never use? Want a 5G-enabled Android phone that costs hundreds of dollars less than you’d expect to pay for the level of quality it possesses? The Google Pixel 5 might just be the phone for you.

The Pixel 5 turns simplicity into an art form and mixes it with a strong sense of style. Available in two uncomplicated yet elegant colours – Just Black and Sorta Sage - it focuses on the fundamentals that Android users appreciate rather than extra bells and whistles. Although it was favourably reviewed upon its release in 2020, Google has since discontinued the Pixel 5. The only way to buy a used Pixel 5 is to hunt for secondhand phones.

Luckily you can buy a used Pixel 5 through OzMobiles for less than half its original $999 retail price, saving you hundreds of dollars.

OzMobiles specialise in refurbished devices: second hand phones, laptops and tablets that we’ve checked and repaired if necessary. We make sure all of our smartphones meet high standards before we put them up for re-sale, and we sell them with warranties so that you're covered in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

Buying refurbished phones is an excellent way to avoid the risks of buying used phones. You know you’re guaranteed good quality and covered for any faults, including manufacturing and battery life. A refurbished phone is often in just as good a condition as a store-bought one, apart from the odd chip or dent here or there.

So why should you buy a used Pixel 5 when there are endless other options on the second-hand smartphone market? This article explores the answer to that question and why the question of where to buy them is so important.


What Are Google Pixel Phones?

Google is a company that needs no introduction. Chances are, you use it whenever you search for something on the Internet. But the search engine giant is also an avid smartphone manufacturer and specialises in Android-based smartphones that offer a cheaper alternative to other brands on the market. The range of Google Pixel products available is huge!

Google was already super-successful before they decided to branch into smartphones, and their very first smartphone line wasn’t Pixel but Nexus, introduced in 2010. Other original equipment manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei and HTC carried out the manufacturing (and some of the development) for these devices.

Google’s first completely in-house Android smartphones began in 2016 with the Pixel and the Pixel XL. These phones were noteworthy for being the first smartphones to offer Google Assistant’s services. Since then, the company – much like other smartphone manufacturers – has released a new device or two every year.

Pixel phones are popular with Android lovers for reasons like high-quality cameras and software and security updates straight from Google. Their affordability also gives them an advantage in a marketplace where new flagship phones cost a fair chunk of money.


Pixel 5

Man holding sage green Google Pixel 5 phone

So what about the Pixel 5? Google’s first 5G-enable Pixel phone ditched some of the Pixel 4’s more unique functions, like 3D Face Unlock, to cut costs. This allowed Google to sell it cheaper than the Pixel 4 while offering a larger battery. This, in turn, made the Pixel 5 a more affordable option than other flagship phones, and it’s one with a major focus on camera quality.


Along with 5G and a generously-sized six-inch screen, the Google Pixel 5 – despite its simplicity – has its share of cool new features. With the Hold For Me feature, Google Assistant takes over waiting in line for you so you can go about your day instead of having to wait around with your phone on speaker. The Battery Sharing Wireless Charging function lets you charge the battery in another device just by resting it on the back of your Pixel 5. In-built Smart Device Controls allow you to operate the smart devices in your house using your phone’s controls.

The Pixel 5’s dual-camera system is one of its finest features. There’s the 12.2-megapixel lens which is common on Pixel phones and a 16MP ultra-wide lens. The result is sharp, clear photos with good lighting and high gradation.


There’s a lot that reviewers liked about Google’s Pixel 5. A well-made phone with a compact design takes excellent photos, including in the dark. Its 90Hz screen allows you to line up the perfect shot, and its IP68 water and dust resistance mean spills, while they should obviously still be avoided, don’t have to be that serious.

Like other Google Pixel phones, it offers the flagship Android experience at a lower price than similar models. When you buy a used Pixel 5, you can save even more cash.


Buy a Pixel 5 at OzMobiles

Black Google Pixel 5

Shopping for second hand phones can feel like an uncertain experience. Even if you easily find what you need online, how can you trust the seller? How can you tell if it will work how it’s supposed to? One of the best solutions is to focus your attention on refurbished phones.

Refurbished phones benefit you, your budget and the planet. Of course, you can score a cheaper deal than you’d get if you bought new and potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars. Refurbished phones also come with warranties, unlike many other types of used phones. Refurbished retailers have reputations to protect, unlike many Internet strangers, and want to ensure you end up with a quality product in your hands. If you’ve read about the environmental damage involved in producing endless new smartphones and their role in the issue of e-waste, you’ll know that refurbished phones are better for the environment too.

Whether you want to buy a used Pixel 5 or a different refurbished phone entirely, OzMobiles is one of the most reliable sellers you’re likely to come across.

Based in Melbourne, we’re an Australian-owned and operated company that thoroughly tests all of our devices to ensure they’re 100% functional and in line with Australian standards. With our 72-point checking process, we ensure your device is functioning with at least 80% of its battery health.

We want your device to get to you quickly, and we want it to be cheap, which is why our service includes free and fast shipping. On top of that, you get free express post which takes up only 1-2 business days of delivery time. Need your new smartphone really soon? If you order before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we ship it out on the same day.

Affordability is such a priority for us that if you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). If you’re on a tight budget but have your eye firmly on a new smartphone, you can pay in instalments through AfterPay, ZipPay and PayPal Pay in 4.

For more information about our refurbished phone range and used Pixel phones, get in touch with OzMobiles!

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