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The Samsung Note 20 Ultra more than lives up to its name with a stunning screen display, a camera set-up that captures an incredible amount of detail, and a swift and precise stylus pen. Reviewers have called it one of Samsung’s best phones. But like all hotly anticipated flagship smartphones, it carried a high price tag when it was first released in 2020.

Now, you can buy one second-hand and save more than $800.

In fact, that may be your only way to own one. Samsung has discontinued its Note series to focus on its Ultra line and foldable phones, and the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are the last in the line-up to be produced. While both are above-average phones, there are significant differences between the regular Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra: a larger screen, higher resolution, ultra-tough Gorilla Glass, and a higher-megapixel camera. If you’ve always wanted to own a Note, now you can – for a fraction of the price it once cost to buy new.

So what is a Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s second hand price? And how much money can you save?

OzMobiles is the site to go shopping for used Samsung phones. Whether you’re looking for a Samsung Note 20, Note 20 Ultra or another Samsung Galaxy model, we make sure you get the level of quality you’d expect from a brand-new phone, plus a warranty you can trust.

So what is the Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s second hand price, plus its benefits? This article explains that in a little more detail because there are good reasons to pay attention to both.


What is the Samsung Note 20 Ultra?

The Note 20 Ultra was Samsung’s premium device for 2020 and remains the final device in the company’s Note series, a series popular for its bigger screens and stylus pens. At a time when smaller sizes were the norm on the smartphone market, the Note made a name for itself as a “phablet” that came with its own stylus and pushed the boundaries of tech innovation. The Note focused on camera quality and video output capability back in 2011, producing smartphones that quickly became bestsellers.



What does the Samsung Note 20 Ultra include that makes it worthwhile? Some of its finest features are:

A trio of capable cameras

The Note 20 Ultra packs three impressive rear cameras: a 12MP Ultra Wide camera, a 108MP Wide Angle Camera and a 12MP Telephoto camera. In addition, there’s a 10MP selfie camera on the front of the device. The 12MP lens delivers a 50x Super Resolution zoom to capture more of the world around you in clear, sharp detail.

An S Pen

The device’s built-in stylus pen has an authentic “pen and paper” feel with a 9ms response time. This S Pen provides a smooth and intuitive writing experience and lets you activate shortcuts by drawing certain symbols or use an Auto Straighten feature to make messy handwriting more readable. The audio bookmark lecture lets you record a speech or presentation while taking notes. Later you can click on a particular word and playback the audio you recorded at the time.  

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is just about the toughest form of glass you’re likely to find on a smartphone. It’s a lightweight material that helps guarantee that even though your screen may be thin, it’s ultra-strong and will survive bumps and falls that would shatter a weaker glass brand.



Advantages of buying a Samsung Note 20 Ultra second hand include:

Excellent display and resolution

The Note 20 Ultra includes a generously-sized screen with a 6.9-inch display and a 120Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate means that gaming and regular old scrolling are smooth and easy experiences.

High performance

Powered by the Snapdragon 865+, the phone (including its camera) performs fast and consistently. Its performance level is perfect for activities like gaming and streaming, which require ongoing power you can rely on.

Excellent camera quality and scope

The cameras on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra let you capture the bigger picture in clearer, more defined detail.   

All-day battery life

The Note 20 Ultra has a battery life of about ten and a half hours. While not the longest battery life of any smartphone on the market, it’s definitely a respectable length of time that can last the entire day while you’re out at work, uni or socialising.



Some of the less popular traits of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra include:

  • A large “camera bump.”
  • After a lot of heavy use of the processor, the phone gets warm – although not too hot to hold.
  • The battery life, while respectable, is still not as long as some smartphone batteries – and not everyone finds it convenient.
  • The large size and curved display aren’t to everybody’s taste.


Price of Samsung Note 20 Ultra Second Hand

Like all used Samsung phones, the cost of a second-hand Samsung Note 20 Ultra depends on where you shop. Price isn’t the only important factor. Scoring the cheapest deal is meaningless if the phone you buy does not work properly or isn’t covered under warranty.

Buying refurbished Samsung phones means you don’t have to concern yourself with any of these potential problems. Our phones are thoroughly tested for quality, guaranteeing you get what you paid for. Not only that, you’ll be able to hold onto substantial savings.

So what is the Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s second hand price? Through OzMobiles, you can score a refurbished Samsung Note 20 Ultra for $979, marked down from $1,849.  That’s a saving of more than $800!


Benefits of Second Hand Phones

Wondering why you should shop second-hand instead of heading to your closest retail outlet? The benefits of buying used Samsung phones (or any other type of used smartphone) through OzMobiles include:

It’s better for your bank balance

By now, the evidence should be pretty clear that you can save big when you buy refurbished. Sometimes even close to a grand! Refurbished phones give you a similar quality product to what you’d buy brand new - except for maybe a few dents or chips - while having a far smaller impact on your savings or budget.

It’s better for the planet

You may have heard about e-waste, the fastest-growing garbage in the world’s landfills. E-waste is responsible for toxic chemicals like mercury and leads to seeping into natural resources and affecting the ecosystem and human health. Australians alone generate 140,000+ tonnes of e-waste a year, and 10% of that comes from mobile phones alone. When you buy refurbished, you help fight the growing tide of electronic waste and cut back on your carbon emissions while you’re at it.

It’s better for YOU

What about the risk involved with buying a second-hand smartphone? As you’ll see from the next section, it’s a non-issue when you shop with OzMobiles. Our devices are quality-tested and sold under warranty, so they’re much more trustworthy than a phone purchased from a private seller through any old online marketplace.


Buy Samsung Note 20 Ultra at OzMobiles

Are you happy with the Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s second hand price and ready to test out its benefits for yourself? The easiest way to find great deals on Samsung Note 20 Ultras and other used Samsung phones is to do your shopping through OzMobiles.

An Australian-owned and operated company, we test all of our devices at our Melbourne headquarters. Using a 72-point checking process, we ensure each device is fully functional and includes a battery life of at least 80%. We then sell all devices with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So in the unlikely scenario that anything goes wrong, you’re still covered.

We want you to get your device quickly and to get it for less than you’d find from other retailers. We offer free and fast shipping and payment plans so that you can pay in instalments through third-party providers like ZipPay and AfterPay. If you find a better deal elsewhere online for the same device, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

For more information about the Samsung Note 20 Ultra’s second hand price and features, as well as our other refurbished Samsung phones, contact OzMobiles!

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