What Makes The Refurbished Galaxy A Series So Popular?

Choosing a more affordable phone doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. Samsung is the biggest smartphone brand in the world, and the company’s premium S range models impress reviewers and sell millions. Yet Samsung has three ranges of Galaxy smartphones, and all of them are popular. If you’re an Android fan looking for the right second-hand smartphone, it’s time to factor a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A series into your comparison.

The A series is Samsung Galaxy’s most affordable range. It’s one of the brand’s main three lines, along with the flagship S series and the fashionably foldable Z range. First launched in 2014, with the ‘A’ standing for ‘Alpha’, the A series now consists of over 60 mid-range smartphones.

Samsung’s Galaxy A series is more than a cost-effective alternative. These smartphones strike a balance between being reliable enough to count on for years, innovative enough to take advantage of new tech developments, and affordable – especially when you buy refurbished ones.  

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy A series, in comparison with the rest of the Samsung range, still has all the qualities to satisfy most smartphone users. Newer models come with 5G, the A53 and A33 are both made for superb streaming and gaming and a second-hand Samsung A71 has excellent features for a lower price.

Samsung has never been short of quality smartphone options, and shopping for refurbished phones opens up even more possibilities, including a second-hand Samsung A71 with hundreds of dollars in savings.

The Features of the Galaxy A Series

Putting the price aside, what makes Samsung’s budget-friendly smartphone series popular? From Samsung’s A series, you can expect:

Quality design

Samsung makes the look and feel of these smartphones a priority, often drawing upon the company’s flagship models for a sense of style. For example, the A53 and A73 models of 2022 carried over design concepts from the S range with some subtle differences, such as camera modules protruding straight from the chassis.

Excellent cameras

Samsung has never compromised on camera quality, and the brand’s A series is perfect for budget-conscious photography lovers. The Galaxy A54 has four brilliant cameras, including a 50MP rear main camera with Optical Image Stabilisation that captures images in brilliant detail. The 32MP front camera lets you look your best in selfies, while the 12MP ultra-wide camera captures the great outdoors at its best. A second-hand Samsung A71 comes with a super-clear, high-resolution 50MP rear camera that captures both close-ups and vistas in great detail.

Long battery lives

Just about every smartphone user values a long battery life, and Samsung doesn’t neglect this very important piece of the big picture. Samsung’s A series smartphones have long enough battery lives to please avid gamers, streamers and video watchers as well as your average smartphone user. A new or second-hand Samsung A71, for example, lasts up to 17 hours when playing videos and boasts an overall endurance rating of 102 hours.

High-resolution displays

Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology lets you take great photos, edit documents and pictures, and take notes on a bright and clear screen. Recent Samsung A series smartphones like the Galaxy A15 5G and the Galaxy A25 5G have 6.5-inch screens with 1080 x 2408 pixel resolutions, so your photos, videos, and documents will always look their best.

Software updates

Samsung is dedicated to extending its software support policies to all its devices, including the A series. Recent A series smartphone models come with the promise of four-year updates included, and many refurbished A series smartphones are from the latest model range.

A black Samsung Galaxy phone with a white case facedown on a wooden table.

With over 60 types of Samsung A series smartphones on the market, there’s a lot to consider when you’re phone shopping. But if you need a quick comparison of refurbished Samsung Galaxy A series phones, here are a few of the biggest sellers:

The Samsung Galaxy A51

The A51 offers a Samsung Galaxy smartphone without the S20 price tag, and it has all the specs you need for a satisfying smartphone experience. It has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display, an Exynos 9611 Octa-core processor, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and ample storage.

The Samsung Galaxy A52

Slick gaming, easy sharing and fast downloading are just a few of the qualities that 2021’s Samsung Galaxy A52 can provide. This fast, 5G-friendly camera has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, the might of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor and a quad-camera set-up with a 64MP main sensor. It also has IP67 dust and water resistance and stereo speakers.

The Samsung Galaxy A71

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is a well-performing all-rounder. It is durable and easy to connect, with a high camera quality. It also has extra storage, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display.

Why Buy a Galaxy A Series Phone Refurbished? 

If Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones are already affordable, why buy them refurbished? There are several reasons to take a refurbished Samsung Galaxy A series into comparison when second-hand smartphone shopping. The biggest benefits include:

Superior quality

A refurbished smartphone isn’t a regular second-hand smartphone. Most refurbished smartphones have been put through strict testing processes before being put on the resale market, with vital parts and components repaired and replaced. Some, known as ‘ex-demo’ phones, have only been unboxed to be put on display in shops.

Better bargains

By buying a refurbished Samsung A series smartphone, you save more money and get Samsung Galaxy quality for as little as a few hundred bucks.


Unlike many of the second-hand smartphones you’ll pick up in private sales, refurbished smartphones come with warranties to cover you if anything goes wrong. Through a trustworthy retailer, there’s no danger of throwing your money down the drain. Your purchase is protected.

Better for the environment

Smartphones are one of the main contributors to e-waste (electronic waste), the quickest-growing form of waste in the world. E-waste is the cause of 70% of the toxic chemicals found in landfills, yet billions of smartphones are still discarded every year. Refurbished smartphone shopping means one less phone that gets thrown away and one less to be manufactured.  

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A Samsung Galaxy A51 in light blue next to its box.

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