What Is Special About the Galaxy S24 Camera?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 comes with all the usual perks that make Samsung Galaxy smartphones the top choice for Android lovers: a long battery life, a slick compact design, and a clear and bright display.  Released in January 2024, its combination of value for money and innovative use of AI was enough to convert some former Samsung sceptics into fans while continuing to satisfy long-term Galaxy users. These AI features are available on every phone in the Galaxy S24 line-up, which includes the standard Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. While it’s still early days for the S24, second-hand versions of this model have already arrived on the refurbished market, and its release has made second-hand Samsungs that are only a year or two older suddenly more affordable.  

Much of the publicity around the Samsung Galaxy S24 has focused on its camera. At only a few months into 2024, this Android model is already regarded as one of the year’s best camera phones after being taken on a test ride through the stratosphere.  

Samsung attached four Galaxy S24s to stratospheric balloons and sent them 120,000 feet above the Earth. The cameras on these smartphones captured the details of the Earth in sharp focus, in contrast to the darkness of space.

How does a refurbished Galaxy S24 camera compare? How do the S24 Ultra's cameras compare to the S23 Ultra’s, and what benefits do you get from buying the S24 refurbished?

OzMobiles answers all these questions and more in this guide to the Samsung Galaxy S24's special camera features.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Camera Features

An image taken from the stratosphere showing the Earth's curvature.

While the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the top camera phone in the S24 line-up, the camera quality of each Galaxy S24 model is high. A trip to space to photograph the Earth’s curvature may not be on the cards for you, but this smartphone range will still let you capture beautiful, detailed images of the everyday scenery around you.

A lot of the praise the S24 series has received comes from its use of artificial intelligence for smarter editing and remastering. When you pick up a new or refurbished Galaxy S24, the camera features you get include:

ProVisual AI Engine: The ProVisual AI Engine is a suite of tools that takes the S24’s photographic capabilities to the next level. It works by enhancing several key areas of photography, including night vision, zoom quality, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and more. From setting up an important shot to sharing it with your followers on social media, this feature makes the whole process easier.

Additional cameras: The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra packs four rear cameras, including two dedicated to zooming and one with a 200-megapixel sensor. The Ultra also comes with Samsung’s most powerful Quad Tele zoom so far: the Tele OIS. This ultra-wide zoom lens stabilises the shot for a clearer view when you zero in.  

Generative Edit: Samsung’s answer to Google’s Magic Editor feature, Generative Edit, lets you pull out a range of tricks to enhance the look of your photo. Generative Edit enables you to resize, remove, reposition or expand objects in the shot, making photo editing a piece of cake. It can even fill in the areas of the photo that go beyond the frame, removing the need to crop.

Unbeatable resolution: The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has the highest resolution of any camera across the entire Galaxy range. The 200MP main camera captures the world around you in sharp and stunning clarity.   

Galaxy S24 Camera Vs Galaxy S23 Camera 

If you’re a dedicated Samsung user, you might be wondering if you should upgrade to the Galaxy S24 from the S23 or whether you should purchase an S24 when the relatively recent S23 is cheaper. Here’s the lowdown on the difference between them, including a comparison of the S24 Ultra's cameras vs. the S23 Ultra’s.  

While both smartphones have high-quality camera setups, the S24’s camera is a departure from its predecessor in a number of ways. There’s a bigger screen, a faster chip and some noticeable tweaks to the design. Unlike the slightly curved S23, the Samsung Galaxy S24 has a flat design. While the S23 came with a 6.1-inch screen, the S24 has a slightly bigger and brighter one at 6.17 inches.


Of course, there are similar specs between them, too. Both have a 50MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide camera, a 10MP 3X zoom and a 10MP selfie camera. While both also have ultrasonic fingerprint readers, the Galaxy S24 has a faster one. Although the Galaxy S23 has a traditional zoom, the zoom function on the Samsung Galaxy S24, like the rest of the phone’s camera features, is infused with cutting-edge AI.

Compared to the S23 Ultra, the S24 Ultra’s camera has a stronger sense of contrast and warmer, bolder colours. While both have mighty 200MP main cameras, the Galaxy S24 Ultra definitely has an edge thanks to its AI capabilities.

While both of these smartphone models will please Samsung fans and budding photographers, a refurbished Galaxy S24’s camera is well worth the upgrade if you want your shots to look their best.

Why Buy The Samsung Galaxy S24 Refurbished?

A hand holding a Samsung smartphone with the camera app open, focusing on a traditional camera, tea and book.

Like most flagship Android smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is good value but not cheap. So, what are the benefits of buying a refurbished version?

While second-hand smartphones can be a lucky dip in terms of quality, a refurbished smartphone is a much more secure purchase. Refurbished smartphones have been checked, tested and repaired by experienced technicians who make sure everything about them still works, from the battery to the touchscreen. The top benefits of buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S24 include:

Savings of hundreds of dollars

Second-hand shopping is all about getting a good deal for less, but few deals compare to the value for money you get when you buy refurbished. As long as your retailer is professional-quality, you can score a fully functioning phone for hundreds of dollars less than the recommended retail price. Keep an eye out for sales, and you can even find yourself saving over a grand.


A regular second-hand phone may not come with a warranty, but a decent refurb always will. If you want the security of knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong (but still only want to pay second-hand prices), refurbished is the only way.

Unlocked phones

Buy refurbished, and you don’t have to worry about serving out the rest of a contract with any particular phone carrier. Refurbished phones come unlocked. Just insert your SIM card, and you’re good to go.

Benefits for the environment

Buying refurbished is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the planet just a little. Billions of mobile phones end up in landfills every year, while big brands use more of the planet’s resources to release multiple new smartphones per year. A refurbished phone is a step in the direction of a circular economy and a more sustainable approach.

Buy a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S24 at OzMobiles

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