what is a good mobile phone to buy?

What is a Good Mobile Phone to Buy?

Is it time to buy a new smartphone? Maybe your phone has kicked the bucket, and it’s just the right time for a change. But with so many different kinds of smartphones on the market, one question you may want to be answered before you pull your credit card out is, “what is a good mobile phone to buy?”

There’s no one answer to that question. There are many high-quality smartphones on the market from different brands at different price points. What is the best mobile phone to buy? It depends on what you use it for the most, what features are absolutely essential for you, and how much cash is in your budget. There are many options, but if you’re serious about saving money without compromising quality, refurbished smartphones are one of the best.

Refurbished smartphones are second-hand phones that have been thoroughly tested and repaired, if necessary, before being re-sold. The quality is usually excellent, and they’re sold with a warranty if you buy them through the right retailer. But when you can buy refurbished versions of just about every brand of smartphone on the market these days, there’s still the all-important question of what is a good mobile phone to buy.

To help you make a decision, OzMobiles have broken it down into the following factors and looked at some of the bigger smartphone brands on the market and what makes them popular.


The Budget

How much are you willing to spend? Are you looking for a flasher model of the flagship phone that you can whip out while impressing people at social events? Or is saving money a larger priority? 

Most big-name smartphone brands have phones at all price points, from the latest and most upmarket releases to budget phones for the budget-conscious. From the brands below, budget phones still tend to be high-quality, although sometimes a little more limited in features or lacking the pizzazz of the latest models.


The Features

When answering the question “what’s a good mobile phone to buy?” one of the most important considerations is, does it have the features you want? 

Sure, calls and texts are important, but what more do you want from a smartphone? Do you want to be able to take stunning photos? Play tonnes of games? Is storage a priority, or are you focused on security? You don’t necessarily have to choose one feature at the expense of another. Most great smartphones focus on them all. However, some are better than others regarding features like cameras or storage capabilities.

 what is a good mobile phone to buy

Refurbished Phones

Refurbished smartphones are a way to take your pick from various high-quality smartphones without splashing out and spending a fortune. These pre-owned phones have been thoroughly checked for quality, repaired if necessary, and function perfectly well. Sometimes they’re in good as new condition or pretty close to it.

Refurbished phones are a great deal for you, your bank balance and the planet. When you buy refurbished, you get a guarantee of quality (plus a warranty) that you don’t necessarily get when you buy second-hand from a stranger. 

Refurbished phones usually run just as well as new phones, giving you the same quality product for hundreds of dollars less. They’re also excellent for the environment, meaning one less phone that ends up at the tip and contributes to the growing and destructive e-waste problem. What is the best mobile phone to buy? A refurbished one!


Best Mobile Phone to Buy

“What is a good mobile phone to buy?” is a question with several different answers. If you’re looking for a very high-quality brand, here are six of the most popular smartphone providers.



Apple’s iPhone is renowned for its tech innovation, sleek design, user-friendly interface and easy connectivity with other Apple products. An iPhone is fast, secure, works great with a Mac computer, and supports many cool apps and features. But if the price of a brand new flagship iPhone puts you off, buying a refurbished iPhone is an excellent way to reap the benefits for less.



Samsung is the most popular Android brand, and their innovative Samsung Galaxy phone is the main competitor to Apple’s iPhone range. Samsung smartphones are a popular choice for their state-of-the-art hardware and features, long battery lives, and excellent picture quality and resolution. Although many of their flagship model phones are expensive, they also make reliable budget phones for those with little to spend.


What is a Good Mobile Phone to Buy?


Google Pixel is the search engine company’s in-house brand, and it’s as useful, reliable and innovative as any tech you’d expect from Google. Pixel phones have the advantages of Google’s unique Tensor chip, AI and smart technology-infused photography and features, and strong protection that keeps you safe from spam calls and dodgy links. No matter what budget you’re working with, a Pixel is a strong choice of smartphone.



Oppo makes phones for Android lovers who enjoy speed and quality: fast performance, fast charging times and high standard photography. With their own Android-based operating system, ColorOS, even Oppo’s budget phones offer excellent features and a high level of performance. Oppo phones also tend to be highly affordable, with their budget phones packing a lot of punch for very little cash.  



Sony Xperia phones certainly fulfil your expectations of smartphones bearing the Sony brand. Like the world-famous tech company’s other products, they boast excellent quality in aspects like photography, video and audio. Sony phones are secure and water/dust resistant, with high-grade cameras and above-average battery life. Sony smartphones tend to be affordable. But like most smartphone companies, they make quality phones for all price points.



Huawei is the third biggest smartphone company in the world and easily matches Apple and Samsung in terms of quality. Bonus: their smartphones tend to be a lot more affordable. Huawei has its own operating system, HarmonyOS, which connects smoothly with smart devices and has its own app store. Benefits of Huawei phones include fast charging, terrific cameras and some smartphone models with innovative folding designs.


Where to get Refurbished Smartphones

What is the best mobile phone to buy? A refurbished smartphone! And the best place to find a refurbished smartphone is on the OzMobiles website.

To make sure they comply with Australian standards, OzMobiles refurbished phones are rigorously tested to make sure they comply with Australian standards. 

All devices sold through our website are 100% fully functional (including at least 80% battery health) and sold with a 12-month warranty that includes manufacturing and battery faults. Any issues? There’s a free 30-day refund policy.

At OzMobiles, we don’t want the fact you’re on a tight budget to limit you from picking up the smartphone you’d prefer. That’s why we allow you to pay in instalments through PayPal, ZipPay or AfterPay. If you spot a better deal somewhere else, we’ll beat that price by $10, although terms and conditions apply.

Have some questions for us or just want some additional opinions on what’s a good mobile phone to buy? Get in touch with OzMobiles!