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Sometimes just asking the right question can lead you to something great. If you’re wondering, “should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?” you’re already on the way to making a wise choice. There are plenty of benefits to buying a Samsung phone and many benefits to buying a refurbished phone. If you like Android, you can’t go wrong with a combination of both.

Samsung is one of the world’s oldest mobile phone manufacturers, and their popular Galaxy smartphones are at the top level of Android phones. Loved by consumers for their screen resolutions, impressive photo capabilities and cutting-edge tech, these phones are Apple’s main competition in the smartphone world. They’re also very easy to use: one significant benefit for busy people with more pressing things to do than learning an entire operating system from scratch (and that’s most of us!).

Like all top-of-the-line phones, Samsung’s flagship phones can take a huge bite out of your budget. For that reason, used smartphones are always popular, but how do you know you’re buying from a seller you can trust? What if you purchase a phone that’s faulty with no warranty? Refurbished smartphones offer a solution to those concerns.

A refurbished smartphone is a second-hand phone that professionals like OzMobiles have prepared for resale. OzMobiles wipe all info and images from the previous owner, conducts repairs and replaces parts if necessary, tests the quality of the phone before putting it on sale and sells it with a warranty. Although refurbished phones may still have a few chips or scratches, they should function as good as new ones and last you for a long time to come. The benefits of a refurbished phone are clear: it’s cheaper than buying a brand-new phone and better for the environment. A better deal overall.

Whether you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished, a Galaxy S9+, a Note 10+ or any other model of Galaxy smartphone, OzMobiles can help! We’ll help you answer the question, “should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?” and then give you some suggestions to start with.

Samsung Refurbished Camera Portrait Mode


Benefits of Samsung Phones 

So what makes Samsung Galaxy phones so highly sought after? The reasons they’re considered top-quality smartphones include

Picture quality

Samsung Galaxy phones come equipped with wide-angle cameras that capture images at an exceptional standard of quality.


Samsung Galaxy phones have cool functions and features that allow you to get around using basic gestures, open two apps at once in split screen mode, and use your phone with one hand.

Large, high-resolution screens

Samsung Galaxy screens are not only generously sized but also high resolution, with clarity and depth of colour.

Leading-edge hardware

Samsung Galaxy phones are always up-to-date with the most recent innovations in hardware, making for impressive speed and power.

Fast charge

Always a plus when it comes to any smartphone; Samsung Galaxy phones are quick to charge so that you can get on with your day.

Water and dust resistant

Spilling a bit of water on your Samsung phone or dropping it in some dust won’t harm it. These phones are well protected from the elements, so you can enjoy all their amazing features without worrying about replacing your phone after one little mishap.

These are just a few of the benefits of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you’ve decided it’s the style of phone for you, your next question may be, “should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?”. The answer to that question is a strong “yes”, as you’ll see in the next section.

Benefits of Refurbished Samsung Phones 

If you’ve decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy phone, there are some very good reasons why a refurbished Galaxy is the best option.

You can pick up the same kind of phones you’d find in a department store for a far lower price, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. When shopping for used smartphones, you may assume all you’ll find is older models. 

But that’s not the case with refurbished smartphones and certainly not the case with OzMobiles! With newer models of phones hitting the shelves regularly and many people wanting to trade up what they have, we have new stock – sometimes brand new – arriving all the time. Some of our smartphones are ex-demo phones, so they haven’t even had previous owners. They’ve just been out of their boxes and on display in the shops for a little while.

Buying a refurbished phone isn’t just a fantastic deal for you; it’s also better for the planet. E-waste (electronic waste) is spreading worldwide, and 10% comes from the thousands of mobile phones tossed away each second. The mining and manufacturing of new mobile phones are carbon-intensive and release hazardous chemicals into the ecosystem. Every time you buy a refurbished phone, it keeps a perfectly good phone from being tossed away in a landfill and helps encourage a more sustainable approach.

Black Samsung Refurbished Camera Lenses

Best Refurbished Samsung Phones to Buy 

While there are many refurbished Samsung smartphones in excellent condition, some of the best include

Samsung Galaxy S20

A Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished gives you a powerful flagship phone with a compact design for far less than you’d pay for a new one. It has a high-tech camera with 3X lossless zoom, impressively clear details, 5G capabilities, and a 120Hz refresh rate. If you crave fast, powerful performance and value for money, along with a size that fits nicely in your pocket, a Samsung Galaxy S20 refurbished is the way to go.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

With the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the flagship phone of 2022, the time is right to get your hands on a freshly traded-in Samsung Galaxy S21! With 8K resolution for superb quality photos and videos, the fastest chip any Samsung phone has had so far, and an all-day battery, it still offers a quality smartphone that’s hard to beat!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

The Galaxy Note 10+ looks like a notepad (complete with a stylus) but packs the power of a laptop. It not only allows you to jot down notes and then turn them into text, but it also has incredible download and streaming speeds. And very handily, it has a battery that takes minutes to charge and lasts for hours.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

If you need a phone that’s high in quality and affordability, options don’t get much better than the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Released in 2018, this phone is still a high performer, with an excellent quality camera, display and build.

Where to Buy Refurbished Samsung Phones

“Sounds great, but where should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?” you might ask. If you want the best deal on used smartphones and a guaranteed warranty if anything goes wrong, the answer is OzMobiles.

All OzMobiles’ refurbished phones are thoroughly tested using our 72-point check process to ensure they comply with Australian standards. Part of this is checking that every device’s battery is still at 80% health. All of our devices are 100% fully functional, sold with 12 months of warranty and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’ve found a better deal elsewhere, we can beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). We also make it easier to pay in instalments if you’re on a budget with services like ZipPay and AfterPay.

Check out our full range of refurbished Samsung phones, and you’ll never have to wonder, “where should I buy a refurbished Samsung phone?” again. Samsung phones galore and refurbished phones of many other kinds are waiting for you at OzMobiles! If you need more information, get in touch


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