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The Pixel 5 was Google’s top-of-the-line phone of 2020 and the first phone in its Pixel line to be 5G-compatible. It won fans for its ultra-wide camera, high-quality photo capabilities, simple and attractive display, and battery life. 

Yet Google discontinued the Pixel 5 less than a year after its launch, as the more affordable Pixel 5a hit the shelves and the hype spread for the hotly anticipated Pixel 6. 

The Pixel 5 sold out its run, and no new ones were made. So, is it worth buying a used Google Pixel 5 now?

To answer that question, it’s worth looking into the quality of the phone, the cost, and the condition it’s in. Put all those things together, and you’re likely to find the best way to buy a used Pixel 5 is to get your hands on a refurbished one.

There are many benefits to buying a secondhand phone, but the safest way to ensure you get a good one is to choose a refurbished model. A refurbished phone isn’t quite the same as a regular secondhand phone. A refurbished phone has been thoroughly tested for quality, with repairs and restorations made if necessary, and sold with a warranty.

Want to get your hands on a used Pixel 5 or another secondhand Pixel phone? The safest bet for your bank account and peace of mind is purchasing a refurbished phone through OzMobiles.


Benefits of Refurbished Phones

The benefits of buying a refurbished phone can be loosely grouped into a few main areas. It’s definitely better for your pocket, as you can find refurbished models cheaper than you’d pick up the same new models from a retail shop. Sometimes for a lot cheaper. And if you’re really on a tight budget, OzMobiles make it even easier for you by offering payment plans so you can pay in instalments with methods like PayPal or ZipPay.

One of the biggest benefits is for the environment. E-waste (electronic waste) is a huge problem contributing to climate change and the destruction of the environment and natural resources. About 10% of all that waste is from smartphones, and in 2019 all that smartphone waste was estimated to weigh over 50 million tonnes. With the average number of connected devices in Australian households at 20+ and predicted to rise, buying refurbished helps in a small way to stem the tide of e-waste and support recycling and re-using.

Refurbished phones are in good condition because they have to be tested to meet stringent Australian requirements and repaired if necessary. They are quality assured, come with a warranty and – when you buy them through a website like OzMobiles – are available in a diverse selection of brands and models, all in one place. Whether you’d rather buy used Pixel 5s or shop for other models, OzMobiles has something on the site for everyone!

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Why You Should Buy a Used Google Pixel 5

Some reasons you should consider choosing a used Pixel 5 for your new phone include


A vibrant display

The Google Pixel 5 has a simple yet elegant display with excellent colour accuracy and peak brightness. The 6-inch OLED panel has full HD+ resolution, which makes snapping photos and using apps a pleasure. 

It’s a smooth, efficient and smart-looking design that, like all Google Pixel phones, never looks out of place in any environment.


Fast and efficient performance

Like all phones in Google’s popular Pixel range, the Google Pixel 5 is designed to accomplish tasks easily and quickly, from gaming to using apps to browsing the web. 

The Pixel 5 comes with additional RAM (more on that below) to get tasks done in a shorter time. Like Google’s famous search engine, this phone is designed to make things easier for you.


Ultra-wide camera

Google’s Pixel cameras are renowned for their excellent photographic capabilities, and you can rest assured that your used Google Pixel 5 will be too. Night Sight is a function that allows you to take stunning photos in the dark without missing any details. It’s great for taking snaps on the go in any environment.

However, one of the Google Pixel 5’s biggest strong points is its ultra-wide camera. This 16MP camera, which replaced the previous model’s telephoto lens, allows you to fit more into your photos. You can capture more detail in landscape or city shoots without stepping back to fit it all in. If photography is a big part of your life and a quality camera is a major drawing card, a used Google Pixel 5 could be exactly the refurbished model you’re looking for.

 used google pixel 5

Good battery life

The Google Pixel 5 charges wirelessly, and once it’s powered up, the battery lasts for a decent amount of time. You can go out all day without having to stop and charge your phone and get up to eight hours of on-screen time between charges.

Adding to the power saving potential is Google’s extreme battery saver mode. This lets you keep the apps you want to use on and pause the others, giving you up to 48 hours of extra battery life!


More RAM 

A lot of the Google Pixel 5’s ease and efficiency of use comes from it having more RAM than previous Pixel models - specifically, 8GB instead of the Pixel 4’s 6GB. This gives you extra power for functions like apps and gaming, as well as more storage space on your device. With more RAM, you can simply get more down throughout the day.  



The Pixel 5 is Google’s first 5 G-enabled phone and comes with all the benefits of 5G technology, including faster speeds, lower latency (the wait time between making a request and getting a response) and far bigger capacity.  

5G is much faster than 4G, and a 5G phone will give you a better gaming experience and faster file downloads. You can even set up your 5G hotspot to speed up the pace of your laptop.


Google Assistant 

All Pixel devices from the Google Pixel 4 and up come with Google Assistant. Your own virtual assistant powered by Google, you can use to help make your day easier and more fun with the power of your voice alone. Get answers to pressing questions, instantly summon the right music to play, set reminders for yourself and have fun. 

Get some speakers, and you can have Google Assistant helping you around any corner of the house, with no hands-on effort required.  


Call screening

One of the most useful features that Google Assistant offers for your mobile device is call screening. When someone calls you, the call screening function asks them who they are, why they’re calling and sends you a transcript of what they say. 

No longer will you have to deal with spammers when waiting for that all-important call to let you know you’ve gotten the job or won the prize home. Only speak to the people you want to talk to, every time.


Where to Buy Used Pixel 5 Phones 

The best location to pick up a used Pixel 5 or another Google Pixel phone is through the OzMobiles website. We’ll give you the best deal possible short of buying brand new.

All our devices are tested at our Melbourne headquarters to make sure they meet strict Australian standards for re-sale. This includes making sure they have at least 80% battery life. We also offer a 12-month warranty if anything goes wrong. And if you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 as long as it meets certain terms and conditions.

Pick up a used Google Pixel 5 here and get in touch with us if you need more information!