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In a world where smartphones are chasing slimmer designs and prioritising bigger screens, it can be hard to find a phone that also focuses on durability. The world of durability and smartphones has also been advancing, providing tougher screens and better phone bodies. 

The last thing any phone owner wants is for their device to break in an accidental fall, whether it causes a dent or cracks the screen. In this article, we discuss the most durable phones of 2024 and what aspects make a phone durable.

Staying on top of the latest technology can be expensive, but buying refurbished can cut down costs, especially with newer phone models. There are also different ways you can increase the durability of your phone, through accessories such as phone cases and screen protectors.  

What Makes A Phone More Durable Than Others?

If you’re looking for the sturdiest phone, it’s important to understand the factors that make a phone more durable than others. There are a few contributing factors that make up a phone’s durability. They include:


The material used to construct the phone’s body is one of the most important factors determining durability. Manufacturers have used a variety of different materials for phone bodies, including metal, glass, hybrid materials, and even plastic—but which is best?

If having the most durable mobile phone is the most important factor for you, we recommend choosing a device made from one of these materials: stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, or ceramics. 

Other materials, like glass, may be popular due to its premium look, but it’s less likely to withstand harsh environments, especially drops and falls. Phones made from metal for the frame and body typically tend to score the best in durability tests. 


The screen of a smartphone is one of the top factors to consider when it comes to durability. A durable phone should be able to withstand a fall without damage to the screen.

When searching for a durable phone, the standard should be Gorilla Glass developed by Corning. The company develops custom chemically-strengthened glass for Android and Apple devices. 

The newest edition of Gorilla Glass is Gorilla Glass Armor, first used in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you’re looking for the most sturdy phone available, we recommend a phone with at least a Gorilla Glass 6 or 3+ screen. These phones are designed to withstand multiple drops, even on hard surfaces like concrete, without cracking.

Camera Protection

A crack in a phone’s camera can cause glitches with lighting to outright make taking photos or videos impossible. A durable phone should feature extra protection for its lenses. 

Although most phone lenses feature a protective layer, newer models, like the Galaxy Z Fold 3, feature an extra layer of security. The Gorilla Glass company has developed a new chemically strengthened glass, the DX and DX+, to protect camera lenses. 

Additional Accessories

Although they aren’t part of the phone itself, additional accessories like screen protector support and phone cases play a huge part in its durability. Some phone models get more support than others from third-party companies when it comes to ultra-durable accessories. 

For example, OtterBox is renowned for making high-durability phone cases and screen protectors, but they only cover flagship and mainstream phones. So, it’s important to research whether a phone model has many accessories available because a high-quality phone case can multiply a device’s durability. 

Which Refurbished Phones Are The Most Durable?

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The most durable mobile phones on the market are recently released, newer models—which makes shopping refurbished the best cost-effective choice. This is because phone durability is advancing every year, with improvements to phone body designs and screen materials.

So, if you want the best phone where the screen won’t break and easily scratch, we’ve listed the best refurbished devices to consider. These devices are also flagship models, which means plenty of support from third-party companies for high-quality protective cases and screen protectors. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

When the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was released, it was met with high praise from reviewers for setting new industry standards with its durability. It features Corning’s best, toughest glass yet, the Gorilla Glass Armor. 

The Gorilla Glass Armor featured in the S24 Ultra isn’t only just the toughest glass option in the smartphone industry, but it also provides excellent visual clarity and protection against daily wear. 

The other devices in the Galaxy S24 and S23 range are also renowned for their durability. Although they don’t feature the Gorilla Glass Armor, the S23 and S24 range of phones feature the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2, making them great options for durability. 

iPhone 14 and 15 Series

The iPhone 14 and 15 range is a great choice if you’re into the Apple ecosystem and want a device that has a high durability rating. These phones are splash, water, and dust resistant—rated IP68, so they can be submerged to a maximum depth of 6 metres for up to 30 minutes. If you’re caught out in bad weather or you work near bodies of water, you won’t have to worry if you accidentally get your phone wet. 

These devices also feature Apple’s Ceramic Shield on the screen. Apple’s Ceramic Shield is a new protective glass coating that promises 4x better drop resistance than previous iPhones before the 14 and 15 series. It also provides better optical performance and scratch resistance.

Pixel 8

Google’s flagship Pixel 8 uses Corning’s highly durable Gorilla Glass Victus for the screen, which makes it scratch-resistant and unlikely to break in an accidental fall. 

The same Gorilla Glass is used for the back of the phone, reinforced with a matte aluminium frame. Metal, along with chemically strengthened glass, is a great choice for the phone’s body because it provides a premium look without sacrificing any durability. 

How To Increase The Durability of Your Phone

Are you worried about your phone's durability? We recommend investing in accessories like screen protectors and cases. They can greatly increase your phone's durability, even in harsh conditions.

Phone accessories can also do more than increase the durability of your phone, they can also help prolong your phone’s life. Here are the different ways we recommend increasing your phone's durability. 

Screen protectors

Using a screen protector is a must, even for phones using technology like Gorilla Glass. It helps reduce scratches on your touch screen, maintain its integrity, and act as a barrier if you ever drop your phone.

Preserving your touchscreen with a screen protector is important for keeping it smooth and responsive. The screen protector also prevents dust and dirt from collecting on your screen, which can cause unnecessary heat that can impact your phone’s battery. 

Protective phone cases

Investing in a protective phone case can be the difference between your phone surviving a fall and not. To maximise the protective value of a phone case, we recommend looking into hard materials like aluminium or hard plastic and rubber.

Liquid protection

Did you know that liquid damage is the second-largest cause of smartphone damage? The IDC estimates that nearly 900,000 smartphones are damaged every day due to liquids. 

There are different ways to invest in liquid protection for your smartphone. This includes waterproof carry cases, like pouches, which are effective when it’s raining or when travelling or working in an environment where your device could potentially interact with water.

Buy Sturdy Refurbished Phones From OzMobiles

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OzMobiles understands the importance of a sturdy phone, especially if your lifestyle includes demanding outdoor activities, like hiking or working in an environment like construction. Our refurbished phone range includes devices that focus on durability through toughened glass screens and premium materials. At OzMobiles, we stock refurbished Galaxy S24 Ultra devices, which can be a cheaper way to get the most sturdy phone available on the market. 

All the refurbished devices we sell go through an intensive 72-point refurbishing process, ensuring they're in top condition and built to last. This includes checking that the device’s screen is durable and the casing meets Australian standards. We also offer an 80% battery life guarantee and a 12-month warranty on our products. 

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions about our refurbished phones and their durability. You can get in touch with the OzMobiles team over on our Contact Us page. 


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