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Samsung and Google are two giants in the smartphone space. 

While both run on the Android operating system, they’re two very different types of phones with their own identities, pros and cons. 

Maybe you’ve been using one for a while, and you’re thinking about switching to the other. Or maybe you’re new to Android and trying to figure out which manufacturer is best for you? Should you buy a Google Pixel phone online or make it a secondhand Samsung instead?

For many people, Samsung is the quintessential smartphone, but it took time for them to get there. The company launched the Samsung Galaxy, their first Android-powered phone, in 2009. Building on the Galaxy’s early success, Samsung refined the look, feel and features of its phone as each new version hit the market. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still the best-selling Android phone of all time, moving over 80 million units!

By comparison, Google Pixel arrived recently on the scene. The search engine giant’s first entirely in-house produced smartphone launched in 2016. Since then, Google Pixel phones have won praise for their innovative camera technology and features like the efficient Google Tensor chip.

Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel are very different phones, but they have two things in common that are important to know: both are high-quality, and both are a better deal when you buy them refurbished.

Refurbished phones offer cheaper – sometimes far cheaper – prices and a level of quality that isn’t usually guaranteed when purchasing a phone online. 

All refurbished devices are tested to ensure they meet Australian standards, repaired and restored to good working order if necessary, and sold with a warranty. When buying a refurbished phone, you know you’re getting something fully functioning and in good enough condition to re-sell, and you can return it if it isn’t what you expected. 

Whether you’re looking to buy Samsung phones online or score a Google Pixel secondhand, there’s a dazzling selection of new and old models.

Some of the pros and cons of each include


Google Pixel Phones

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Incredible camera technology

Google’s AI-enhanced cameras often make “best of” lists. Dual rear cameras with standard and ultra-wide lenses and tools like Top Shot and Night Sight are available to enhance the already stunning image quality.  

Google Tensor

Google’s custom-built chip brings machine learning to your mobile device, allowing it to always stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.  

Google Tensor has all kinds of useful functions, like allowing you to translate text directly in chat apps without having to cut and paste into Google Translate.


The Google Pixel is a bargain for what it can do, often costing hundreds of dollars less than the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. If you buy a Google Pixel phone online, it costs even less.


No expandable storage

The Google Pixel doesn’t come with an SD card slot, so if you’re planning on storing more games, files, videos etc. than the RAM on your device can handle, buying a Google Pixel secondhand may not be the best option for you.  

Not as many features as some phones

The Pixel tends to keep things very streamlined, so if you like a lot of extra features, it might be best to look at other Android options.  

Less choice

While other mobile phone brands tend to release multiple models a year; the Pixel tends to have fewer hit the shelves. 

Of course, if you just want to keep things simple when you buy a Google Pixel phone online, fewer models to weigh up the pros and cons might be good.


Samsung Phones

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More apps and features

Samsung phones always have a ton of valuable features. A pull-down menu takes you directly to useful shortcuts like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight etc. 

There’s a built-in app for recording gameplay, wireless printing from your phone, and endless customisation opportunities.

Fantastic hardware

With every new phone model, Samsung explores the cutting edge of current technology and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Memory, RAM, processor, cameras: in a Samsung phone, they’re all high-quality. Buying Samsung phones online will allow you to access this innovative technology for even less.


Samsung phones are reliable and can last years with the proper care. When you buy Samsung, you know you’ll get a trustworthy smartphone that won’t need to be replaced in a year or less.


Battery life is sometimes limited

Samsung batteries can sometimes drain quicker than other models, particularly after a few years and especially if you use many apps and special functions.

More expensive

Samsung phones can be expensive and generally cost a lot more than Google Pixels.

Less storage space/bloatware

Many model phones come with Samsung-specific apps like Samsung Assistant, E-mail etc., that can’t be uninstalled. This “bloatware”, as it’s sometimes called, can take up a significant amount of storage that could be used for other things.


What’s The Difference?

A key difference between Google Pixel and Samsung is that, for Google Pixel, less is more. For Samsung, more is more.

Samsung puts out a lot of phones at different price points, and some have huge screens, several cameras and stacks of features. For Samsung, bigger is often better. 

However, the experience is often a bit more streamlined and minimalist on Google Pixel. While Google Pixels definitely have their unique features you won’t find anywhere else (including Samsung), they tend to be a little lighter on them.

This difference in approach shows through the number of phones they release. While Samsung can sometimes launch a dozen or more phones yearly, Google Pixel usually releases two flagship models and one budget A-series device.

Price is another point of difference, with Samsung Galaxy phones usually a lot more expensive (especially new) than Pixels.

If taking high-quality photos is a priority for you, you can’t beat Google. While both offer excellent cameras, the standard of the Google Pixel’s camera is one of the number one things it’s praised for. Buy a Google Pixel phone online, and you’ll never be disappointed by the quality of your shots again.


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