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Apple and Google are two of the world’s most famous tech companies, and there’s a good chance you’re already using some of their products. 

But when it comes to smartphones, which one delivers more value for your money? Should you go looking to buy iPhones online or pick up a Google Pixel secondhand instead? 

To answer that question, it helps to look at the pair in closer detail.

Apple is the biggest tech company in the world, valued at two trillion in 2021. While its massive product range includes iPods, iPads, Mac laptops, watches and streaming services, its biggest breadwinner is its iPhone. Those who prefer iPhone over Android mention its speed, security, user-friendliness and easy integration with other Apple devices.

Google Pixel is an Android-based series that started in 2016. After having success with the Nexus phones developed with other manufacturers, Google got to work on their first phone produced entirely in-house: the Pixel. 

And just as Google became the number one search engine by providing people with what they want, they bring the same spirit to their own style of phones. Custom-built tools like Google Tensor help your phone do things only Google can do.

As both brands continue to develop in exciting ways with each new version, customers trade in their older but still fully functioning models. These models, of course, go back on the market as secondhand goods. You can now buy iPhones online for a fraction of the cost you’d pay for them new and buy a Google Pixel phone online for prices that start at only a few hundred dollars! So which should you pick? 

We’ll compare some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide whether Google is your go-to or you’re destined to be an Apple enthusiast.

 buy iPhones online

Google Pixel Phones

If you’re thinking about buying a Google Pixel phone online, here are some advantages and disadvantages:


Google Tensor

With the power of Google’s own custom-built chip, you can bring all the benefits of machine learning to the normal functions of your phone such as photos and texting. 

You can use Motion Mode and Face Unblur to take better, clearer photos, make your videos sound better by using speech enhancement, and translate directly into text messages with Google Translate. Along with Titan M2, Google Tensor gives your phone extra-strong security too.  

Camera technology

Google Tensor’s custom image processor provides your pictures with a level of clarity, detail and accuracy you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere. 

Google Pixels are praised for the quality of the images they produce and their camera technology, like the ultra-wide lens and Magic Eraser.


For their efficiency and exceptional photography, Google Pixel phones are some of the cheapest smartphones on the market. You can buy a Google Pixel secondhand or new for a fraction of the cost of an iPhone.


Fewer choices

While other smartphone companies can release dozens of phones per year, Google only puts out one or two Pixels. If you’re used to having a large variety of phones to choose from at a range of different price points, it could feel a little limiting. 

But if you need a phone quickly and don’t want to get bogged down in endless options, it can also make it easier to decide when buying a Google Pixel phone online.

Fewer features

Google Pixel phones aren’t known for having a lot of gimmicks and gadgets. You’ll still get a decent, reliable phone with all the essentials when you buy a Google Pixel phone online, but if you’re always looking for new, fun things to do on your phone, another option might be more suitable.

No expandable storage

Google Pixel phones don’t come with SD card slots. While this won’t present a problem for most users, it can make things challenging if you’re planning to do a lot of RAM-intensive activities like downloading large files.

 buy iPhones online


Obviously, Apple is a brand that needs no introduction. But if you’re thinking about getting an iPhone for the first time, a few advantages and disadvantages are


Easy-to-use interface

Even if you’ve never owned an iPhone before, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of one, thanks to the intuitive user interface. This ease of use is consistent across all Apple devices and is why creatives like graphic designers tend to use Macs. 

The iPhone interface is pleasant to look at and very easy to find your way around, and it remains that way as even the additional features that more recent iPhones introduce become part of the landscape.  

Apple ecosystem

iPhones are designed to work with other Apple devices like iPads or Apple Watches. This comes in handy in several ways. You can automatically sync files on both your Mac and your iPhone at once using iCloud, send and receive messages across all devices, and access your photos from anywhere, among other features.

Excellent security

Apple iPhones are sought-after for their security, as Apple’s firewall stops hackers from getting through to steal your information. The iPhone also has a range of other built-in security functions and protections.



Apple’s iPhones, especially the newer models, are definitely at the upper end of smartphone prices. But many would argue the costs are well worth it, and you can always save money by buying refurbished ones!

Less storage

With SD card slots not included, you have to buy the next model up if you want an iPhone with more storage.

Hard to integrate with other devices

Getting your iPhone working in sync with your Apple devices is easy. If you have a lot of devices made by other brands, trying to achieve the same sort of integration is a lot more difficult.


What’s The Difference?

The main difference between the pair is that while Google Pixel is an Android phone, the iPhone runs on the iOS operating system.

iOS is well known for being intuitive and remaining easy to use even after multiple upgrades. Its apps and other features continue to perform at the top of their game on new devices.

While Google Pixel and iPhone have top-quality cameras and innovative photographic technology, Google’s cameras are one of its top-selling points. A large part of this is due to the Google Tensor ship and the way it uses machine learning to assist with getting exactly the right shot.

When you compare the more recent models, like the Google Pixel 6 and the iPhone 13, the competition gets fierce, and it’s difficult to claim that one is better than the other. Google offers more screen space and a faster refresh rate, while the iPhone 13 has a more colourful and accurate OLED display. The iPhone has a longer battery life, and both have excellent cameras and photography capabilities.


Where to Buy Refurbished Google Pixel and iPhones Online 

The best way to buy a Google Pixel phone online or get your hands on the right secondhand iPhone is to purchase a refurbished model.

Refurbished phones are pre-used ones that have been checked to ensure they’re in good working order and repaired if necessary. 

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