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New phones are expensive. While Samsung Galaxy smartphones are the world’s best-selling Android smartphones, new models have price tags to match their quality and popularity. Some shoppers try to beat (or manage) the cost by going on a payment plan or buying a phone straight from the manufacturer’s website. But if you really want the lowest possible price, maybe it’s time to consider buying a used Samsung Galaxy.

A lot of people are wary of second hand phones for sale. While they’re far cheaper and better for the environment, many shoppers share common concerns: ‘How do I know it’s going to be any good?’ ‘What if I don’t get what I paid for?’ ‘What about a warranty?’ It can feel safer to head down to your local shopping mall and drop your cash on the latest Samsung Galaxy model to hit the shelves. Not so fast, though. There’s a way to ensure you get a second hand Samsung Galaxy phone that’s fully functioning with a warranty, fast delivery and a price that leaves more pay in your pocket. Refurbished Samsung Phones are the answer.

If you’ve owned a Samsung smartphone before, you know how many benefits they have: multi-tasking options like Multi Window mode, security that both businesses and governments trust, an instant desktop or Smart TV connection with Samsung DeX, plus some of the best cameras you’ll find on any smartphone. These days, most of us want to save all the money we can, so “where can I find second hand phones near me?” is a question you may already be asking. Are second hand Samsung Galaxy phones worth taking a chance on? Yes, but the best way to ensure they’re worth your while is to buy them refurbished.


How do Phones Become Refurbished?

refurbished phone is a used smartphone that a professional organisation like OzMobiles has thoroughly checked, tested and repaired if necessary before re-selling. Refurbished phones have generally had previous owners, with the exception of “ex-demo” phones that have often only been taken out of their boxes to be put on display in retail stores. As long as the seller is trustworthy, a refurbished phone will be fully functional and come with a warranty included. Many are sold with grades according to the conditions they’re in, whether that’s close to new or visibly worn with a weathered “second-hand” look.

Here’s how the process works from our end: OzMobiles buys your unwanted devices and sends cash your way within 24 hours. We erase any data on the phone you may have missed, ensure the phone isn’t stolen or lost, and put it through a 72-point testing process at our Melbourne headquarters using Blancco testing software. This includes battery life, which we ensure is at least 80% of its capacity.

If you’ve been looking at second hand phones for sale, refurbished smartphones can help make your decision easier and less daunting. But with the endless variety of second hand options – including refurbished options – on the market, it’s reasonable to wonder, ‘out of all the second hand phones near me, what in particular makes second hand Samsung Galaxy phones worthwhile?


Different Types of Second Hand Samsung Galaxy Phones

Close up of hand holding Samsung phone with camera open showing a chair and plants

Samsung manufactures many different smartphones for different tastes, budgets and other considerations. There are certain things that Samsung always does well. If it’s camera quality you crave, for example, you can take your pick. If you’re just wondering, ‘where are the cheapest second hand phones near me?’, Samsung has its share of budget-friendly entry-level offers. Some of the best second hand Samsung Galaxy phones to get your hands on in 2023 include

Galaxy Z Flip4 5G

Made of ultra-thin glass and packing three cameras – Ultra Wide, Main and Selfie – the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is an excellent choice if you like the style of a flip phone.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The last model in Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, the Note 20 Ultra is a rare find. With a handy stylus pen that’s perfect for jotting down notes on the go, it also includes a 50x zoom camera.

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

The flagship phone of 2022, the S22 Ultra 5G had some firsts and records like the fastest chip and the best-quality night photography. It’s still a worthy phone to buy, especially if you can find it refurbished.


Are Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Phones Worth It?

You’ve read about the benefits of Samsung phones and how they offer something for everyone, regardless of taste and budget. And you’ve found out that one of the safest ways to buy a second hand Samsung Galaxy that’s guaranteed to be good is to buy through a company like OzMobiles. But are refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones really worth it? Why should you buy one instead of spending a little extra money and heading to the shopping mall?

A few of the biggest benefits of buying refurbished include:

Huge savings

This is the main reason that people buy refurbished. It can save you several hundred dollars. And with the sales at OzMobiles right now, you can potentially keep even more money in your pocket.

It’s better for the environment

Refurbished products are good for the planet, supporting a circular economy. E-waste (electronic waste) is the most rapidly growing kind of waste in the world, and 10% of it comes from discarded smartphones. E-waste has a disastrous effect on the air and soil. Buying refurbished is a small step towards a more sustainable way of living.

The smartphones are unlocked

Refurbished devices aren’t locked to any particular carrier, so you can use your refurbished second hand Samsung Galaxy with any of them.

You have plenty of options

Just take a look around this site, and you’ll see it provides you with choices galore for refurbished phones all in one place. You don’t even have to look around different websites for different brands.


Buy Second Hand Samsung Phones From OzMobiles

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Right now, there’s a red hot sale on second hand Samsung Galaxy phones through OzMobiles! You can score a second-hand Samsung for up to half the regular price while saving hundreds of dollars – or even a grand or so. If you’ve been wondering, ‘where can I find second hand phones near me with a level of quality I can trust?’, the wait is over.

All second hand phones for sale through the OzMobiles website are fully functional and come with 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees. Before putting them up for resale, we ensure they comply with Australian standards and are compatible with Australian networks.

We offer free and fast shipping and make it a priority for you to get your device quickly and cheaply. If you order a device before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we ship it out on the same day. If you’ve found a better deal on the same phone elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

On a tight budget? If you can’t afford your new phone in full right away, you can pay in instalments through third-party providers like ZipPay, AfterPay or PayPal Pay in 4.

Take advantage of our autumn phone frenzy and find the right second hand Samsung Galaxy phone for you!

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