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Has your search for a new smartphone brought you here? Whether you’re excited by the idea of saving hundreds of dollars, taking breathtaking photos for social media or having a battery that lasts all day, one thing’s for sure: a refurbished Oppo smartphone is worth considering!

As one of the world’s top five smartphone brands, Oppo smartphones have several stand-out features that make them more than just another Android manufacturer. Their phones come in various shapes and styles, including ultra-thin, flip and rollable. The company has always focused heavily on tech innovation and intellectual property, leading them to file over 65,000 patents.  And their cameras are so good that the quality is on the way to surpassing traditional photography. There’s even more to discover about this interesting, leading-edge brand. But if you’ve been looking into second hand phones for sale, the first thing to know is that Oppo mobiles are an excellent choice for Android fans with a surprisingly high number of unique features and benefits.

If you’re wondering, “which Oppo mobiles are the best?” and “where can I find their phones near me?”, OzMobiles has the answers. In this article, we’ll tell you more about Oppo phones, their advantages, and what the best Oppo refurbished mobiles to buy in 2023 are.


What Are Oppo Phones?

Founded in 2004, Oppo made its mark in technology by making MP3 and Blu-Ray players. This was followed by award-winning headsets plus mp3/mp4 players. The Chinese company released its first smartphone in 2008: the A103 Smiley Face, named for the icon on the back. Throughout the company’s history, the team behind Oppo have been involved in exciting projects and collaborations. There have been partnerships with Lamborghini and League of Legends, as well as other well-known figures and brands. South Korean boy band 2PM even released a song in partnership with the brand.

Making a name for themselves worldwide in countries including India, Japan, the Philippines and Australia, Oppo hit a new milestone in 2020 when the company became the top smartphone vendor in Southeast Asia.

Oppo refurbished mobiles provide a reliable, exceptional-quality solution if you’ve been looking for second hand phones for sale.

A refurbished phone is more than just a used phone. While it has had a previous owner, a refurbished phone has been checked, tested and repaired if necessary to guarantee full functionality before being put on sale again. A proper refurbished retailer like OzMobiles will have erased the previous owner’s data, run the necessary background checks to make sure the phone isn’t lost or stolen, and sold it to you with a warranty.

Refurbished phones are better for your bank balance, the environment (reducing the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfill), and a better deal in general. When you shop refurbished, you can take your pick from an almost endless selection of unlocked phones from different makes and models. It’s easier than wandering around a shopping centre until you happen to find a new device that ticks all your boxes.


Benefits of Oppo Phones

Two Oppo phones next to each other with a purple background

Need some good reasons to check our selection of Oppo refurbished mobiles? Here are some of the biggest benefits of Oppo phones that have helped make the brand so popular. All phones have their own particular special features, but these ones pretty much apply across the range.

High-grade cameras

Oppo’s F1 has been labelled ‘the Selfie Expert’, and even entry-level Oppo phones have cameras that can hold their own along with the flagship models. Oppo pioneered 5MP and 16MP front cameras, launched stealth cameras, has pushed the boundaries of AI technology and has photography features that allow you to really personalise your shots. Whether you’re taking pictures for your social media accounts or just to preserve your memories, Oppo’s cameras will let you capture the moment with clarity and accuracy and treasure it for a long time.   


On the whole, Oppo phones are more affordable than other smartphone brands, whether you’re choosing the flagship or the entry-level options. Buying refurbished makes them better for your budget still.

Long battery lives

There’s no need to get caught looking around for a charger on a busy day. Oppo phones have generous battery life. The exact length of the batteries depends on the particular model, but Oppo phone batteries, in general, tend to last for more than a day.

Innovations in design

From new frontiers in technology to fresh phone designs, Oppo is an imaginative company that loves to push the limits of what’s possible. And it almost always works!   


Different Types of Oppo Phones

Blue/purple Oppo phone laying down camera face up

Still wondering ‘where can I find second hand phones near me and which Oppo ones are the best?’ Luckily there are a large number of Oppo refurbished mobiles worth buying in 2023. Some top-notch models you’ll find on the OzMobiles website include:

Reno Z

There are so many things to love about the Reno Z, not least of all that you can score this mid-range phone for less than $500 through OzMobiles. There’s a beautiful gradient finish, a camera with dual rear lenses and Ultra Night mode, and a fast-charging battery. If you’ve been looking for second hand phones for sale that delivers pure essentials without trying to be too flashy, the Reno Z is one of the best value Oppo refurbished mobiles you can currently grab.

Find X2 Neo

Available in elegant, moody Midnight Black, the Find X2 Neo is a “premium mid-range” smartphone that offers the look and feel of a flagship for bargain prices. Like most Oppo phones, its camera takes spectacular photos with impressive colours and dynamic range, which you can admire through the sharp and clear screen. If you like listening to music through speakers, this phone offers a better-than-average quality speaker too.

Find X3 Pro

The answer to the question “where can I find flagship second hand phones near me that isn’t expensive?”, the Find X3 Pro is a strong choice across the board. It has a top-notch screen, an elegant design and fast and dependable performance and battery life. If you’re particularly looking for Oppo refurbished mobiles that will please just about anyone, the Find X3 Pro is the device to pick.


Buy Refurbished Oppo Phones From OzMobiles

Tired of asking yourself, “where can I find second hand phones near me?” Your search ends here. The easiest and most reliable place to get your hands on Oppo refurbished mobiles is the OzMobiles website.

OzMobiles is an Australian-owned and operated company, and all of our devices are tested at our Melbourne headquarters using our 72-point checking process. Our devices are fully functional, compatible with all networks and sold with the Austel-approved ‘A’ tick. We check that all components work as they should, including battery life, which we ensure is at least 80%. All of our second hand phones for sale come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We offer free and fast shipping. So if you’ve been thinking, ‘I need a phone fast, so where are the second hand phones near me?’ you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you order your phone before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we’ll ship it to you on the same day.

If you can’t afford to pay full price for your refurbished device straight away, we offer you payment in instalments through ZipPay, AfterPay or PayPal Pay in 4. We also beat any deal on the same phone you can find by $10, but terms and conditions apply.

Take a look at OzMobiles’ full range of Oppo refurbished mobiles, and contact us if you have any questions! 

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