Will A Second-Hand Phone Last As Long?

Longevity is important. When you buy a phone, new or used, the last thing you want is to have to replace it again in a few months. The preconceived notion that second-hand phones have shorter lifespans is enough to put some people off buying used smartphones despite the savings.

If you’ve read about refurbished smartphones, you may have heard that they offer a standard of quality similar to new phones, but they’re a lot cheaper. While this is generally true, it doesn’t answer the question that probably led you here: do refurbished phones last as long as new ones?

Contrary to popular myths, smartphones actually last for quite a while. An iPhone lasts an average of two or three years, and a battery replacement can extend that lifespan even further. Thanks to iOS updates, your iPhone can stay protected against security scares for up to five to seven years. Of course, many smartphone users upgrade a lot more regularly than this, often every year as soon as a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy hits the stores. And every time they do, another smartphone that’s still in good condition joins the ranks of the refurbished.

If the idea of a second-hand phone with a warranty, a long battery life and lots of life left in it appeals to you (and why wouldn’t it?), a refurbished smartphone could be the answer you’re looking for.

What Are Refurbished Second-Hand Phones?

In general, buying a second-hand smartphone can feel like a real gamble. There’s so much to consider. What kind of phone are you buying? Who are you buying from? Is it covered by a warranty? (If you’re buying from an individual, unlikely).  Despite the benefits for the environment and the clear pricing advantage, buying a second-hand smartphone just seems to come with too many potential pitfalls and complications.


Refurbished smartphones make the process of used smartphone shopping easier and add a lot more options for you to choose from. A refurbished smartphone is a used smartphone that a company or manufacturer like OzMobiles has prepared for resale through a detailed process of checking, testing and – if necessary – repairing. 


Refurbished smartphones are fully functional. But they are second-hand, so a few blemishes and some wear and tear are to be expected. However, refurbished phones offer some of the best available smartphone deals on the market and are the only real option if you want a second-hand phone with a warranty. Two important questions to ask are ‘Do refurbished phones last as long as new ones?’ and ‘What is the refurbishment process like for the brand I plan to buy from?’


The OzMobiles Refurbishment Process

A phone showing the inside while it is being refurbished

OzMobiles’ refurbishing process is all about saving smartphones that still have a lot to offer new owners from the scrap heap. If you have an old phone gathering dust, you can trade it in for a new phone or cash.


The OzMobiles refurbishment process involves making sure the phone isn’t lost or stolen, erasing all of the previous owner’s data and performing a factory reset. At our Melbourne headquarters, we put every device we sell through an extensive 72-point checking process using our Blancco testing software.  We make sure the device measures up to the high standards you’d expect in Australia, and we repair it if it doesn’t. We check every component, including the battery life, which we make sure is at least 80%. OzMobiles guarantees that our refurbished phones last as long as new ones.


Like all refurbished smartphones, OzMobiles phones are sold in grades according to the condition they’re in. Here’s a brief rundown on all of the grades OzMobiles offers:

Brand new: These phones have never been used before and come with their full manufacturer’s warranties. While they may have been taken out of their boxes to be quality-checked, they have never been activated and are fresh for a first-time user.

Ex-Demo: An ex-demo phone is one of the highest quality second-hand phones with a warranty that money can buy. This type of phone has usually only been taken out of its box to be put on display, usually in retail stores. An ex-demo phone is as close to new as a refurbished phone can possibly be and comes with very faint marks to no marks at all.


Excellent: A refurbished smartphone that is in ‘Excellent’ condition is fully functional with minimal wear and tear. You can count on the screen to be in good condition, with maybe a few scratches and scuffs not visible to the naked eye.


Very Good: A refurbished smartphone that’s ranked ‘Very Good’ has scratches that may be visible on the screen from arm’s length, along with some minor dents.  But the extra signs of wear are offset by the more affordable prices, and these phones provide an exceptional amount of value.


Will My Second Hand Phone Last?


It may be a cliché, but the answer to so many second-hand smartphone-related questions is “It depends”. The same answer applies to the question of how long your second-hand smartphone will last. There are so many factors that determine how long your used smartphone purchase will last: the type of phone, its age, how long it’s supported by updates and how well you treat it, among others.


If you want a phone with the greatest chance of lasting for a very long time, buying a refurbished phone is the best option for you. Do refurbished phones last as long as new ones? When you buy from a refurbisher that does their job well, and you focus on looking after your smartphone, they certainly can.


So where can you buy refurbished phones that last as long as you need? Here at OzMobiles, we provide a variety of high-quality phones, so you have plenty to choose from.


Buy a Refurbished Phone That Will Last from OzMobiles

A woman holding a phone with red and black nail and red heels in the background out of focus.

OzMobiles is the perfect place to pick up a second-hand phone with a warranty that’s likely to last. We have refurbished iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other Android brands like Google Pixel, Oppo and Huawei. So, whatever kind of smartphone you’re after and whether you prefer iOS or Android, you’re sure to find one that suits your style.


We repair and refurbish our phones to a level that makes us feel like we can answer the question, “Do refurbished phones last as long?” with a resounding “yes”. An important part of maintaining that standard of quality is battery life. That’s why we offer the OzMobiles Battery Health Guarantee. When you receive your pre-owned or ex-demo phone, it might have anywhere between 80-100% of its battery power left. But if it ever drops below 80% of its capacity during your 12-month warranty, we’re happy to replace it for you.


For more information about our range of refurbished smartphones, contact the team at OzMobiles


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