Back to School: Best Refurbished Devices for Students

As the summer holidays draw to a close, thousands of students across the country will start a fresh year at school or uni. Refurbished devices for students provide terrific tech and learning tools that can get this fresh year off to a flying start and help to make it a success.

Devices like tablets, smartphones and smartwatches have the advantage of being smaller and more portable than laptops and traditional computers. But they’re still packed with useful educational features. Refurbished devices have the added advantage of being much cheaper than new, store-bought ones, as well as better for the environment. They’re sold with warranties – something you can’t necessarily count on when buying regular second-hand devices online.

Refurbished tablets provide you with affordable second-hand tablets with no risk of having to compromise on quality. But what’s the best cheap tablet for students, and what can you buy for a hard-to-please teenager?

Here is the OzMobiles guide to some of the best-refurbished devices for students to start the school year off right.


Best Refurbished Phones for Students


While different people have different views on whether smartphones should be allowed in classrooms, the fact remains that they’re a must-have item today. 95% of teenagers today have a smartphone, and most use them for learning as well as for personal reasons. Smartphones provide access to educational apps and time-tracking devices, as well as volumes of knowledge on science, history and more, with just a few clicks.

Some of the best-refurbished smartphones for students include:

Apple iPhone XS/XS Max/XR

Teens love iPhones due to features like camera quality and access to a world of app options. Yet their intuitive interfaces, great performance and easy connectivity to other Apple ecosystem devices are good for classroom activities as well as leisure. 

The iPhone XS and its variants, the XS Max and XR, come packing powerful processors, long battery lives and stereo audio recording among other features that make them handy for group work and school projects.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

When it comes to Android phones, Samsung is at the very top of the line. And with its built-in S Pen, the Galaxy Note 10 is perfect for students who jot down a lot of notes on the go. While the stylus lets you capture information quickly, the Note 10’s light size makes it easy to carry around, and its sharp, bright screen makes it easy to see your notes. 

Google Pixel 3

An Android phone that’s as handy as the search engine that manufactured it, Google’s Pixel 3 takes excellent photos in all lighting conditions, has improved AI-enhanced features, boasts a big screen and comes with easy-to-use parental controls.


Best Refurbished Tablets for Students


Affordable second-hand tablets are great refurbished devices for students. Smaller than laptops but with just as many features (and with bigger screens than smartphones), they’re the perfect tool for the classroom or the lecture theatre. Tablets allow students to learn in real-time and in direct communication with teachers using resources like videos, games and multimedia demonstrations. Some of the best cheap tablets for students include:

iPad Air 5

Apple’s iPad range consistently comes out on top of the best tablets for students currently available. The iPad Air fifth generation has been called the best iPad for students overall. With 60% faster performance than its predecessor and the ability to run multiple apps at once with ease, this device can handle creative software and large projects quickly and efficiently, helping busy students meet tight deadlines.

iPad Pro 12.9

The iPad Pro 12.9 is perfect for artists and students doing creative work. The screen has a resolution of 2048 x 2732 and a peak brightness of 1,600 nits. The 12.9-inch display provides a generous canvas to sketch or edit on. The ProMotion screen means the strokes of your Apple Pencil show up right away. The only thing that isn’t student-friendly about this iPad is how much it costs to buy new. Luckily, shopping refurbished turns it into one of the best cheap tablets for students.  

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

If you favour Android devices and you primarily need one for study, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 is one of the most reliable all-rounder affordable second-hand tablets. It has facial recognition for security, battery life that’s long enough to go the distance during study sessions, and thin bezels that maximise the screen’s available space.

When it comes to refurbished devices for students, a good tablet is one of the most practical and useful. These examples are just a few of the best cheap tablets for students. When you go searching the used tablet market, you’ll find many more.


Best Refurbished Smartwatches for Students

A woman sitting on grass checking her smartwatch while studying

A wristwatch can do so much more than help you make it to class on time. It can give you an organisational planner on your wrist, monitor your heart rate when assignments are due, and, if you’re a parent, notify you if your kid is involved in an emergency. Some of the best-refurbished smartwatches for both high school and university students include:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 has a long battery life that lasts for a full day of classes and studying, exercise tracking that’s great for school sports and university fitness clubs, and plenty of tips and hacks to better organise your time.

Apple Watch SE

Another device that seamlessly integrates with the Apple ecosystem of iPhones, laptops, tablets and audio devices, the Apple Watch SE has a powerful processor and a battery life that lasts all day, even with a workout thrown in. Its health and safety features look after you, while its access to task managers and to-do list apps keeps you well organised.


Best Device Accessories for Students


Some tools and gadgets that are ideal for students include:


Drown out background noise and focus on your studies with high-quality headphones such as Nokia wireless earphones or Apple AirPods.

Wireless keyboard

Bluetooth and a wireless keyboard (along with a portable mouse) make excellent additions if you want to touch-type on your tablet or use it like a laptop.

Portable chargers

Extended periods of study, streaming video and attending online classes can drain the battery lives of even the longest-lasting devices. Having a portable charger on hand means your device won’t die on you just when you need it the most.


Quality is important when choosing refurbished devices for students. For the best possible results, make sure you choose from a reputable retailer.


Refurbished Devices Perfect for Students at OzMobiles

A woman in a yellow sweater listening to headphones holding a binder and a phone.

Whether you’re buying devices to get your kids through the school year or you’re a uni student hunting for your own bargains, OzMobiles provides a range of quality refurbished devices for students.


Our range includes affordable second-hand tablets, refurbished iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and a selection of heavily discounted clearance items.


Every device we sell is tested at our Melbourne headquarters to make sure it’s fully functional and sold with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


For more information about finding refurbished devices for students and about the OzMobiles range, contact the OzMobiles team


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