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Which Phone Has the Best Camera in 2021?

In this digital world, smartphones have become one of our basic needs to stay connected with your loved ones. We all want a phone with plenty of features like fast processing speed, high quality camera resolution, big storage space, etc. However, one of the most sought after feature by consumers is the camera. The question is, why the camera? Because a study found that 92% of mobile phone users use their mobile phones to take a picture. They want to capture their special moments so they can keep them as a memory. Because of this, the camera has become an important feature in smartphones.

It is very difficult to pick the best smartphone camera. We have to consider a lot, not just the quality of lenses but also how many lenses does a smartphone has? In the market today, plenty of mobile phones are available with the best quality cameras which makes it a very hard task to pick one.

We’ve done our research and curated below are our top picks of the best smartphone camera models this 2021.

1. iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has plenty of new features in its camera which makes it the best camera phone of 2021. Among the iPhone range, it is the highest megapixel camera phone at 12 MP. It has 65mm focal length and f/2.2 aperture.it has 2.5x optical zoom, 2x optical zoom out, and 2x digital zoom. These features make a next-level image. It also has night mode photography which makes use of its wide camera lens and three rear cameras which is useful in low light settings. This model has seven lenses, which increase the sharpness of the image. This means you can take good quality pictures at night.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The latest release from Samsung is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is their best smartphone camera to date with an outstanding 4 lense rear camera composing of 108MP, 10MP, 10MP and 12 MP respectively.  has the best camera quality and front camera of 40MP. It has the greatest camera zoom. And in its new director mode, you can shoot videos with front and back camera at the same time!

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has also improved its portrait mode. It now works well in dim light. The most important feature which makes it best among the Samsung Galaxy range is that it can record 8k video of up to 30fps. Which is amazing.

2. Nokia 7 Plus

Another great smartphone camera released by Nokia is the Nokia 7 Plus. Its main cameras are 12 MP 13 MP and its front camera is 16mp. It captures the best quality images as clear as crystals. It has the best 2x optical zoom feature. Its video quality is very amazing. The phone can record 4k videos up to 30 fps. Another feature in video quality is its auto HDR.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8+

If you’re on a tight budget, then this is our recommendation for the best Android option for you. For a reasonable price, it comes with a dual selfie camera phone with 8MP color, sensor, and 2 MP iris scanner. It can record a 4k video up to 30 fps.

4. iPhone 8 Plus

For the Apple users who are on a budget, the iPhone 8 Plus is your best bet. It has a dual rear camera of 12MP and a front camera of 7MP. It has excellent image and video quality. It also has a great low-light performance.

5. Samsung Galaxy S20+

It has a quad rear camera of 12mp (wide), 64mp (telephoto), and 12mp (ultrawide). The front camera is 10MP. It also offers you good quality image and video results. It features LED flash as well as auto HDR. It captures images in cinema style.

Still confused which one to get, we think it might be helpful to list down for you what you should look for when choosing the smartphone that suits your needs.

Qualities of the Best Smartphone Camera

There are plenty of smartphones available in the marketplace. Everyone will offer you different features regarding the camera. But if you are new to phone photography and want to buy a smartphone for its camera, then you must have to consider the following features below.

1. High Dynamic Range (HDR)

In simple words, HDR is used to keep images bright and makes dark colors faint. Best effect to emphasize images. This mode also helps you capture high-quality images. It combines several shots in a single frame to build an ideal photo for you. It is mostly used to capture the images of the sky and nature.

2. Autofocus

Autofocus has become one of the most common features in smartphones. It helps keep your image in focus. There are three types of autofocus that are used in phone cameras. Contrast detection autofocus is used for still photography. Laser autofocus is used for taking quick shots and phase detection autofocus is used for refocusing of shots.

3. Filters

You must be thinking that filters are only present in Instagram or on Snapchat! But now, the smartphone cameras are also offerings filters. They are present in plenty. They can make your pictures more beautiful.

4. Sensor

The sensor plays the most important role in any picture quality. A sensor is a device made of sensitive photo sites. The size of the sensor is very important. Many big sensors are present but smartphones usually prefer small size sensors. A good sensor in a smartphone is close to 1 inch. You must have to look out for this feature if you want to buy the best smartphone camera.

5. Lenses

The smartphone's lenses are made up of glass. Different smartphone companies use different lenses in mobile phones. A mobile phone camera with good quality lens will make a high resolution pictures.

All of us wants to be able to capture all the special memories or milestones of our lives. What’s even better is to have a good quality camera phone in order to make sure that you are able to capture even the smallest of details.

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