Which Are The Best Second-Hand Samsung Phones For Camera Quality?

You never know when you’ll get a chance to take the perfect photo. Having a great camera in your pocket lets you capture the moment before it slips by. It’s no surprise that camera quality is one of the highest priorities among smartphone buyers. For some users, it’s the most important factor.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone cameras are known not only for their image quality but also for pushing the boundaries of technology and possibility. Advancements in hardware and software, innovative features and the early adoption of new tech like learning-based AI help to make Samsung Galaxy smartphone cameras cutting-edge and a pleasure to use.

There are little-known tips and features for getting the most out of your Samsung smartphone camera that go beyond the usual queries like how to change the camera resolution on your Samsung phone. A Samsung Galaxy’s camera quality lets you capture your precious memories with clarity and precise detail, whether keeping them to yourself or sharing them with the world on social media.

Shopping for a Samsung smartphone and wondering which Samsung phone has the best camera quality? You’ll be happy to know there’s more than one second-hand Samsung smartphone packing a top-notch camera. There are phones with excellent cameras in every Samsung Galaxy line-up, and when you buy refurbished, you can take your pick from a very wide selection. To help you make your mind up, here is the OzMobiles guide to the best Samsung phone camera quality. 

Galaxy S Series


Since its debut in 2010, Samsung Galaxy’s S series has grown to become the most popular Android phone series of all time. Acclaimed for its designs, powerful chipsets and high-grade features, the S consistently delivers on camera quality. If the camera is the most important part of the package for you, here are the Galaxy S series smartphones to choose:

Galaxy S23

Released in February 2023, the Samsung Galaxy S23 has leading-edge camera specs that break new ground for smartphone photography. A four-lens setup includes an ultra-high resolution 200MP camera with the biggest Pixel sensor to grace a Galaxy phone to date. You can take clearer and more detailed night shots than ever before, as this Pixel is highly equipped to distinguish details in low-lit environments. There's also a 12MP dual-pixel selfie camera, special nano-coated Super Clear Glass on the rear and wide-angle camera lenses.

Galaxy S21 Ultra

The camera quality is the S21 Ultra’s main advantage over the regular S21 and the S21 Plus. There’s a 108MP wide sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a laser auto-focus sensor to capture a stunning level of detail in sharp focus.


Galaxy Z Series


The flip and fold phones of Samsung’s Z series are perfect for those who like style, aesthetics and portability, along with some of the best Samsung phone camera quality you can find. With features like ultra-wide lenses and advanced night-time photography, the Z series lets you capture the moment from various angles. Here are two Galaxy Z phones that come with high levels of camera quality:

Galaxy Z Fold 5

With the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung Galaxy camera quality is showcased through a variety of different lenses. This model Android has a total of five cameras: a wide, an ultra-wide, a telephoto and two selfies, powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is a tiny, compact smartphone that still packs that famous Galaxy camera quality. A 12MP wide-angle camera and ultra-wide lens plus a 10MP “hole-punch” style camera all let you capture impressive shots in vivid colours and sharp detail.

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Galaxy A Series


While commonly known as the more affordable line of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, the A series still delivers on that camera quality Samsung is renowned for. The A series phones featuring Samsung’s best phone camera quality are:  

Galaxy A54

The Galaxy A54 has the best Samsung phone camera quality in the Android brand’s A-series. The suite of four cameras includes a 50MP rear main camera with Optical Image Stabilisation for less blurring in shots, a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera for high-resolution outdoor shots, a 5MP macro lens for the small details and a 32MP front camera. The AI image enhancer is a welcome bonus.

Galaxy A72

Powered by the Snapdragon 720G chip, the Samsung Galaxy A72’s camera set-up comes with a 3x telephoto camera, a 12MP Ultra-Wide camera and a Macro Camera to capture all the little details.


Galaxy Note Series


A series of flagship phablets, Samsung’s Note series is noteworthy for the addition of stylus pens. But they easily hold their own when it comes to the best Samsung phone camera quality. If you’re looking for camera quality in particular, we recommend the following Note models:

Note 20 Ultra

The four lenses on the Note 20 Ultra are just the beginning of its camera’s great features and benefits. There’s a laser autofocus sensor, AI capabilities and 8K high-resolution video that allows you to save superbly detailed frames.

Note 10 Plus

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has five cameras, including the DepthVision camera, which can automatically judge distance and depth for better photos.


If you’re eager to save money by buying second-hand but want to make sure the benefits of Samsung Galaxy’s phone and camera quality remain intact, your best option is to buy refurbished.


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