What Phone Accessories Can I Get For A Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23?

As exciting as buying a new smartphone is, it’s rarely the only purchase you have to make. There are always accessories you can (and often should) add to protect your device and maximise your enjoyment of it. Once you’ve saved some serious cash buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S23, the next thing to consider is Samsung Galaxy phone accessories.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 continues Samsung’s longstanding tradition of consistent improvement, drawing on the latest advancements in technology and features. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset is the fastest processor in a Samsung smartphone to date, while the Adaptive Vision Booster Technology adapts the brightness of your screen to match your surroundings. High-resolution photos, great storage and an embedded S Pen, are among the other features that have won this smartphone praise and positive reviews.

If you’re craving quality and reliability, but the price of a brand-new flagship smartphone turns you off, refurbished smartphones are a great solution. These smartphones have been put through rigorous testing and (if need be) repairs to ensure they’re fully functional and live up to high-quality standards. They’re sold with warranties and are graded according to their condition, so you know what to expect.

It might seem surprising that a smartphone only released in February 2023 is already available as a refurb, but the second-hand market moves fast these days. As major smartphone brands release multiple models a year, fans of all brands trade in their existing models to get their hands on what’s new.

What kind of Samsung Galaxy phone accessories should you buy first? Obviously, you need a charger for a Samsung phone (and every other brand), and a Samsung screen protector prevents damage to your phone. Need more ideas? Here are some of the top Samsung Galaxy phone accessories for those who want to get the best out of their Samsung.


Phone Cases for a Refurbished Galaxy S23

While Samsung smartphones often come protected by sturdy gorilla glass, a nasty fall can still crack their screens. Smartphone cases can’t guarantee that accidents will never occur, but they reduce the risk of serious damage. Not only can a smartphone case save you from a cracked screen, but it can also make your phone easier to grip and spare it from dirt and spills. It also adds a personal touch that helps to make your phone look and feel more like your own.

Smartphones that have been cared for with the help of a case hold onto their resale value for longer and are more pleasant for you to use over the long term.

Cases are among the most sought-after of Samsung Galaxy’s phone accessories, and there are many cases you can choose from, made from a range of materials. From silicone to leather to soft or hard plastic, you can pick the case that best suits your smartphone and your style.


Screen Protectors for a Refurbished Galaxy S23

The back of Samsung phone close up to the camera with blue lighting.

A Samsung screen protector is an easy and inexpensive way to protect what can be a very expensive device. A very thin strip of plastic or glass, it adheres to the front of your smartphone and saves it from scratches. A Samsung screen protector’s other uses include preventing finger marks and dust and keeping UV prevention at bay. The matte finish of a screen protector also stops the sun from irritating you while you’re trying to scroll and read messages.

A screen protector may not be as necessary as a charger for your Samsung phone. But they certainly make a difference and help you protect your smartphone, and there are many to choose from. You’ll find Samsung screen protectors that are perfect for the Samsung Galaxy S23 with features like tempered/strengthened glass and anti-spy technology that blocks the view of your screen from particular angles.


Galaxy Buds and Headphones

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are dedicated to transforming your music and audio experience and providing you with a first-class listening experience. Each pair has a two-way speaker, a rich treble-and-bass heavy sound by AKG and a three-mic system. The mics work together to block out external noises so you can enjoy music at its highest level of quality and clear phone conversations without missing a word.

While some consider Galaxy Buds+ the best headphones you can get for your Samsung smartphone, they’re not the only option you have to choose from. Big-name brands like Sony and Earfun have released high-quality headphones for Samsung phones, adding to the repertoire of exceptional Samsung Galaxy phone accessories on the market.  


Refurbished Samsung Smartwatches

A hand holding an S23 near a Samsung smartwatch.

Whether you’re a fitness fan, love the outdoors or just live a busy lifestyle, a refurbished smartwatch is one of the Samsung Galaxy phone accessories that can make your life much easier. With one of these devices, you can do all the same things you can with your Samsung smartphone – stay on top of e-mails and texts, take calls, use apps, listen to music, etc. – while on the go.

Smartwatches are renowned for their fitness features, from calorie counters to workout trackers to heart rate monitors. You can easily reach your fitness goals and monitor your health with a Samsung smartwatch. Sometimes, it can even save your life.


Additional Accessories

Other Samsung Galaxy phone accessories that are worth adding to your Samsung Galaxy S23 include:

Phone chargers

You can’t go without a charger for your Samsung. If yours is lost or too worn out, replacement Samsung chargers are easy to find. Original Samsung wall chargers and cables are the best option for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and since 2017, Samsung has used USB-C chargers for devices. This is good news for you, as you’ll be able to use the charger for your Samsung as long as you’ve had it since then.

Galaxy SmartTags

A Bluetooth-powered SmartTag is more than just a lost device locator. While it allows you to follow the sound of your own ringtone to the device you lost just by pressing a button, its uses don’t end there. It also lets you easily operate all the devices in your smart home.


A small plastic circle that attaches to the back of your Samsung Galaxy S23, a PopSocket is a fun accessory but also a practical one. It gives you a stronger grip on your smartphone, lets you take more stable selfies, and can use it as a stand when watching videos.


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