Are Refurbished Oppo Phone Cameras Good?

‘What’s the camera like?’ is an important question for most people shopping for any kind of smartphone. With each new model, smartphone brands compete with one another to create the best possible camera setups with the most innovative features. As the gap between picture quality closes and smartphones become the most popular tools for taking photos, even camera companies have been forced to evolve and compete.

Oppo smartphones are popular for many reasons, and one of them is camera quality. As one of the world’s top five smartphone brands, Oppo offers some healthy competition in a market still dominated by Apple and Samsung. Often seen as a more affordable option, Oppo is actually as diverse as every other smartphone brand, with everything from flagship models to budget-friendly options.

Refurbished smartphones are about as friendly on your budget as it gets for the level of quality they provide, so it’s worth asking what a refurbished Oppo’s phone camera is like. Can the camera quality of a second-hand Oppo measure up to what you find in stores?


What Are Oppo Phones?

Oppo launched in China in 2004, and before it was most famous for its smartphones, the company made a name selling electronic consumer goods like mp3 players and Blu-Ray players. Things changed in 2008 when Oppo launched its first mobile phone, featuring its smiley face symbol. Oppo followed this up with its first smartphone in 2011, and now Oppo devices are available in over 40 countries worldwide.

In most of these countries, Oppo sells three key lines of smartphones, with the company’s other lines currently not widely available. There’s the premium Find line, the mid-range Reno selection and the budget-friendly A phones. Like every other smartphone brand, Oppo phones differ widely in terms of quality and features but are generally a reliable option for features like long battery lives, generously sized screens and, of course, cameras.

So, how does a refurbished Oppo’s phone camera hold up? Is a second hand Oppo’s camera quality one of its many features?


Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Oppo Phone

An Oppo phone with the camera app open filming a city intersection.

You can split the benefits of buying a refurbished Oppo smartphone into two main categories: the merits of buying an Oppo and the merits of buying a refurbished one.

Camera quality is one of the areas in which Oppo has a well-deserved reputation for delivering the goods. The company pioneered the very first under-the-screen camera, the first motorised rotating camera (on the Oppo N1) and the first 10X hybrid zoom camera. Camera quality is such a focus for Oppo that the company’s mid-range models often match the quality and capabilities of the flagships.

Oppo’s other strengths include being budget-friendly, having long battery lives and introducing fresh features like rapid charging technology earlier than their competitors.

The biggest benefit of refurbished smartphones is that they can save you hundreds of dollars off the recommended retail price, and you don’t have to compromise on quality. Apart from maybe a few superficial chips or scuffs, refurbished smartphones possess a level of quality that’s almost identical to new ones. They’re also better for the environment, reducing the amount of e-waste (electronic waste) ending up in landfills and the amount of new smartphones that need to be produced.

Even on a second-hand Oppo, camera quality is a factor that’s important to most people. So, how does a refurbished Oppo phone camera compare to a new model?


The Best Oppo Phone Cameras

Oppo phones are well-known for camera quality, so you have a lot of options to choose from. DxOMark, a website known for reputable assessments of camera lens and image quality, has rated many Oppo phones with high scores. Refurbished Oppo phone camera quality can be as good as any new model if the refurbishment process is done right.

Here are some Oppo phones with brilliant cameras:

Find X6 Pro

One of Oppo’s flagship smartphones, the Find X6 Pro, comes with three 50 MP rear-facing cameras: primary, ultra-wide and periscope. All the cameras of this model support autofocus, both primary and periscope come with optical image stabilisation and a MariSilicon X image processing chip improves image and video quality in low-light settings.

Find X6

The Oppo Find X6 has the power to take detailed photos with noise kept to a minimum, regardless of lighting conditions. With a high capacity to capture elements like skin tones and dynamic range in detail, it owes its advantage to a combination of a high-grade image processing chip and cutting-edge colour calibration technology.

Find X5 Pro

The trio of cameras on the Find X5 Pro come with advanced technology that makes it easier to snap detailed pictures from moving cars and other unusual settings. There’s a 50MP ultra-wide sensor with a 110-degree field of view and a secondary camera built for long distances with a 2X optical zoom.

Reno 6 Pro 5G

Oppo’s Reno 6 line is renowned for its camera quality, and the Reno 6 Pro 5G is the top model in the series. Its rear camera’s primary module has a 50MP sensor behind a stabilised lens. Video mode can record up to 60 frames a second and there’s a macro camera built for great close-ups.

Find N2 Flip

Why not buy a smartphone that combines high camera standards with a very cool flip design? The Find N2 Flip has a 50MP main camera powered by a Sony IMX 890 sensor. It’s supported by an 8MP ultra-wide camera. The flip design makes it easier for you to capture photos and videos from the rear camera with higher levels of resolution.

We’ve already established that Oppo cameras are known for their quality, so this list by no means represents every good Oppo phone camera on the market. But if you’re looking for a refurbished Oppo with good phone camera quality, it’s a place to start.


Where to Buy Refurbished Oppo Phones

An Oppo phone with the camera app open filming a quiet city street at night.

If you’re looking for a refurbished Oppo with phone camera quality (and a high level of quality all around), OzMobiles has Oppo refurbished phones sourced in Australia. 

This includes the reliable and stylish Find X2 Neo, available in evocative moonlight black, which is even more affordable refurbished. Every mobile phone comes with a 12-month warranty that you can easily extend to a 24-month warranty for just a small fee.

Buying refurbished shouldn’t mean compromising on quality, and OzMobiles makes sure the camera quality and overall quality of our second-hand Oppos lives up to the high standards you’d expect from Australian products. All of our devices are tested to make sure all of their components, including their cameras, are fully functional. You can rest assured that your refurbished Oppo’s phone camera quality remains intact as well as the other great features of an Oppo.

Interested in a refurbished Oppo phone with exceptional camera quality? Contact OzMobiles to find out more. 


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