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‘X’ marks the spot on a map where the treasure is found. But when it comes to the iPhone X, there are a few different types of treasure: the original iPhone X, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR are all top-quality iPhones that you can score a fantastic deal on by buying refurbished, but which one is best for you? Is it worth switching from an entirely different type of iPhone or even from Android?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get technical, you can look at the specs for all X phone types. But this article will give you the gist of some of the differences. It will also tell you all about the benefits of buying an iPhone X refurbished.

Let’s start with the iPhone X. Released in 2017, it was such a big step forward for Apple that they skipped the iPhone 9 and went straight from the 8 to the X. With its strong and tough design, the power of its A11 chip and its long battery life, the X took the iPhone in new directions. It remains an excellent choice of phone to buy: affordable, capable of handling Apple’s iOS 15 software, and boasting a gracefully ageing design that still looks chic. You can sweeten the deal by purchasing an iPhone X refurbished and keeping more money in your pocket.

The iPhone XR hit the scene in 2018 with a larger screen and an A12 bionic chip. It’s a phone for those who appreciate style, and it’s available in colours that range beyond the typical iPhone spectrum, including yellow, blue and coral. It also packs high performance and long battery life, so it can go the distance throughout the day. It’s value for money, especially if you pick up a refurbished iPhone XR.

When Apple discontinued the iPhone X, they replaced it with the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. With its 6.5-inch panel, the XS Max is the larger of these two flagship phones. On top of being generous in size and powered by the A12 bionic chip, it also has the thickness of gorilla glass – scratch-resistant glass that’s just about as tough as you can get.

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The Process of Refurbishing Phones

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A refurbished smartphone isn’t just a second-hand phone. While it has been owned before, a properly refurbished phone sold through a decent retailer has been through a long process of checking and ensuring quality. Although this process can look a bit different depending on who is refurbishing your phone, a good retailer will always guarantee that the previous owner’s data has been wiped and that you receive a quality product and a warranty to go with it.

The process usually follows a basic order. First, your retailer will check the phone to make sure it can be repaired. Then they’ll erase the previous owner’s data and ensure the battery works. They check and repair individual components and clean and repackage the product. Refurbished phones can sometimes come with a scratch or dent here and there but rarely anything worse, and are in a condition that’s as good as new or close to it. Ex-demo phones have often only been removed from their boxes once. For example: to be displayed in retail stores and showrooms.

OzMobiles test all our devices at our Melbourne headquarters to make sure they comply with Australian standards and are compatible with Australian networks. Our thorough 72-point functional check and clean guarantee that no part of your refurbished phone is neglected. We also guarantee that your device still functions at its peak performance with at least 80% battery life. When you buy an iPhone X refurbished by OzMobiles, you know everything is going to work exactly as it should – or even better.


iPhone X Features & Benefits

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So what’s so great about the iPhone X, and why should you buy one? Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the features and benefits of this innovative model of iPhone.

The A11 chip

When the iPhone X first came out, the A11 bionic was the most powerful chip seen in any smartphone yet. And with its six-core CPU design, it still packs a punch. A step up from the chip in the previous iPhone, it makes for a fast-running and high-performance smartphone.

Generous battery life

One of the biggest benefits of the A11 chip is that the iPhone X also has a longer-lasting battery than its predecessors, going for up to 18 hours at a time. No matter how busy you are, you can get through the day without having to go hunting for a power socket.  

Front and back dual camera system

The iPhone X comes with two cameras offering a range of effects, making use of Apple’s augmented reality (AR) technology, which fuses the real world and the digital. The front-facing 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera features a portrait mode for stunning selfies and has wide colour capture and exact exposure control. The dual 12-megapixel rear camera boasts benefits like advanced pixel processing and fast low-light autofocus. With both cameras individually calibrated, the outcome is clearer, better lit and overall higher-quality photos.

The video function contains a lot of handy features, too, from 4K video to 6x optical zoom. If you’re upgrading from an older phone, your photos and videos will look better than ever with an iPhone X.

Sleek all-screen design

The iPhone X is elegant in appearance, intuitively laid out and easy to use with an all-screen design. Gorilla glass covers the front and back in a layer of toughness, while a surgical-grade stainless steel band encases the device and makes it even stronger. Despite how physically sturdy this iPhone is, it also comes with a vibrant screen that gracefully displays dazzling colour.

Face ID

The iPhone X lives up to Apple’s high standards of security with its facial recognition access. More effective than going by fingerprints, Face ID adapts to changes in your face over time, so you can feel secure even if you plan to have the phone for the long haul.

Water and dust-resistant

While not waterproof (so don’t take it for a swim), the iPhone X is built to withstand water and dust, while other phones may not be up to the task. On top of being physically strong, this phone is also good at protecting itself from the elements to avoid damage.

Value for money

The iPhone X is one of the more affordable iPhone options, and the price gets even more decent when you buy an iPhone X refurbished. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars when you ignore the shopping malls and go down the refurbished path.


Where to Buy an iPhone X Refurbished

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All of our devices come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong. And if you happen to find a better deal on a refurbished iPhone X, a refurbished iPhone XS Max or any other iPhone, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

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