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You’ve decided to buy an iPad. Now it’s time for a hard choice: which one should you get? Apple has six iPads on the market, with something for everyone and a price range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. Apple released the tenth generation of the iPad towards the end of 2022, upgrading the specs, changing the design and giving it more than a passing resemblance to the Pro. The iPad Mini remains a reliable favourite if you want to save yourself some cash with an ultra-portable design. But if it’s increased performance or a bigger display size you’re after, your best choice is between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro.

While every iPad likely has the speed and the power to meet your needs, the Air and Pro can both offer you a little more. Which one is best for you? It depends on what you’re after– longer battery life, lightning-fast speed, more power, and more colours.

One factor that’s on everybody’s priority list is affordability. When you buy them new, both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air come with higher price tags than the standard iPad.

Buying a used iPad can save you hundreds of dollars. But how do you ensure the quality is up to scratch? And how do you swap or return it if something goes wrong?

The answer lies in refurbished devices. A refurbished iPad will give you a quality product covered by a warranty for a fraction of what you can expect to pay for a new one. Plus, refurbished devices are available at OzMobiles.

OzMobiles takes away the hassle of figuring out where to buy used devices with our broad range of refurbished iPads as well as other tablets, laptops and smartphones. You can focus on more important questions like “Should I buy a refurbished iPad Pro or a refurbished iPad Air?”

We can help you answer that too. That’s what this article is all about.


Benefits of Refurbished Devices

It’s probably already clear that a refurbished device isn’t just a regular second-hand device, although it has usually had a previous owner. So what does “refurbished” mean, exactly?

Refurbished devices are used or returned items that have been checked and repaired to make sure they work like new or close to it. In the case of a refurbished iPad Air or Pro, this means the tablet has been checked to make sure it isn’t stolen or lost, the previous owner’s data has been deleted, and every part of the device has been examined to make sure it still works.

Refurbished devices are commonly sold in grades, from those in a practically new-like condition to those that look a bit more weathered. Apart from some minor chips and cracks, though, most of them are pretty close to brand new. This is especially true for “ex-demo” devices that have only been removed from their boxes to go on display in retail stores.

Refurbished devices have many benefits: they’re better for your bank balance, better for the environment and come with warranties included.

So which is best for you, a refurbished iPad Air or a Pro? Let’s look at the main features and pros and cons of each so you can make up your mind. The refurbished iPad Air and iPad Pro have a long list of similarities and an even longer list of differences.

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Refurbished iPad Air

Key features

The iPad Air has an all-day battery life, an M1 processor, 12MP cameras and a vibrant display to admire your photos on. It comes with Touch ID as opposed to the Pro’s Face ID feature so that you can unlock it with the touch of your finger.

Pros and cons

The iPad Air is more affordable than the Pro, but buying refurbished makes buying an iPad cheaper in every instance. If the choice of colours is a priority for you, the Air is the clear winner, available in six vibrant colours as opposed to the Pro’s Space Gray and Silver. That said, there’s only 64GB of storage, which may be less than you need to work with. Overall, a refurbished iPad Air should satisfy most users.


Refurbished iPad Pro

Key features

The iPad Pro comes with two sizes of screen to choose from: 11-inch or 12.9-inch. It’s a tablet built for the future, with 5G capability and the unmatched power of the M2 chip. Reviewers have called it “the best large tablet out there”, and buying a refurbished iPad Pro removes the high price tag that comes with a store-bought version.

Pros and cons

The iPad Pro has two options in screen sizes, while the iPad Air only comes with one 10.9-inch display. It’s a high-performing device with plenty of storage space, an impressive display and strong multi-tasking functionality; however, there are very few downsides to the iPad Pro. The 12.9-inch model might be too large for some people’s tastes, and not everyone is satisfied with only 128GB of storage, considering how much it costs to buy new.  


Which Is Better For You?

If you want an iPad that offers all of Apple’s usual benefits with extra power and features, both products are outstanding as far as tablets go. A refurbished iPad Air packs plenty of power thanks to the M1 chip and has more colours, a lower price and a Touch ID sensor to unlock the tablet with your fingerprint.

If it’s important to you to have the highest level of power possible, a refurbished iPad Pro is hard to beat. It has a stronger processor (M2), which is up to 15 times faster than the M1. It also has a LiDAR sensor that makes Augmented Reality apps run a lot better.

In the end, the choice is yours. And both will offer an enhanced version of the classic Apple experience and bonus features that go beyond a regular iPad. An easier choice to make is the choice to buy refurbished when buying a used iPad rather than taking your chance on an online marketplace. 

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