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The need for smartphones is increasing day by day. These devices have allowed us to communicate with the world, stay connected, and do all sorts of tasks in our daily life. Although these phones have eased our daily work, they are also very fragile and need to be handled with care. 
When purchasing a phone, it consists of some accessories, however, you need to get yourself for your ease and the phone’s safety. Also, if you wish to add cool upgrades to enhance your phone usage, then buying a few accessories will do the job.

Guide to buying phone accessories:

Before buying anything, you should make sure that the product is durable, authentic, long-lasting, and many other features. Similarly, when looking to buy phone accessories you need to make sure that the seller and manufacturer are reliable. There are two types of sellers that are mentioned below along with their pros and cons.


First-party Accessories:

First-Party sellers are the actual smartphone company that manufactures accessories for their smartphones. These are the most reliable source where you are sure to get 100% genuine and new products easily and even along with a warranty.


  1. Long-lasting products
  2. Higher compatibility
  3. Genuine products
  4. Reliable source
  1. Costly

Third-party Accessories:

These are all the other manufacturing companies that provide phone accessories and they are not bad at all. Third-party accessories just need to be checked properly before buying to ensure that there isn’t any damage or issue from the device. At times some third-party manufactures are also supported and certified by the original company, therefore one should always opt for genuine products instead of wasting money.


  1. Affordable price
  1. May not be genuine products

Must Have Phone Accessories:

Here’s a list of accessories that you must have in today’s world. Not only do these accessories enhance your functioning but will also keep your phone safe and others help keep your phone charged if you do not happen to find an outlet.



Other than beautifying, a phone case protects your phone against any damages. It prevents the back of the phone from getting scratched and even breakage if your phone has a glass back. The corners of your phone are the most delicate part and they can get easily damaged throughout the day. A phone case helps protects those corners as well.


Types of cases:

There are many types of cases that are now being manufactured by different companies. However, the different types of cases we have to offer are mentioned below:


Clear Cases:

Clear cases are one of the most popular and most used cases in the world. These cases are solely made to protect your phone while giving you the ultimate advantage of showing off the back of your phone. Moreover, clear cases are customizable and you can do that by yourself at home. Shockproof clear cases help protect the phone in case it falls and prevent damage on the exterior as well as the interior of the phone.
You can check out our collection of clear phone cases here.

Silicone Cases:

Silicone cases are a great option if you are looking to add color to your phone case. These covers offer protection to a higher level as they are made thick and act as a barrier. While clear cases may turn yellow after a few months and it is difficult to retain their original color, silicone cases are much easier to clean


Wallet Cases:

Although these cases are bulky but they come in handy. You can easily store your cards, cash, and other such items to keep them protected along with your phone. Wallet cases offer great portability and help in keeping things organized.
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Skins are very thin and unlike other cases, they do not add weight to your phone. These are customizable and available in many different colors. Although these look really nice on your phone, they do not offer high protection which means that your phone is at risk.


Screen Protectors:

Just as a phone case helps in protecting the back and corners of your phone, similarly you need something to protect your phone screen. Here is when screen guards come in. There are different types of screen protectors, each with a different protection level. They prevent the screen from smashing into pieces if your phone goes through a drastic fall. 


Tempered Glass:

Tempered glass is a great protection to your phone’s screen. We often find ourselves being clumsy and dropping our phones which can result in screen breakage. Having a tempered glass covering you can prevent any unwanted scratches or cracks on the screen. Moreover, the tempered glass protects the phone from high temperatures.
When it comes to having screen guards, tempered glass is your best option to provide high protection to your phone and forget the fear of damaging it. One of the most important features of tempered glass is that even if it breaks, it crushes into tiny pieces. This gets rid of any sharp edges that may result in further damage.
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Power Banks:

With a hectic work routine, sometimes it is impossible to find a charging socket near you. Moreover, if you are a travel lover owning a power bank is a must for you. Therefore, power banks are the innovation that allows you to charge your phone anywhere, anytime easily. If you want to buy a power bank look for the one that consists of multiple ports and is portable in size as many power banks are bulky. You can check out our best power bank below.



Headsets are now a great requirement especially during traveling and when you want to multitask like making a phone call and work. They are a great accessory even when you go for your morning or night run allowing you to jam along to your favorite beats. We offer highly affordable headsets and of the best quality.

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