Is It Worth Fixing My Cracked Samsung Phone Screen?

So you have the perfect Samsung Galaxy smartphone. It has a long battery life, a large screen and a camera that takes crisp and clear photos. There’s only one problem: you’ve had an accident, and now the screen is severely cracked.

When you have a badly cracked Samsung phone screen, you have more problems to deal with than its unsightly look. Even a small crack can spread quickly, making your phone more likely to shatter if you drop it again. A screen obscured by cracks can strain your eyes, become unresponsive or cut your finger when you swipe or scroll. A broken Samsung screen can’t offer the same protection as a fully intact one, and it leaves your smartphone’s insides vulnerable to damage from dust, dirt, water or oil.

So is fixing a Samsung phone screen possible and worth the money required, or should you head to the store for a new model?

Samsung is the world’s leading Android brand, and the company’s smartphones frequently top lists of the best Androids you can buy. So as you can expect, they’re not cheap from stores. A brand-new Samsung smartphone is likely to set you back more than a grand. So do you learn to live with a cracked Samsung phone screen or send it off for repairs?


Fixing Vs. Replacing a Broken Device


There are a few things to consider when you’re choosing between fixing a Samsung phone screen and replacing it completely: the size of the crack, the age of the phone, and the condition it’s in. For example, if you have a recent Samsung Galaxy flagship model and its only flaw is one miniscule crack, it’s probably worth getting it repaired. That’s usually the most affordable option, and it extends the lifespan of the phone too.

However, there are definitely times when buying a new phone is the best way to deal with a cracked Samsung phone screen. Here are some of the most common reasons you might choose to replace, rather than repair, your Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

Your phone is getting old

If your phone has a few years under its belt, the price of repairing the screen might be higher than the value of the phone. In that case, buying a new phone is more affordable if you know where to look.

Your phone has other issues

If your phone has a dying battery, regularly freezes or overheats, or is constantly lagging, it’s probably time for a new phone anyway. Repairing a broken Samsung screen is only worthwhile if your phone still has enough life in it to be useful for a few more years. If it’s coming to the end of its lifespan, your money could be better spent on a new phone.

Your phone is no longer eligible for security updates

A lot of older phones no longer receive software updates, which leaves them vulnerable to security risks and incompatible with the most recent apps. Knowing when it’s time to replace your smartphone is often not so much a matter of age as a matter of the software it can handle. Fixing the screen doesn’t mean your phone is protected from cyber threats.

If you’ve taken an honest look at your Samsung smartphone and decided you’d be better off replacing it than repairing it, your new concern is probably affordability. If the cost of the latest flagship models makes your head spin, refurbished Samsung smartphones provide a solution.

Why Buy Refurbished Samsung Phones?

A person holding a Samsung phone with a cracked screen using tools trying to fix it.

Buying a refurbished smartphone lets you replace an ageing, poorly functioning phone with one that works just as well as a new model. When you buy from the right provider, a fully functional refurbished phone costs a fraction of a new flagship.


As far as used smartphones go, refurbished smartphones offer a safer solution than the kind you buy in private sales. When a phone is refurbished, a retailer or manufacturer puts it through a strict quality-checking process, removes all the previous owner’s data and makes sure every element from the microphone to the battery to the screen still works.


Sometimes a refurbished Samsung phone is the solution to a badly cracked Samsung phone screen, especially if the phone is on its last legs in general.

The benefits of buying refurbished Samsung smartphones include:

It’s far less expensive

You can usually save hundreds of dollars when you buy refurbished and sometimes even more than a grand. Often the deals you can score on refurbished Galaxy phones are cheaper than fixing a Samsung phone screen.

You get a warranty

When you buy from a professional, a refurbished phone always comes with a warranty. You don’t get that guarantee when you buy a second-hand phone from an individual.

Unlocked smartphones

A refurbished smartphone isn’t locked to any particular carrier, and you don’t have to serve out the remainder of a contract. All you have to do is put your SIM card in and start using it.

It’s sustainable

Smartphones are one of the world’s biggest contributors to e-waste (electronic waste), the fastest-growing form of waste on the planet. Phones that get thrown in the trash end up in landfills, where they leak toxic metals like lead and cadmium into the soil and water. Meanwhile, the mining processes involved in the production of new smartphones make them one of the most resource-heavy items in the world, with 80% of their carbon emissions occurring during production.


Buying a second-hand smartphone may seem like a small action. But when enough people buy refurbished, it makes a big difference. And since it’s more affordable and there’s no compromising on quality, why not?


Ways to Protect a Samsung Phone Screen


With a few simple measures, you can minimise the risk of a cracked Samsung phone screen occurring in the first place. Here are some steps you can take so you don’t have to deal with a broken Samsung screen further down the line:

Buy a protective case

A good quality case will help protect your Samsung Galaxy from scratches, drops, cracks and slips of the hand. As well as buffering your phone from the force of impact, cases are tactile and easy to hold onto, giving you a stronger grip on your phone.

Buy a screen protector

Generally made from plastic or tempered glass, screen protectors provide a clear layer of additional protection that reduces the risk of a cracked Samsung phone screen in an accident.

Store your phone somewhere safe

To minimise the likelihood of a broken Samsung screen, keep your smartphone in a safe spot when you’re not using it. Avoid placing your phone in a precarious location where it’s likely to fall on the floor, or people could sit on it. It helps to have some regular secure spots around the house set aside for your smartphone so you can find it when you need it.  

Use a PopSocket

You may have seen those small plastic circles that attach to the back of smartphones or their cases. Those devices are called PopSockets, and they’re designed to give you a more secure grip on your phone, cutting down on the chance it will slip out of your hands and result in a cracked Samsung phone screen.


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