Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas: Refurbished Electronics

Christmas shopping isn’t always easy: hunting for a parking space, getting lost in the crowd, trying to find gifts for those hard-to-buy-for family members and snapping up the bargains while you can. Not to mention, cost-of-living pressures and interest rate hikes have meant many households have less to spend this year. So how can you have a merry Christmas when you’re on a tight budget? How do you cut costs while still providing your family with quality gifts?

Smartphones are the most popular electronic devices in the world, and since 2016 the number of smartphone users has been growing at an average rate of 10% annually. A lot of avid smartphone users are fans of other digital tools like tablets and smartwatches too – or would be if they tried them out. These devices have features to suit folks of all kinds, from students to creatives to fitness fanatics.

But wait, isn’t a new smartphone pretty expensive, especially if you buy the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy? Usually, yes, but you can score the same level of quality for a fraction of the cost by purchasing refurbished electronics.

Refurbished electronics are more than just cheap second-hand tablets and mobile phones, although they have been previously used.  When you buy refurbished, you’re buying a pre-loved device from a company whose quality you can trust. At least, that’s the way you should be doing it. Refurbished devices have been tested extensively for quality, repaired if necessary and sold with the previous owner’s data removed and warranties included.

Get ideas on which refurbished electronics to pop in a stocking or place under your tree–you’ll have something to satisfy the tech lovers in your life this Christmas.


Refurbished iPhones


Apple sells hundreds of millions of iPhones every year, and the launch of the latest iPhone is always a highly celebrated occasion. The long queues that take place outside Apple stores around the world whenever the latest model hits the scene shows that Apple isn’t about to lose its prime position in the marketplace any time soon. Whether it’s the simplicity and intuitive feel of iOS, the array of creative features or just the slick sense of style, new flagship iPhones are able to command high prices.

But the same features and benefits are available when you buy refurbished, along with several hundred dollars of potential savings. When you go shopping for cheap refurbished mobile phones, you can find plenty of iPhones among the bargains, many of them recent models.

Some refurbished iPhones that make excellent bargain-friendly Christmas gifts include:

iPhone 6S Plus

A big unit with a high-resolution screen and a long battery life, the iPhone 6S Plus comes with a pressure-sensitive 3D touch display and optical image stabilisation for photos.

 iPhone XS

A ground-breaking phone in 2018, the iPhone XS still goes the distance with the might of the A12 Bionic chip, a high-grade dual camera system and a stunning Super Retina display.


Second-Hand Samsung Galaxys


There are plenty of good cheap, refurbished mobile phones on the market for those who prefer an Android operating system. Samsung Galaxy is the Android market leader. Samsung lovers rate these phones highly for being easy to multi-task on as well as for their top-notch cameras, long battery lives and the power of Samsung Knox security.

A couple of the best refurbished Samsung Galaxy phones for Xmas include:

Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

The S22 Ultra 5G is sleek and stylish, with the fastest chip on a Samsung to date and a powerful Nightography camera plus an S Pen stylus.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G

The Z Fold 4 5G gives you a 7.6-inch screen size that it’s easy to fold up and slide right into your pocket. The inner screen is great for streaming and gaming, and there’s a camera set-up with a 50-megapixel main camera too.  


Refurbished Android Phones

A woman wearing a Santa hat looking down at her phone in front of a Christmas tree.

When you go shopping for refurbished electronics, your options stretch beyond just Samsung and Apple. There is a wide range of other Android devices available that give you a satisfying Android experience at a low price. Some of the best cheap refurbished mobile phones include:

Google Pixel

There are so many options available when you decide to buy a Google phone. Google’s own smartphone models come with fast software, security updates directly from the search engine giant, and cameras that are among the best you’ll find on any smartphone.


An affordable and long-lasting Android brand, Oppo offers value-for-money smartphones with lasting battery lives, unique features and AI-enhanced high-grade cameras.


Second-Hand Tablets


Cheap second-hand tablets are among the most versatile refurbished electronics out there. A lightweight, highly portable device that sits somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop in terms of style, tablets are handy for schoolkids, uni students, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives and anyone else who needs access to technology and spends a lot of time on the move.


On a tablet, you can do it all: use e-mail and the internet, game, read, stream, create and even snap photos. If a family member of yours requires something bigger than a smartphone but light enough to carry from place to place in a snap, cheap second-hand tablets provide a solution. Some of the best budget-friendly tablets include:

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro and iPad Air are the two main models of Apple’s iPad line. Both offer a little more than Apple’s regular iPad, and both have their similarities and differences. The iPad Pro has a Liquid Retina XDR display with a high refresh rate and brightness level, plus storage options up to 2TB.

iPad Air

Stylish, lightweight and slim, the iPad Air is easy and graceful to carry around and allows you to breezily multitask across apps.


Refurbished Smartwatches


If you haven’t bought a smartwatch before, you’ll be surprised by just how many benefits these refurbished electronics have. They’re capable of so much more than just telling the time and making calls, including tracking fitness goals, making mobile payments, providing music on the run and even saving your life in emergency situations.


If you need some pointers on what kind of smartwatch to buy, we recommend these refurbished electronics:

Apple Watch

If you love the convenience that Apple products provide, an Apple Watch gives you the power to access them simply by tapping your wrist. You can view notifications in an instant, monitor the signs of your health and safety, track your workouts and leave your phone at home while jogging.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

Samsung’s elegant smartwatches look sharp and sophisticated but are durable enough to survive even your toughest workout and come with the tools to track your progress for you.


Buying refurbished electronics is both more environmentally friendly and better for your budget than buying new ones. But it’s important to buy from the right seller to make sure your Christmas gift is a success.


Get Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts at OzMobiles

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Every refurbished device OzMobiles sells, from cheap refurbished mobile phones to cheap second-hand tablets, is fully functional and comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


You can save up to 40% on a refurbished iPhone, snap up a second-hand Samsung Galaxy or another amazing Android phone or choose the right refurbished tablet or smartwatch. And if Christmas shopping leaves you a little short, you can buy now and pay later through providers like AfterPay and ZipPay.


If you have any questions, get in touch with the friendly team at OzMobiles! 

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