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When you see the prices of the new flagship smartphones in stores, buying a used phone in a second-hand mobile sale immediately seems appealing. But just like any purchase, there are pros and cons – you must be careful who you’re buying from. It’s possible to score a great deal on used phones – the deal that can save you hundreds of dollars, even a grand or more. It’s also possible that a less-than-scrupulous seller can take you for a ride and leave you with something a lot worse (and not always much cheaper) than what you can find at your local shopping centre.

So what’s the solution? Do you take your chances on second-hand smartphones regardless, or give it up and go to the mall? The problem isn’t too hard to solve; the answer lies in refurbished phones.

Refurbished phones are used phones, but when you buy them through the right dealer or outlet, you avoid many of the pitfalls that usually come with the territory when you take a chance on used electronics. You know they won’t be stolen, you don’t have to fear coming across the previous owner’s as-yet-undeleted data, and you’re covered under warranty.

Genuine, ethical sellers of refurbished smartphones will run thorough checks and make sure their phone operates to a certain standard before they put it up for resale. They’ll wipe the previous owner’s info, send you a warranty with your purchase and even classify the quality into grades, so you know how close to new to expect. You can save a ton of cash, avoid being locked into a contract and have a phone that’s still pretty close to as good as new. Some phones, known as ex-demo phones, have only been taken out of the box to be put on display in retail stores.

Refurbished, ex-demo and other second-hand phones are available in various locations, and there are pros and cons to choosing the used option.


Benefits of Second-Hand Mobiles

Some advantages to buying second-hand include

  • It’s a lot cheaper: The main benefit of heading to a second-hand mobile sale is that it’s usually much cheaper than buying something brand new. If it weren’t, second-hand shopping wouldn’t be half as appealing. Refurbished phones can save hundreds of dollars or more, usually without compromising on anything except a few minor imperfections. Of course, when buying second-hand, it’s important to assess the quality of the phone and ensure it’s still worth the money.
  • It’s better for the planet: Millions of electronic devices (including smartphones) end up in landfill every year, contributing to the problem of e-waste. In Australia alone, e-waste surpasses 140,000 tonnes every year, causing toxic chemicals like lead and mercury to seep into the soil. Buying a second-hand phone means one less phone that has to take a trip to the landfill. In a small way, it helps contribute to a society based on recycling and a more sustainable future.
  • You can score a phone that’s hard to find in stores: Over the years, smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung have put out a lot of great phones, some very different from others in the line-up, some now discontinued. Sometimes you simply won’t be able to find these models new. You can get most of them online, but often you’re taking your chances in terms of quality, especially through a private seller. Instead, with a retailer like OzMobiles, you have a wide selection of different model devices at your fingertips and can basically take your pick.
  • A phone that’s close to new for less: Some second-hand smartphones are basically new. Some have barely been used, and some were only removed from their boxes to be put on display in stores.


Drawbacks of Second-Hand Mobiles

While used phones are relatively easy to get and can be excellent deals, there are a few potential downsides to buying second-hand phones too. These include

  • Poor condition: When you buy a second-hand phone, especially online, you might not realise that it’s in the best of health until it’s too late. This has another problem attached to it, specifically:
  • No warranties: If you buy a used phone, you probably won’t be covered under warranty if anything goes wrong. If it doesn’t work properly, there’s no turning to the manufacturer for help and no guarantee of a refund or exchange from the seller. Buying used phones can also be risky because there’s the possibility that they could be stolen or lost.
  • Battery health: Batteries wear out over time. So when you buy a second-hand smartphone, it’s a given that the battery won’t go the distance it once could. You don’t want to get saddled with a phone that constantly runs out of battery at unfortunate moments and needs to be hooked up to a charger all the time.
  • You may not need to buy one: Depending on what you’re looking for in a smartphone, a brand-new mid-range model might suit you fine. Especially if you’re only looking to cover the basics. As smartphone standards improve across the board, you may find you can get a brand-new budget or mid-range phone that suits you just fine for a nice price.


Is it Worth Buying Second Hand Mobiles?

In the end, it’s up to you. But it’s fair to say that the pros of buying second-hand smartphones outweigh the cons, especially as far as price is concerned. But caution is advised. If you want to make sure you get a good deal at the second-hand mobile sale, refurbished phones are the key.


Where to Buy Used Phones

If you’re looking for a second-hand mobile sale with decent brands you can trust, you can find anything you need right here on the OzMobiles website.

Whether you’re an Apple or Android person, regardless of the brand you prefer, OzMobiles has something for you. Check out our iPhones, including recent models, with savings often in the mid-hundreds and sometimes even close to a grand.

If top-of-the-line Android phones are more your style, we have Samsung Galaxy savings bigger than any you’re likely to find elsewhere. Google has always been a low-cost, high-quality alternative to the smartphone world’s biggest brands, and our second-hand Google phones are even cheaper. You can also find bargains from Huawei, Oppo and Sony.

Regardless of which brand you pick, every OzMobiles device is tested at our Melbourne headquarters using our 72-point checking process. Our comprehensive functional check-and-clean guarantees that all elements of your phone are working correctly, including battery life, which we make sure is at least 80% capacity. To cover you in the unlikely event that you don’t get what you ordered, we offer a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If there’s a phone you’ve had your eye on, but you’re on a tight budget, we offer the chance to pay in instalments through AfterPay, PayPal Pay in 4 or ZipPay. If you find a better deal somewhere else, we’ll outdo that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

For more info or if you need a hand-picking out a phone from our second-hand mobile sale, contact OzMobiles

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