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The price of new smartphones is enough to drive many people to ask, “Where are the best second-hand phones near me?” and to eventually head online for bargains. The wide world of used iPhones and Android phones presents seemingly limitless options, but with all that freedom comes a few tough choices as well. When you start looking to buy smartphones online, you realise very quickly that it’s not just old and antique models that are up for grabs. You can also save hundreds of dollars on recent devices. It’s exciting, but it can make it even harder to choose!

This article looks at two heavy hitter flagships both released in 2022: the iPhone 14 and the Samsung Galaxy S22. You need a new phone, and you want one that’s affordable, so which one should you get?

For some people, the choice will be easy. Apple and Samsung are the two biggest smartphone brands in the world, and each has loyal fans with strong feelings about the brand. Apple’s iPhones are famous for being easy to use, secure, intuitive and packed with useful features, as well as being simple to integrate with the whole iOS ecosystem. Samsung Galaxy phones have great multi-tasking capacity, excellent cameras and a level of security that both governments and private businesses trust. There are lots of great smartphones out there, but there are reasons Samsung and Apple are always on top: they’re constantly making phones of exceptionally high quality.

Of course, new flagship phones from either brand aren’t cheap. The prices alone might be enough to have you asking, “Where are all the second-hand phones near me?”

You can buy a second-hand phone right here through OzMobiles and save yourself a lot of cash. But first, which is better: iPhone 14s or Samsung Galaxy S22s?


Features of iPhone 14

Some of the iPhone 14’s highlights include:

A terrific camera set-up

The iPhone 14 packs powerful cameras capable of taking outstanding photos even when the lighting is dim. There’s a main 12MP wide camera with a bigger sensor than the iPhone 13 and an ultra-wide camera that captures up to four times more than its predecessor.

Action mode

This is the iPhone 14’s step up from the last model in terms of video, which is designed to keep the picture steady no matter how much you move around.

A step up in performance

Although it’s powered by the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 Pro (still a fantastic chip!), the iPhone 14 has a five-core GPU with bigger and better graphics performance.

This is just a small taste of the benefits. You can find out more for yourself when you purchase your own refurbished iPhone 14. “But where do I find second-hand phones near me?” The answer is OzMobiles.

A man half pulling a black iPhone 14 out of his pocket

Features of Samsung Galaxy S22 

The finest features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 include:

Excellent cameras

The S22’s camera system captures clear, sharp, colourful pictures. Although it uses the same camera setup as the S21, it now includes a 50MP shooter instead of a 12MP and has a 23% larger sensor to let more light in.

Bright screen resolution

Whether you’re streaming movies on your device or just admiring the photos you’ve taken, you should be very happy with the picture on the Samsung Galaxy S22. The versatile AMOLED panel can be switched between modes like Natural and Vivid, depending on whether your priority is brightness or colour accuracy. Turn on the HDR, and you can reach up to 1,152 nits of brightness.

Elegant design

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is so well-designed that despite its 6.1-inch screen, it’s easy to use with one hand and simple to slip comfortably in your pocket. Samsung has avoided the ungainly feeling that comes with a lot of larger phones and made an elegant, efficient, good-looking unit available in a selection of striking colours.

Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S22 actually has more benefits than we can list here. You can find out more for yourself by purchasing your own refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22. “But where can I come across decent-quality second-hand phones near me?” You’re in the right place: OzMobiles.


Which is Better?

It’s hard to make a judgement call on which one is better. Both the iPhone 14 and the Samsung Galaxy S22 are excellent phones. As always, it depends on your personal tastes and what you’re hoping to get out of buying a second-hand phone. The iPhone 14 is an excellent choice if you want a really good chipset and high-quality photo-processing software. Other advantages it has over the Samsung Galaxy are a longer-lasting charge and a longer period of support for the software.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is amazing value, with features like a telephoto lens and adaptive refresh rate.

Neither of these smartphones will leave you disappointed. Best of all, both are available online as refurbished models, saving you money, helping to save the environment and sparing you the question of “Where do I find second-hand phones near me?”

So where should you head to buy smartphones online?

A hand holding a Samsung Galaxy S22 with the back of the device showing

Buy Second-Hand Phones at OzMobiles

Whether you eventually settle on the iPhone 14 or the Samsung Galaxy S22, there’s one question that OzMobiles can easily answer for you: “Where do I find second-hand phones near me?”

Buy a second-hand phone through OzMobiles, and you can take your pick from hundreds of second-hand iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, with new ones arriving all the time. Whether you prefer the iPhone 14 series or a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone is what you’re after, OzMobiles makes it easy to buy smartphones online.

OzMobiles is an Australian-owned and operated company, so we make sure every device we sell meets high Australian standards. At our Melbourne headquarters, we put every phone we refurbish through a 72-point testing process that includes battery life (which we make sure is at least 80%). By the time devices go on sale on our website, we’ve made sure that they’re fully functional. Every device we sell comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee, and we also offer fast free shipping.

We want to make sure that not only do you never have to search “second-hand phones near me” anywhere else, but that you get your device quickly and get it cheap. If you buy a second-hand phone with us before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we’ll have it shipped out to you on the same day. Because we’re committed to sustainability and recycling, 100% of our packaging is made from sustainable material. The planet benefits along with your pocket!

We don’t want financial issues to hold you back from picking up the brand-new phone of your dreams. If you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). And if you’ve found the ideal phone, but you’re on a tight budget, you can pay in instalments through a third-party provider like ZipPay, AfterPay or PayPal Pay in 4.

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