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The iPhone 14 range arrived on the scene in late 2022, with four different models available: the regular, the Plus, the Pro and the Pro Max.  Reviewers praised the phone’s value for money and the range of features on offer: the visually striking display, first-class cameras, Action mode video and powerful A15 Bionic chip. The four models have some excellent features in common, including a Super Retina XDR display and some notable differences too. Whether your priority is affordability, cameras, battery life, storage or benefits like Dynamic Island, at least one of these models is still certain to appeal to you. The iPhone 14 range remains worth your consideration even as the world awaits the release of the iPhone 15.

Of course, new iPhones and new Apple products, in general, don’t come cheap. Refurbished iPhones offer a way to get your hands on a top-notch smartphone model for less - and it’s easy to find a refurbished iPhone 14.

A refurbished smartphone is a second-hand smartphone, but it usually comes with a high level of quality you wouldn’t expect from a private seller. Not to mention a warranty.

Most refurbished phone sellers are professionals who have put their used smartphones through a rigorous checking and testing process to make sure they meet Australian sales standards. The previous owner’s data has been removed, factory settings have been restored, and background checks have been run to guarantee a phone isn’t lost or stolen. When you buy refurbished, you usually score a phone that’s just as good as a store-bought model minus a few chips or other imperfections.

OzMobiles sells a vast selection of refurbished smartphones in Australia, including the iPhone 14 range. This article explores what kind of condition you can expect your refurbished iPhone 14 to arrive in, how to prolong its lifespan and the benefits of accessories like the iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protector. We’ll also answer some commonly asked questions, like whether or not a refurbished iPhone 14 fits inside iPhone 12 phone cases.

Refurbished iPhone 14 Standards

When you order a second-hand phone from a stranger online, there’s no knowing what kind of condition it will come in.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, OzMobiles tests all of our devices at our Melbourne headquarters to make sure they meet high Australian standards. This includes battery life, which we guarantee has at least 80% of its capacity. With our 72-point check, we make sure everything from the microphone to the touchscreen to the speaker still works, and we ship it out in 100% recyclable packaging to support a more sustainable future.

Like most other refurbished phones, the smartphones we sell at OzMobiles are sold in grades. When you order a refurbished iPhone 14 (or any other kind of refurbished phone) through OzMobiles, it will come in one of the following conditions. It’s worth remembering that all of our refurbished phones are certified as fully functional and in great working order regardless of condition.

Brand New

These phones have never been used, although some might have been opened for quality checks. They include their full Australian manufacturer’s warranties.


These phones have only been taken out of their boxes to be put on display in retail stores. While they’ve spent time on the shelf, they haven’t had previous owners and are still in close-to-new condition with faint to no marks.


Smartphones that are graded ‘excellent’ have minimal signs of wear and tear, such as minor scuffs and scratches that aren’t visible at arm’s length.

Very Good

Scratches may be more visible, and there may be minor dents as well. To make up for imperfections in their appearances, these phones are usually exceptionally good value.

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Phone Hardware Protection

If you want your smartphone to last for the long term, check out our range of iPhone cases and iPhone screen protectors.

Many Apple fans assume that because the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 12 are similar sizes, iPhone 12 phone cases will fit the iPhone 14s. However, this isn’t the case. The iPhone 14 is slightly larger, and other factors like the placement of the volume button and the size of the camera bump come into play. Fortunately, you don’t need to recycle an old iPhone 12 phone case when you can take your pick from one of the iPhone 14 cases OzMobiles has on offer.

Mobile phone cases not only protect your phone from ordinary mishaps like bumps and falls, but they also keep damage from dust and heat at bay, extend the lifespan of your iPhone and can even complement your phone’s aesthetics.  Whether you’re using an iPhone 14, iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 phone case, they’re useful and versatile tools to have.

If you’ve decided to invest in the biggest and most powerful of the iPhone 14 range – the iPhone 14 Pro Max – it makes sense to protect it. An iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protector helps keep the screen safe and in excellent condition. Benefits of an iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protector – or a screen protector for any iPhone model – include protection from drops, scratches and dirt, less eyestrain and increased privacy.

Phone Battery Life Maintenance

Nobody likes having to constantly find a place to charge their phone while they’re on the go. Some tips for maintaining the battery life of your refurbished iPhone 14 include:

  • Try not to charge your battery beyond 100% (for example, by leaving it to charge overnight)
  • Charge your battery to a maximum of 90% and avoid letting it get below 30%. Batteries have to work their hardest when they’re either fully charged or close to flat.
  • Charge your phone slower, e.g. through your laptop cable.
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth if you’re not using them.

Tips for Prolonging Your Refurbished Phone’s Lifespan

Some tips to make your refurbished iPhone 14 last longer include:

  • Power your phone down now and then rather than leaving it on 24/7.
  • Use antivirus software on your phone to protect it from malware and hackers.
  • Clean out files, photos etc., on your phone every now and then to free up space and avoid the risk of overheating.
  • Clean the ports on your phone regularly and make sure they’re free of debris.
  • Protect your phone from potential damage by purchasing accessories like cases and iPhone 14 screen protectors.
  • Don’t skip app updates, but if you have an older phone, be wary of new OS updates that the hardware on older models may not support.

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Buy Refurbished iPhone 14 Models at OzMobiles

You can pick up a bargain on a refurbished iPhone 14 plus other iPhones and accessories right here at OzMobiles.

All of our devices are guaranteed 100% fully functional and sold with 12-month warranties and 30-day money-back guarantees.

We want to get your device to you affordably and quickly, which is why we offer free and fast shipping. If you order before 12:30 pm on a weekday, we’ll send it out the same day.

Buy your new refurbished iPhone 14 through OzMobiles, or get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

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