do refurbished phones have new batteries?

Battery life is a significant factor in deciding which smartphone, secondhand or new, to buy. No one likes to take time out of their busy day to find a power point in public and wait around for their phone to charge.

A battery that lasts all day long is one of the main selling points that helps to make a particular make or model of smartphone appealing. But buying a secondhand smartphone means compromising on the battery life, right? Not necessarily.

If the high prices of brand new flagship phones have seen you browsing used smartphones online, you may have already come across the concept of refurbished phones. You may have wondered, “are refurbished phones worth it?” and if they can hold their own against store-bought models, including when it comes to battery life. Do refurbished phones have new batteries, or are you stuck with the battery of the previous owner, which might be old and worn out by now?

To answer the question, it helps to understand more about refurbished phones and what makes them different from regular phones you buy online. What makes a refurbished phone more trustworthy than another kind of secondhand smartphone, and how do you know if it’s right for you?

Luckily OzMobiles not only have the answers to those questions and the answer to the question “do refurbished phones have new batteries?” but we also have a refurbished phone that’s perfect for you as well – and a variety of different makes and models to pick.


What is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone is a secondhand phone, but it’s a little different to a phone you may buy through an online marketplace, a used goods store or a private seller.

When a phone is classified as “refurbished”, a company like OzMobiles has fixed it up for resale. Repairs have been made on it if necessary, the device has been rigorously tested, and it’s sold in a condition that allows you to expect high quality.

Repairs can be minor or major, and while refurbished phones aren’t always identical to new store-bought phones (there may still be chips, cracks or dents here or there, for example), they’re certainly fully functional.

Another category of the high-quality secondhand phone is the ex-demo phone. This phone doesn’t have a former owner. The only action seen is when it was taken out of the box to be displayed in a retail shop.  

 do refurbished phones have new batteries?

Benefits of Refurbished Phones

Are refurbished phones worth it? Is it worth your while to look for one instead of just immediately buying the cheapest available phone you can find online?

Absolutely! Refurbished phones have big benefits: for the environment, your bank account and you. One of the major drawcards is that they’re a lot less expensive than store-bought phones, and buying one can save you hundreds of dollars. You’re also guaranteed a warranty, which isn’t always a given when you buy used smartphones online.

Refurbished phones are also a greener, more eco-friendly option that supports recycling and reduces the number of waste going into landfill. Mobile phones play a big part in the world’s e-waste (electronic waste) problem, and buying a refurbished phone means one less perfectly good smartphone going to waste. It also means one less new model that has to be manufactured in a factory.

But you also don’t have to give up on quality while looking out for the environment and your savings account. Refurbished phones are thoroughly tested for functionality, so when you buy one, you can expect it to operate just as efficiently as a new phone – including the battery. But how is that accomplished? How does a company like OzMobiles guarantee a phone battery that will go the distance for you?


Do Refurbished Phones Have New Batteries?

If a refurbished phone needs a new battery, a credible refurbished retailer who cares about the quality of their products will provide one.

When you buy used smartphones, there’s no way to know for sure what state their batteries are in. The battery that came with the model may or may not have worn out with age, and the seller may or may not have provided a new one.

But if the battery on a secondhand phone sold through OzMobiles has seen better days, we’ll certainly replace it with a new one before it goes up for sale on our website.

We put all our refurbished phones through a serious, thorough testing process before they go up for sale, including battery life. Our 72-point functional check and clean will ensure your phone’s battery is still functioning in peak performance with at least 80% battery health. Our warranty also covers battery performance issues, so if your battery gives you trouble or doesn’t last as long as it should, you can return or replace the phone.

Refurbished phones have new batteries, or at the very least, the batteries are in working order. The security and peace of mind that comes with buying a phone with the battery in working order is another reason why refurbished phones are worth it.  

 do refurbished phones have new batteries?

Where to Buy Used Smartphones

You can buy used smartphones in various locations, from secondhand goods stores to online marketplaces. But the best way to ensure you’re getting a good deal and a phone that will last is to buy a refurbished phone through OzMobiles!

Buying refurbished gives you all kinds of benefits beyond just answering the question of “do refurbished phones have new batteries?” Refurbished phones are much cheaper than store-bought ones, and buying one can you save hundreds of dollars. They’re also covered under warranty through retailers like OzMobiles, which makes for a much safer purchase than simply going through a private seller. They’re eco-friendly, sustainable and good for the environment, helping to reduce the growing number of phones in landfills.

An Australian-owned and operated company, we ensure our devices meet Australian standards. All of our devices are tested at our Melbourne HQ using Blancco testing software to ensure they comply with Australian standards and can be used on all Australian networks. All our devices come with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day risk-free return guarantee. We offer free and fast shipping throughout Australia, and if you order before 12.30 pm Monday to Friday, we’ll ship your device on the same day.

On top of our passion for recycling materials and more sustainable forms of doing business, we’re also passionate about excellent deals and saving you cash. If you’re on a tight budget, we don’t want that to stop you from being able to purchase the refurbished smartphone you’ve had your eye on. That’s why we offer payment plans through ZipPay, AfterPay and PayPal. We also have a price-beat guarantee, so if you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

OzMobiles has all kinds of smartphones, including popular iPhone and Samsung models. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, and we’ll help you find a refurbished smartphone with amazing battery power that’s perfect for you.