are refurbished phones unlocked?

Are Refurbished Phones Unlocked?

Everyone loves a bargain, and there are many ways to find one. Some people save cash by buying used smartphones, while others buy locked ones. You can save a decent chunk of money on a brand-new phone by letting yourself be tied to one network. But what happens when it’s time to trade that locked phone in and replace it with something new? Is the new owner of the device still bound to the same network?

There’s no shortage of things to consider when you buy a secondhand smartphone. Is it in good condition? Does it come with a warranty? What condition is it in, including the battery life? If finding a trustworthy seller for secondhand smartphones feels like a challenge, a refurbished phone could be the answer.

If you’ve been shopping for a new secondhand phone for a while, you may have already considered going the refurbished option and wondered, “are refurbished phones worth it?” If you’re completely new to the concept, one of the first questions you may have is, “are refurbished phones unlocked or locked?”

Like all products, it’s best to buy refurbished phones through a trustworthy company that has you covered if anything goes wrong, including a warranty. OzMobiles is such a company. We’re always focused on what’s best for YOU, including the best deals, prices, payment plans and support.

Read on for a little more about refurbished phones, whether they’re worth your while and whether they’re unlocked. This article will address the question, “are refurbished phones unlocked or locked?” and provide more information about refurbished smartphones and their benefits.

 Are Used Smartphones Unlocked?

What is a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished phones are used smartphones that professionals have prepared for resale. While buying secondhand phones is usually a lucky dip quality-wise, refurbished phones have been thoroughly checked and tested to ensure they’re up to standard. Sometimes the repairs can be as simple as replacing a battery. Sometimes, they may be extensive and involve several parts of the phone. 

While refurbished phones vary in their condition – some may have a couple of scratches and dents – they’re perfectly functional. The ones that have been restored and tested by companies like OzMobiles should work as good as new, or very close to it!

As well as used smartphones, OzMobiles also have a range of ex-demo phones. These phones have been used as in-store display models in phone shops or taken out of their boxes at some point for another reason.

Are refurbished phones worth it? Absolutely! They’re a better option for the environment, your wallet, and you. When you buy a refurbished phone, that means one less phone that ends up in a landfill and adds to the world’s increasing e-waste problem. 

Refurbished phones also tend to be high-quality, restored to good-as-new condition in some cases. But of course, one of the biggest benefits of refurbished phones is that they’re a lot easier on your purse, wallet or bank balance. You can pick up a refurbished phone for sometimes hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying a phone brand new from the store.

You’re not limited in choice either. Whether you prefer Samsung, iPhone, Google, Oppo, Sony or Huawei, there’s a refurbished phone out there waiting for you!

But are refurbished phones unlocked or locked? That’s an important question to ask. And if some come locked, how do you find the unlocked ones?


What Does it Mean When a Phone is Locked?

A locked phone means that when you buy that phone, you can only use it with one carrier or network. The phone has an in-built technical restriction or code, so if you try to put another network’s SIM card in it, it won’t work.

The main benefit of buying a new locked phone from a store is that it costs less than an unlocked one. New high-end smartphones are often super-expensive, and carriers can subsidise the price by “locking” buyers into contracts for certain periods. One of the big financial bonuses of buying a locked phone is that the carrier will often spread the phone’s cost out over a payment plan, so you don’t have to pay the total price upfront.

In Australia, locked smartphones aren’t as common as they used to be. Post-paid phones (paid off with a monthly bill) tend to be unlocked. However, prepaid phones are still sold locked relatively often, and older phones, prepaid and post-paid, are more likely to be locked too.

When you shop for secondhand smartphones online, you’re likely to come across newer and older models of all types. Unless you’re buying through a trusted seller, it’s sometimes hard to know what you’ll get. As new models continue to hit the shelves, people trade in their old phones for cash, including locked phones.

Luckily locked phones can be unlocked. Sometimes your carrier will unlock your phone for you at the end of your contract. Sometimes you can request it by calling your carrier and quoting your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number.

But what about when you’re buying a secondhand phone? Are refurbished phones worth it? And are refurbished phones unlocked or locked?

 Are Used Smartphones Unlocked?

Are Used Smartphones Unlocked?

You can buy secondhand smartphones in various places, from used phone shops to online marketplaces. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll buy an unlocked one.

The good news is that every refurbished phone you buy through OzMobiles comes unlocked! No matter which carrier the previous owner was with, you can put a SIM card for any provider you like into your new refurbished mobile phone.

That’s not the only good news. Apart from the benefits of refurbished phones in general, there are some ways OzMobiles does things that make us a top choice when you’re shopping for a new refurbished smartphone.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we ensure our refurbished smartphones are up to a standard that Australian consumers reasonably expect. We carefully test all of our devices at our Melbourne HQ to make sure they’re fully functional and comply with Australian standards. This includes the device's battery, which we ensure is still in peak condition of at least 80% battery health. All our devices have a battery health guarantee and a 72-point functional check and clean.

Unlike buying a secondhand phone online on a marketplace, a warranty isn’t an issue when you purchase a refurbished smartphone through OzMobiles! All of our devices come with a 12-month warranty that covers manufacturing and battery faults, and we offer free 30-day returns for faults and changing your mind.

Our price-beat guarantee promises that if you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply). Can’t afford to pay full price for your refurbished device upfront? You can pay in instalments with ZipPay, AfterPay or PayPal if you’re on a tight budget.

Are refurbished phones unlocked? OzMobiles’ refurbished phones are, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on one.

Check out our range of iPhones and Samsung phones. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch