Common Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Android Phone

Nothing lasts forever—not even a great smartphone, sadly. While we all want to get the most out of our phones, there comes a time when even a quality device that has served us well over the years needs replacing. But aside from physical damage caused by accidents, that day rarely comes out of the blue. Some common issues with Android phones related to both software and hardware give early indications that the end is near.

Different models last for different lengths of time. But when it comes to smartphones, longevity is less about physical age and more about the kind of software the phone can run.  If an older phone is protected from malware and still works the way it should, there’s often no need to buy a new one unless you want the latest features.

Of course, refurbished Android smartphones expand your options a lot. When you buy a second-hand Android phone that has been refurbished, you buy a used phone that a professional has checked, tested, and repaired to ensure that it is fully functional and of excellent quality. A good Android refurbisher erases the previous owner’s data, puts the smartphone through a rigorous testing process, and makes sure every component on the device still works.

Android phones are a broad category that includes the extremely popular Samsung Galaxy range, Google Pixel and other brands like Oppo and Huawei. One of the main differences between Android phones and iPhones is that Android is an open-source operating system from Google, while Apple keeps all its devices connected via its highly integrated iOS operating system.

If you’re into Android, here are some common issues with Android phones that indicate it’s time to buy a new smartphone or trade your existing phone for a refurbished one.

Android Software Warning Signs

Your phone no longer receives security updates

Operating system updates keep your Android phone protected with security patches, bug fixes and new features. Samsung smartphones typically receive seven years of security upgrades. However, the older your smartphone is, the less likely it is to be supported and the more vulnerable you are to spyware, malware and other malicious threats.

You can’t get technical support

The older your Android phone is, the harder it is to find replacement parts, get helpful tech support for your issues, or even sign into Google. Brands look towards the future, which means models older than 10 years are eventually left behind.

New apps crash or won’t run at all

If you like gaming or other RAM-intensive activities, your phone's storage can fill up faster. When your storage is close to capacity, new apps will lag, crash, or sometimes not even run at all. To get the most out of your smartphone’s performance, consider upgrading to one with larger RAM when your storage gets full.

Connectivity issues

If your older Android is unable to connect to 5G Internet, Bluetooth or any other commonly used wireless technology, it may be time to upgrade for your own convenience.

Android Hardware Warning Signs

The battery is quick to die

All smartphone batteries degrade over time. Ageing reduces the power of a battery’s chemicals to hold a charge, with habits like overcharging shortening your battery’s lifespan even further. If your battery is quick to die and needs to be constantly charged, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan.

The phone overheats

It’s normal for your smartphone to get hot sometimes, especially when you’re using it for tasks that require a lot of data or battery power. But a smartphone that heats up when you’re not using it, and you’re out of the sun is a sign of hardware growing old. Phones that overheat can also explode or catch fire so, for the sake of your safety, it’s best to trade your phone for a refurbished phone ASAP.

You keep running out of storage space

Problems with your apps aren’t the only sign that your smartphone’s RAM is close to capacity. If you find yourself constantly out of space and needing to delete apps and files to free some up, you can save yourself some stress by buying a second-hand Android phone instead.

The camera is no longer impressive

Smartphone manufacturers work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest camera technology and exceed the quality of previous models. This makes sense, as camera quality is a key consideration for most smartphone buyers. You don’t need to be a social media superstar to want to take the best quality photos possible. Sometimes, you just want to preserve your memories in the clearest possible detail you can. As new Android phones embrace the benefits of AI and machine learning, cameras on older phones are being left behind as far as quality goes.

Upgrade with A Refurbished Android Phone

Sometimes common issues with Android phones have easy fixes. But often, smartphone problems worsen over time and replacing your phone is your only option. If you’re due for an upgrade, there are some good reasons you should buy a second-hand Android phone refurbished (or trade your phone for a refurbished one) rather than head to a department store. Some of the best reasons to buy refurbished include:

Guaranteed quality Android phones

If the idea of buying a second-hand smartphone scares you, rest assured that when you buy a refurbished device, what you see is what you get. A truly capable and professional retailer will put your smartphone through a detailed testing process to make sure it’s fully functional and that every component still works—including the all-important battery and camera.

Warranty included

Unlike a private sale, a smartphone bought through a quality refurbisher comes with a warranty to protect your purchase.

Savings of hundreds of dollars

Buying a second-hand Android phone refurbished means a fully functioning phone at used prices. This leads to serious savings for a phone that’s often just as good as a store-bought one, apart from a scuff or scratch here or there.

Good for the environment

Trading your old phone in for a refurbished one is a simple way to reduce your carbon emissions and cut down on the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills. Trading your old phone in for a refurbished Android phone saves yet another perfectly good Android phone from going to waste. 

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