Common Issues With the iPhone 14: How Refurbishing Helps

When shopping for a second-hand device, it’s normal to have questions about the refurbishing process and any common issues the phone has had since its launch. Buying refurbished phones is a great way to save money while staying up to date with the latest technology—especially with Apple’s iPhones.

The iPhone 14 is part of the sixteenth generation of iPhones, succeeding the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. It’s currently one of the latest iPhone models available, with the only successor being the iPhone 15 series. The 14 series is also the last generation of iPhones to feature the Lightning port instead of USB-C.

When it launched in September 2022, the iPhone 14 was met with positivity, with reviewers calling it the ’best iPhone value’. The device still holds up today with its fast A15 bionic processor and incredible cameras, making it the ideal refurbished phone for anyone looking to upgrade to a later-model Apple device while saving money.

The Common Issues With The iPhone 14

Every new smartphone is bound to face problems at launch, usually software-related or just simple bugs. Since the release of the iPhone 14, users have reported a mix of software and hardware-related issues.

Some of the most common problems that have been reported are issues with the screen, battery draining too fast, and glitches. It’s important to note that since its launch, Apple has addressed most of these issues through software updates. So, if you’re interested in a refurbished iPhone 14, these issues won’t carry across.

iPhone 14 Battery Problems

Within a few months of its release, the iPhone 14 garnered attention worldwide for battery-related problems. Users have reported that the 14, along with the 14 Pro, seems to have batteries that degrade faster than previous models.

It’s natural for batteries to degrade over time; however, excessive degradation is a concern. Apple offers a warranty if a battery is performing abnormally, and iPhone batteries can also be replaced easily by yourself.

iPhones also have built-in monitoring tools to monitor battery health. For devices running iOS 16.1 or later, this can be found in Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging. Newer iPhones, like the 14, also have settings like Battery Protection to help maintain the battery and prolong its lifespan.

iPhone 14 Screen Problems

Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 14, users were experiencing screen and display issues. The main issue reported was lines on the screen, which seems to be caused by a software bug.

Thankfully, this issue has since been rectified and will not affect any refurbished iPhone 14 devices.

Crash Detection

The iPhone 14 series of devices was the first generation to feature Apple’s new Crash Detection safety feature. This feature works by combining gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, microphone, and GPS data along with motion algorithms to detect if the user has been in a crash.

If it detects a crash, an alert will be displayed for 10 seconds onscreen, and emergency services will be called if the alert isn’t dismissed. This is an incredible safety feature, but it needed fine-tuning when it first launched on the iPhone 14.

Crash Detection was met initially with criticism as it was sending out false distress calls and activating in scenarios like roller coasters. Apple has now updated its Crash Detection feature and algorithms, and the setting can be disabled so it’s no longer a problem.


The iPhone 14 was the last generation of Apple devices to use the Lightning cable charger. While this isn’t a problem in itself, it means that the Lightning cable accessory is getting harder to find in stores as retailers are starting to stock only USB-C.

Why A Refurbished iPhone 14 Is Better

A black iPhone with the screen removed revealing it inner technology resting on a black surface.

A refurbished iPhone 14 has all the same features that a new iPhone 14 would. In some cases, buying a phone refurbished down the line is better than buying it brand-new on release, too. For instance, if you were to buy an iPhone 14 now, you wouldn’t run into any of the initial software bugs that occurred during launch, as you’ll have access to all the latest software updates.

None of the phone’s initial launch issues should carry over to a refurbished model, including manufacturing defects, such as battery health degrading abnormally fast. At OzMobiles, we put every device sold, including the iPhone 14, through a comprehensive 72-point quality check.

During this process, the phone is thoroughly inspected, and every component is checked to ensure there are no faults. Any defective parts are replaced or fixed, and then the phone is tested to ensure optimal performance.

The refurbishment process also comes with an inherent quality guarantee, which isn’t there when you buy a phone outright brand-new. This is because a professional looks over every component of the refurbished phone and ensures it is in top condition.

For example, our team of professionals will ensure that the battery is operating normally and that the battery health is 80% or better in our refurbished iPhone 14s.

Depending on the device, refurbishment can also result in an enhanced phone. As time passes, more hardware information and common problems with a device are published and made available. Our team can use this information gathered post-launch during the refurbishment process to implement preventative measures for any potential hardware or design issues.

If you’re a budget-conscious shopper, buying refurbished is also nicer to your wallet. Refurbished phone models are cheaper than buying brand-new ones outright, and it’s a great way to save some money.

Buy A Refurbished iPhone 14 at OzMobiles

A purple iPhone 14 in the box with the lid removed propped up against an Apple laptop with a vase of daisies next to it.

If you’re looking to purchase a refurbished iPhone 14 series device, OzMobiles offers the best deals on used smartphones. If you find a better deal elsewhere, our team will beat that price by $10 (terms and conditions apply).

All of our devices, including our iPhones, come with a battery life guarantee, a free 12-month warranty, and a 30-day risk-free return. You can be confident in your purchase, and if there are any issues or you have a change of mind—our team can help.

If you’re on a budget, our store also supports paying in instalments through services like Zip Pay and Afterpay. If you have any questions regarding our payment options or device range, contact us today.

All devices we sell go through extensive testing as part of the refurbishment process to comply with Australian standards. The devices are also completely cleared of any previous user’s data and factory reset.

OzMobiles is also transparent with its condition grading system. So, if you have any concerns regarding scratches or wear, just check the grade given on the device’s description—they come in either new, ex-demo, excellent, or very good.

It’s important to note the only difference between these grades is cosmetic. Every refurbished phone we sell is always 100% functional, and every component is tested to run optimally.

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